Virtual Reality Sex Toy Reviews

Virtual reality sex toy reviews by Cara Sutra & team.

The Handy Smart WiFi Connected Penis Masturbator Review

10 out of 10
The Handy
Plastic, TPR
If you can afford it, the Handy is the best masturbator you'll find. It shines when combined with a VR headset, but it's a powerful machine that any dick will love, even without the video sync features. The modular strap design means that you can easily swap out for something else if the included sleeve doesn't fit you. Or if you're smaller than average, you can tighten it up.

Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses Review

9 out of 10
Plastic, TPE
As technology advances, inevitably pornography will not be far behind utilising the latest gadgets as soon as they become affordable for all. The latest trend in gaming and movie watching is definitely Virtual Reality, putting you right into the game you’re playing or movie you’re watching in full 360 degree 3D visuals.

BKK VR Glasses With Dual Stim Vibrator Controller – Pleasure Panel Review

6 out of 10
By Lovebirds_x: Sex toys featuring virtual reality technology are something that have intrigued me for a while now. When I saw this adorable looking set I was dying to check it out. One look and I fell in love with the beautiful pearlescent pink headset, it seriously is what drew me to this item! Massive thank you to Cara and BKK Sex Toy for the opportunity to try the BKK VR Glasses With Dual Stim Vibrator Controller out