G-Spot Toys Guide: Discover Intense Pleasure with G-Stim Vibrators & Dildos

In the world of sexuality and intimate pleasure, there is a lot of talk about the G-spot. This may raise several questions for you, such as what is the G-spot? Why is it called that? Does it really exist? Where is the G-spot and how can you stimulate it effectively? What are the best G-stim vibrators & dildos to use? Welcome to my G-Spot Toys guide!

G-Spot Toys Guide: Discover Intense Pleasure with G-Stim Vibrators & Dildos

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What is the G-spot?

G-Spot Toys Guide: Discover Intense Pleasure with G-Stim Vibrators & DildosThe G-spot is a slightly rough & spongy area located between 2-4 inches up the front vaginal wall. It’s described as feeling a little like the roof of a mouth. Why is it called the G-spot? It’s nothing to do with its shape or location; the G is short for Gräfenberg, named after Ernst Gräfenberg. He was a German gynecologist who discovered this internal erogenous zone in the early 1950s, and he described it as “an erotic zone located on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra that would swell during sexual stimulation.”

In the early years, the G-spot was thought to be a specific ‘spot’, but in recent times it’s understood to be a larger area of sensitivity which provides intense sexual pleasure when stimulated.

There are still some people who question whether the G-spot really exists. However, those who have not only found this sensitive area through self-discovery & experimentation, but who regularly enjoy G-stim and explosive orgasms, with or without squirting, are testament to the fact that yes, the G-spot really does exist. And it’s worth your while finding out exactly where it’s located in your or your partner’s body, as well as the best tools available to make stimulating this area easy and fantastically satisfying.

What makes it a G-spot toy?

G-Spot Toys Guide: Discover Intense Pleasure with G-Stim Vibrators & DildosWhen you think about all the different types of sex toys and vibrators available, you might be wondering how to identify which ones are best for G-spot stimulation. There are three factors which contribute to a specifically G-spot toy:

  • Angle
  • Length
  • Firmness

A dildo or vibrator with a definite angle to the head is a clear sign that this sex toy is designed for G-spot stimulation. The angle makes it much easier to locate the G-spot area inside the vagina, and keep the pressure and or vibrating stimulation against this zone, leading to that acclaimed intense pleasure.

Because the G-spot is usually located between 2 to 4 inches inside the vagina, an angled head sex toy for G-stim should take this into account in its design. Look at the length of the toy, considering that you will need to keep a firm grasp of it during use, and how deeply that angle will hit when the toy is inside you.

G-stim fans regularly report better results when using a firm material G-spot toy, rather than something soft or overly flexible. Materials such as smooth, body-safe plastic, or the cold rigidity of glass, metal or stone, have received rave reviews for this particular type of internal stimulation.

What sort of G-Spot toys are available?

As with everything sexual pleasure related, the exact type of G-spot stimulation which works best for you will come down to personal preference. Some people like a static G-spot toy such as a firm dildo with a rounded end, to grind against the G-spot area until a powerful climax. Other people find vibrating stimulation more effective using one of the many G-spot vibrators on offer.

G-Spot Toys Guide: Discover Intense Pleasure with G-Stim Vibrators & Dildos

My recommendation is to buy a low-priced G-spot vibrator, so you can experiment with it both with the vibrations switched on, and with them off (in effect making it a G-spot dildo). In this way you can find out what you personally love most, before investing in a higher price tag item.

For example, the Lovehoney G-Slim G-Spot Vibrator is priced at £14.99 (lovehoney.co.uk) / $19.99 (lovehoney.com), while the Bondara Slim G-Spot Wand Vibrator is just £9.99. They are very similar toys, both requiring 2x AA batteries, made from smooth body-safe plastic and featuring twist-base operation for the vibrating element, so it just comes down to where you prefer to shop.

Both Lovehoney and Bondara are on my top trusted sex toy shops list, so you can shop with complete peace of mind. Orders arrive quickly and in discreet outer packaging for the post.

