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Image Showcase: Sexy Lingerie, Fetish Wear & Heels in the Cara Sutra Photo Gallery

Love sexy lingerie? Me too! The Cara Sutra photo gallery is a sneak peek into my sexy underwear drawer. I love having a well-stocked raunchy wardrobe to dip into and dress up for anytime seduction. Sexy lingerie is a brilliant way to both boost my confidence and reignite my libido, especially when it’s beautifully crafted lingerie which fits well and is as comfortable as it is sexy.

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Sexy Lingerie

I hope you enjoy browsing this Cara Sutra photo gallery showcase of some of my favourite items of sexy lingerie I’ve reviewed and loved. My favourite colourway is red and black, but I’ve been known to enjoy lingerie which is innocently white, pleasantly pink or joyfully rainbow coloured, as well as many other hues.


Fetish Wear

As well as sexy lingerie, I’m a huge fan of kinky fetishwear. Leather, latex and PVC outfits regularly make their way to me either for review from fetish clothing stores, or as gifts from fans. You can enjoy browsing some of my favourite fetish wear photos in the image gallery below.

High Heels & Boots

High heels, sexy shoes and kinky boots have also been a personal pleasure for many years. There’s something about slipping into 6-inch heels which makes me feel instantly sexy and full of sensual confidence. I have plenty of pairs of knee boots and thigh boots deserving of boot worship too – shiny and matte, lace-up, zip-up or pull-up, so many different styles to lust over.


If you’d like to know where to find any clothing item or footwear on this page, get in touch via my contact page and I’ll send you the details. You can also get more in-depth information and inspiration for other hot clothing and footwear purchases in my sexy lingerie reviews and sexy high heels reviews.

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Cara Sutra photo gallery Cara Sutra photo gallery