Friday, December 6, 2019

Mens Underwear Reviews

Shinesty Croc-O-Dong Boxers XL Review

Shinesty Croc-O-Dong Boxers XL Review | Pleasure Panel

10 out of 10
My partner and I were sent this pair of boxer briefs for last months Pleasure Panel Round. When I saw the wildly hilarious Shinesty Croc-O-Dong Boxers XL I begged my partner to give them a chance. Reluctant at first, but eventually giving in we gave Cara the green light. Soon the package arrived, and I was given an opportunity to check them out before my partner.

Shinesty Croc-O-Dong Boxers Large Review | Pleasure Panel

7 out of 10
Novelty underwear is one thing, but the Shinesty Croc-O-Dong Boxers Large from Shinesty add something new, a built in ball-hammock! This was something I had to try!

Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts Review | Pleasure Panel

6 out of 10
When viewing the products that were available for testing in March Pleasure Panel round the Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts stood out to me as they appeared to be a pair of boxers that could be regularly as well as being a sexy pair to enjoy in the bedroom, which arrived from Simply Pleasure via the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel.

Review: Rocks Off Men’s Jockey Pants / Boxer Shorts / Briefs (Large)

10 out of 10
Rocks Off
Cotton, Elastane
When speaking with Rocks Off recently about reviewing some new sex toys for them I happened to notice that they sell Rocks Off mens boxers on the site. It's not often you see sex toy company branded items, other than the actual sex toys themselves I mean. My partner Sable wears this style of underwear so I enquire about the possibility of procuring some, in the interests of ‘testing them out’ of course. Rocks Off we're delighted to send me a pair along with toys to review (review for the RO-JIRA coming soon) and here we are. Our thoughts on the Rocks Off boxers.

Review: Men’s Titus Leather Brief Zip Pouch Jock Pants XL (34/36)

8 out of 10
There’s an elasticated portion of the waist band on these pants, which is wide enough to be comfortable and allows some give in the waist fitting. This helps the pants look like a tailored fit no matter your actual waist size, given that you choose the correct size in the first place, of course. As my partner is a 34 waist we were sent the XL size, which I do feel is rather harsh. 34 inch waist on a man isn’t exactly massive, so I’d hate to think what the small size is like. And if you’re over a 36 inch waist then just forget these. It all seems a bit sizist, to be honest.