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Loving Joy Furry Fantasy Rainbow Tail Butt Plug Review

Why just wave a flag for Pride Month when I can wiggle my rainbow-tail-plugged bisexual arse instead? This lovely looking butt plug -which is made of metal and has a faux fur rainbow tail- costs just £24.95. It's part of Loving Joy's Furry Fantasy collection, and like many Loving Joy sex toys it's extremely reasonably priced.

Our Favourite Sex Positions – And Why We Love Them

Are there some sex positions you find yourself 'coming' back to time after time? My partner and I definitely have our favourite sex positions, and in the past I’ve worried that we might be getting stuck in a rut. A rut that, admittedly, feels so good. But then when I went through the sex positions we enjoy on a regular basis, it turns out we enjoy more variety than I’d feared.

Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set Review

The Lovehoney Seduce Me Lingerie collection is extremely alluring, in my opinion. The bold colours, clearly defined shapes, beautiful & body-positive presentation along with cleavage enhancing designs has resulted in a winner. I own the Seduce Me Dress and Seduce Me Push-Up Bra, both in black, but what did I think of the Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set?

Bound To Serve… As A Sex Slave

After several months' training, both mental and physical, her slave was able to handle one of her ferocious whippings simply through tears, gritted teeth and with only a few sweary slip-ups. He'd learnt that lesson fast, she thought, her smile widening even further. An extra 5 minutes lashing for every curse he spat in her direction soon had him holding his tongue.

Hot Octopuss ATOM Cock Ring Review

First up, a confession. When I heard that Hot Octopuss were bringing out some new sex toys, I was very excited. They have proven their worth in both the sex toy industry and with customers, so new products were definitely an intriguing prospect. They're the creators of the multi award-winning PULSE penis strokers and the tap-happy Queen Bee. So what's to confess?

Lovehoney Oh-Moji Heart Eyes Rechargeable Mini Wand Vibrator Review

Plastic, Silicone
I feel that the Lovehoney Oh-Moji Heart Eyes Rechargeable Mini Wand Vibrator would be a brilliant vibrator for those looking for something different to traditional phallic vibes, or who don't get on with rabbit vibrators. It's an external use vibrator so perfect for those into clit stim who don't require/don't get off on jackhammer levels of power. It's also nice and quiet, very discreet, and comfortable to hold during use.

Why Do We Fetishize Strap-On Sex? Here’s The Top 10 Reasons

The fact that many people do fetishize strap-on sex, and insist that for them, it's a kinky act, isn't wrong or offensive to me. Pointing out the many reasons why this may be the case, what may have contributed to this conclusion that strap-on sex is necessarily kinky, doesn't mean I disagree that it is. For submissive men who love the idea or reality of strap-on sex, the truth is that it is kinky – and therein lies much of the enjoyment.

Bundled Into The Gang Bang Van

Once again, I gave silent thanks for the almost total darkness which covered my flush of humiliation. The sensation of my own cursed wetness smearing and being pulled tightly over my clit and cunt lips, then between my arse cheeks, was almost enough to make me beg for a rough hard fucking. I didn't even care which hole any more. Cunt, arse, either. Both.  

Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Bra Review

The Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Bra is really a replica of the bust area of the Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress, which is understandable as it's part of the same range. If you're taken with the look of this collection and want to own a few pieces from it (like I did) then this gives you fantastic choice. The dress isn't suitable to wear everywhere, after all. The bra can easily be worn underneath day outfits, then carry you into effortless evening elegance when teamed with suitable accessories.

Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress Review

I'm extremely pleased with my Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Plunge Dress. I think it looks fantastic and it's a real confidence boost wearing it. I love that the stretchy lace areas hug my plentiful curves so well, and flatter them while doing so. The dress helps to form and highlight my hourglass silhouette, and I feel every bit the sensual siren, the femme fatale.

Enjoying Sex Furniture When You Don’t Have A Sex Dungeon

Visiting a venue with a range of sex furniture to experiment on and enjoy is something that most of us rarely get the opportunity to experience. Although sex furniture is becoming more affordable for people to consider buying and enjoying at home, there’s still one important issue to consider before you splash the cash. The big issue of… space.

My 5 Favourite Kinks – And Why I Find Them So Sexy

If I had to distil my love of everything (well, most things) kinky into a 'Top 5' compilation... what would make the list? Today I'm going to share with you my 5 favourite kinks, then explain why I find them so sexy.

Ann Summers Extreme Boost Plunge Bra Review (& Ann Summers Extreme Boost Thong)

Recently I wrote about my thoughts on the Ann Summers Sexy Lace Plunge Bra which I bought in black and a size 34D. Today I'm going to share my thoughts on my other recent purchases from Ann Summers, the Ann Summers Extreme Boost Plunge Bra (32DD, Black) and the matching Ann Summers Extreme Boost Thong (12, Black).

Ann Summers Sexy Lace Plunge Bra Review

After looking through the many pages of the Ann Summers lingerie sale, I plumped for two bras, one of which had the option of a matching thong (the Ann Summers Extreme Boost Plunge Bra). First up, I'm going to tell you about the separate bra, the Ann Summers Sexy Lace Plunge Bra which I opted for in black and is a size 34D.  

Horny In A Heatwave? 7 Refreshing Ideas For Cool Summer Sex

Hot weather and horniness can be a troublesome mix. Sure, you could go fap it out in the shower, but what about when you want to get up close and personal with your partner? There's nothing wrong with hot, sticky, sweaty sex, but some people (like myself) might find it a little too uncomfortable to thoroughly enjoy. When the temperature is soaring in the bedroom - in all the wrong ways – how can you keep your cool and the intimate romance? Here's a few of my refreshing ideas for cool summer sex.

FemDom: The BDSM Scene Outsider?

FemDom is the Marmite of the BDSM world. Female Domination usually elicits a response firmly on one end of the scale or the other: yes please! or ...um, no thanks. While female submission has been warmly embraced by the masses, with sexualised imagery of restrained women now prevalent even in mainstream music and film media, FemDom is still viewed as extremely niche.  

The Masturbatrix

Her last orgasm had been less than 15 minutes ago, and from the way her breasts were rising and falling, the breaths drawn raggedly through her nostrils, it wouldn't be long before she'd surrender to another. Her eyelids would flutter, eyes behind enjoying the views and sensations of strangely recurrent dreams, her mind in another world – completely unaware of reality.

Lovehoney UPRIZE Self-Erecting Bionic Dildo Vibrator & UPRIZE Strap-On Harness Review

Innovative and revolutionary must be the two most overused words in the sex toy industry, but sometimes, a toy comes along which is certainly different to everything else up to that point. Sure, the Lovehoney UPRIZE Self-Erecting Bionic Dildo Vibrator is a silicone-covered, vibrating phallus, which is certainly nothing new. But being able to produce an erection – and remove it again – at the touch of a button makes it extraordinarily special.

Finally, Some Time Alone

I felt my clit tingle beneath my skinny jeans, under the lace of my G-string. Suddenly I was hyper aware of my breasts, the hardening of my nipples, and the fact that my pussy lips felt like they wanted to part, begging to be filled and pleasured.

Lovehoney Commemorative Royal Wedding Love Rings

Prince Harry – who is officially known as Prince Henry of Wales – is set to marry Rachel Meghan Markle on 19th May 2018. And, as has become traditional (we're big on tradition here in the UK), Lovehoney has created some sex toys to mark the occasion in their own special way. Introducing the Lovehoney Commemorative Royal Wedding Love Rings.