My top recommended G-Spot toys

There are a few G-Spot toys which have been put to the test by veteran sex toy reviewers and regularly receive glowing reviews. The star of the G-spot sex toys world, to my mind, is the njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo. The cool, weighty metal, designed with a pronounced curve and your choice of smaller or larger ball ends, provides intense G-stim bliss every time. It’s easy to find your G-spot thanks to the C-shape design, just add a splash of your favourite lube, lay back and get comfortable, and enjoy your spectacular G-stim adventure.

Check out the Pure Wand and my other top recommended G-Spot toys below, and where to buy yours:

Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

G-Spot Toys Guide: Discover Intense Pleasure with G-Stim Vibrators & Dildos

Read all about it! My njoy Pure Wand review, plus a bonus guest review

“I began my orgasm hunting adventure by lubing up the smaller bulb end and trying it on my already warmed up G-spot. The coldness of the toy gave me a thrill and was very pleasing! I worked my G-spot with a mini thrust-like movement and the heaviness of the bigger end applied pressure to my G-spot. The small end is a pin-pointy type stimulation, because of the pressure that is applied through the weight of the toy, and also because the surface area of the bulb is small, so it is a very condensed feeling. Squirting is a very big thing with this toy and yes, it happened to me too!”

Buy yours from: lovehoney.com | lovehoney.co.uk | SheVibe

We-Vibe Rave 2 G-Spot Vibrator

Read all about it! My We-Vibe Rave 2 review

“…let me wax lyrical about the shape of the Rave 2 for a moment. As well as being bendably, powerfully delicious, Rave 2 has a wonderfully rounded yet angular shaped head which seems perfectly styled for maximum internal stimulation. Combined with the correct angle of the vibrator for maximum personal pleasure, and ‘spot on’ G-spot targeted stimulation, it’s like being fucked by a bespoke vibrator made just for me.”

Buy yours from: lovehoney.com | lovehoney.co.uk | SheVibe

Hot Octopuss Kurve G-Spot Vibrator

Read all about it! My Hot Octopuss Kurve review

“For G-spotting fans, the Hot Octopuss Kurve G-Spot Vibrator is likely to be a sex toy dream come true. If you’re new to G-spotting, this is a fantastic, technologically advanced place to start. Even if you’re just after a vaginal vibrator with numerous extra ‘bells and whistles’ than your standard vibe, the Kurve will fit the bill.”

Buy yours from: Hot Octopuss

Swan Vibes Wand Vibrator


Read all about it! My Swan Vibes Wand Vibrator review

“It’s all the things you may have thought a luxury G spot vibrator had given you previously, but then didn’t. This satisfies your vaginal penetrative needs and your G-spot stimulation needs. Not with the same shaft; with a double ended offer. You want a classic, smooth tapered vibrator? Not a problem – use the slimmer end. You want ‘OMG it’s snugly against and stimulating my G-spot the right way’ total fulfilment? Use the beast of a girthy end.”

Buy yours from: SheVibe

What about the P-spot / male G-spot?

You may have heard mention of the “male G-spot” or the P-spot. I’ll be writing about the P-spot in greater detail in future guides here at carasutra.com, but I will provide a brief outline here. The P-spot is the prostate, which is a walnut-shaped gland located up the anal canal in people with a penis. Regular prostate stimulation can lead to powerful orgasms as well as offering health benefits too.

It can be tricky to locate and stimulate the prostate just using your fingers. Instead of manual P-spot stimulation, why not try one of the many prostate massagers available? Just like with G-spot toys, there are both static (non-vibrating) and vibrating options available.

Check out our Prostate Massage Guide, plus all our prostate massager reviews.

Buy prostate massagers & P-spot sex toys from:

lovehoney.com | lovehoney.co.uk | Bondara | SheVibe 

In Conclusion

After learning about what the G-spot is, and where it’s located, I hope you feel able to explore this intriguing area and experience the intense pleasure G-spot stimulation can evoke. It’s difficult to explore and stimulate the G-spot just with fingers, so using G-spot toys specially designed for stimulating this area is where it’s at.

Whatever your budget, there is a G-spot sex toy for you. If you’re completely new to G-stim, try a low budget option first. Then you’ll have a better idea which of the higher price tag, investment options are likely to be best for you.

Enjoy your G-stim adventure, and don’t forget to check back for more sex toy guides & sexual advice features here on the blog in the near future.


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