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Big Guide To Penis Chastity Devices, & Our Chastity Cage Reviews

Whether you’re looking for your first chastity device, or seeking to add a chastity cage to your *ahem* growing collection, it can be baffling when you realise just how many variants are available. This is particularly the case for lock-up fans who don’t have a Keyholder/Mistress/Top to guide them, and simply wish to explore chastity fetish by themselves. Welcome to my big guide to penis chastity devices!

Leading Edge Health HerSolution Women’s Libido Supplement Review (Pills & Gel)

I was offered the HerSolution Pills and the HerSolution Gel by Leading Edge Health, who sent them to me in exchange for my honest review. I've had varied success rates with these types of libido enhancing products. After looking through the plentiful information on the hersolution.com website, I agreed to give them a go.

Forced Orgasms – The Flip Side Of Chastity

I love the freedom to touch myself whenever I want –and I make the most of that freedom, as you can see by the thousands of sex toy reviews and erotic articles here on the blog. Chastity is definitely not for me, when I'm the one locked up I mean. How about the flip side of chastity: forced orgasms? There's still the element of external control -but rather than orgasm denial, I would be (consensually, of course) forced to orgasm over and over.
Screaming O Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug Review

Screaming O Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug Review

Upon being offered a choice of sex toy to review from hotcherry.co, this anal toy aroused my interest immediately. I’ve found that I’m getting choosier about anal products as time goes on; I’m looking for specific features that I know I’ll enjoy rather than simply a type of material or a certain size. The Screaming O Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug appeared, at first glance, to tick all my boxes – so how did I get on with it during use? Let’s start at the beginning.

Big Guide To Sex Machines And Fucking Machines

Time to talk about the big boys... What do you know about sex machines and fucking machines? If you're a sex toy fan or love watching porn (or both, why not), you've probably heard of the Sybian. I reviewed the Sybian sex machine myself a few years ago. That's not the only sex machine around though...
History of Sexual Punishment Book Review | Karl F Sturer Collection, Goliath Books

History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures Book Review | Karl F Sturer Collection, Goliath...

Goliath Books
It's not often that I accept a book for review purposes, but this was a title I found impossible to refuse. History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures, from the Karl F Sturer collection and published by Goliath Books, is a treasure chest of corporal punishment photographs and illustrations, plus a wealth of related information ready to be devoured by fascinated kinksters.
Bliss Power Bullet Rechargeable 10 Mode Mini Vibrator Review

Bliss Power Bullet Rechargeable 10 Mode Mini Vibrator Review

The Bliss Power Bullet Rechargeable 10 Mode Mini Vibrator is one of the sex toys sold over at my US sex shop hosted by Loving Sex, items from which are available to residents of the USA. When a selection of items from the store arrived for review purposes, this small sized vibe took my fancy.

My Different Types Of Orgasm

For so long, I didn't really think about how I was orgasming – beyond whether it was with my fingers, their tongue, one of my sex toys, etc – I just... orgasmed or didn't, as the case may be. Whew, there's another orgasm out of my system, and boy did that feel great, kinda thing. It's only relatively recently that I've spent some time thinking about my different types of orgasm.

Expired: Giveaway: Win the Lynk Pleasure Loop XL Cock Ring Set from Enhanced Male

As you can see from our recent Lynk Loop XL Silicone Blue Cock Ring Set review, the benefits of a top quality, static silicone cock ring (or three) are many -and breathtaking besides. I’m so pleased to be able to give one lucky Cara Sutra reader the chance to win the Lynk Pleasure Loop XL Cock Ring Set from The Enhanced Male sex shop.
Lynk Loop XL Silicone Blue Cock Ring Set Review

Lynk Loop XL Silicone Blue Cock Ring Set Review

My partner is a big fan of using cock rings in order to enhance his erection, increase the stimulation felt during masturbation and for improved mutual pleasure during sex. When Enhanced Male offered us the Lynk Loop XL Silicone Blue Cock Ring Set (3 Pack) to review, we of course said yes and looked forward to trying this funky looking set out.

