What To Pack For A Sexy Summer Holiday: How To Sex...

One of the biggest fears people have about taking sexy gear with them on holiday (sex toys, condoms, spanking gear etc) is that they’ll be hauled out in front of everyone as you’re going through security. For most people, sex toys and anything to do with their sex life is incredibly private and the thought of these most intimate possessions being on public display is absolutely terrifying. Fear not, there are ways you can take your sex toys & sexy bits on your summer holiday without anyone else needing to know.

Summer Sex: Feel The Heat And Do It Anyway

In addition, you can prepare rigid dildos such as those made from glass and metal by chilling them in cold water or leaving them in the fridge for 30 minutes or so before use. If you do pop them in the freezer don’t leave them too long - and always rinse over with cold water before applying to the body or inserting the toy.

Do Heatwaves Make You Horny? 7 Refreshingly Cool Summer Sex Tips

Do heatwaves make you horny? It can be a troublesome mix. Sure, you could go fap it out in the shower, but what about when you want to get up close and personal with your partner? There's nothing wrong with hot, sticky, sweaty sex, but some people (like myself) might find it a little too uncomfortable to thoroughly enjoy. When the temperature is soaring in the bedroom - in all the wrong ways – how can you keep your cool and the intimate romance? Here's a few of my refreshing ideas for cool summer sex.

Summer Garden Party: Fountain of Relief

The fountain elicited a chorus of open-mouthed wails. The heat of the sun and humiliation hit my exposed clit and spread labia, slicking them with hungry need. My body kept forgetting it was in such secure bondage; each leg kept pointed upwards and outwards, unable to bend. How I wished I could arch my back completely, then curl into a ball and keep this feeling of humiliation-fuelled hot desire as my own private masturbatory tool.

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