Understanding Watersports, Piss Play and Golden Showers

Does mention of watersports conjure up innocent images of surfing and jet skis -or raise a knowing smirk? For the non-vanilla activity, "golden showers" is probably a more familiar term to most thanks to tabloid coverage of various celebrity/political scandals, as well as good old internet porn.

Brand Focus: A Closer Look At Loving Joy Sex Toys

Loving Joy sex toys have clearly invested a lot of time, research and funds into their brand over the last few years. Building on those early days where profit relied majorly on the sale of traditional rabbit vibrators, Loving Joy have been forging a brand which offers customers a much greater choice when it comes to intimate pleasure products. Not only a fantastic range of items, but sex toys which are effective, reliable, and surprisingly affordable too.
Understanding Adult Babies And The Adult Baby Fetish

Understanding Adult Babies & The Adult Baby Fetish

Cards on the table: this is not my kink. Is it yours? As someone with an interest in another area of ageplay, I imagine that the adult baby fetish is viewed as extremely niche and is often misunderstood. Perhaps feared a little –even within the BDSM sphere.
Loving Joy VITA Rechargeable Wand Vibrator Review

Loving Joy VITA Rechargeable Wand Vibrator Review

I was thrilled when the fab team over at Loving Joy not only replaced my lost, beloved Loving Joy Power Bullet Vibrator –they also sent me one of their VITA Wands to enjoy! Read on to find out how I got on with the Loving Joy VITA Rechargeable Wand Vibrator from lovingjoy.co.uk...

Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Week: Sexual Self-Care Package

Last week was Sexual Happiness Week 2019, and I’ve been attending to my sexual self-care needs with a thoughtful box of sexy goodies courtesy of Lovehoney. Despite receiving hundreds of sex toys and accessories in the post each year, they’re very rarely for me –rather, they are reviewed by the fabulous Pleasure Panel team. On occasion, I’m able to experience the thrill of being surprised by a box of sex toys and goodies purely for self-indulgence. It’s been a sensual and orgasmic week.

Loving Joy Power Bullet Vibrator Pink Review

Plastic, PU
Horrific realisation descended upon me. I’d lost one of my favourite sex toys. Don’t ask me how; last place I’d seen it was tucked into my knicker drawer, I was sure. I thought I was sure.  

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls, Love Eggs, Kegel Trainers & Ben Wa Balls 

Whether you call them jiggle balls, love eggs, kegel trainers or Ben Wa balls, it all amounts to pretty much the same thing. Rounded products you insert into the vagina for pleasure, health benefits, or both. Are you a jiggle ball fan? Have you considered buying a love egg but don’t know which one’s right for you? Welcome to my big guide to jiggle balls, love eggs, kegel trainers & Ben Wa balls!

Expired: Happy Bunny Bundle Easter Giveaway 2019: Win £100+ Sex Toys & More

Easter is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing: masses of chocolate! Chocolate does seem to be the new 'heart' of Easter, uniting those who celebrate the event for whatever other reason –Christian beliefs, pagan beliefs, Cadbury Creme Egg addiction... I’m all about the pleasure focus whatever the occasion, so a combination of sex toys and chocolate seemed the perfect Easter giveaway haul here at the Cara Sutra sex blog.

Cucked Pleasure Cruise

Unable to touch his Mistress, to support himself with anything but his hands on the edge of the bunk, I felt his nose and open mouth mashed uncontrollably against my parted, cream coated labia. The thrill of the sensation made me to seep a generous amount of hot creampie directly on him.

Satisfyer Vibes Magic Bunny Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator Review

I received this cute little bunny vibe to test and review from the lovely team over at Scarlet Rooms. The Satisfyer Vibes Magic Bunny Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator is part of a new release of Satisfyer sex toys, so I was curious about its features and wondered if it would work for me.