About Cara Sutra

About Cara Sutra

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About Cara Sutra: At heart, I’m a blogger first and foremost. I love sharing my opinions and advice here on the blog, where you can find my thoughts handily categorised for easy browsing and, hopefully, enjoyable reading.

About Cara Sutra | Who Is Cara Sutra Info

I’ve been doing this since 2009, which means I’ve now been blogging for over 13 years. During that time I’ve also worked as a full-time employee for adult industry companies, such as in-house for Net1on1 (sextoys.co.uk) and from home for ABS Holdings (simplypleasure.com).

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About Cara Sutra | Who Is Cara Sutra InfoMy blogging journey began with product reviews, and they’re still a huge part of my blog today. Although I’m perhaps best known for sex toy reviews, I also review sex essentials, bondage gear and sexy lingerie.

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In recent years I created the Pleasure Panel, which is a community of guest reviewers for the site. Through monthly ’rounds’ at the Cara Sutra forum I assigned products to volunteers from the Pleasure Panel. I send sex toys and other sex items out to the volunteers, which are supplied by various sex toy shops & brands, then the team write their guest review and supply photographs of the item out of the box.

The team benefited from rewards as they had more reviews published on the site, and as they climbed the Pleasure Panel Leaderboard.

Click to read all the Pleasure Panel reviews. The Pleasure Panel project closed in summer 2019.


About Cara Sutra | Who Is Cara Sutra InfoI now write solely for the Cara Sutra sex blog. In the past I have written for adult industry print magazines and websites. For example, I have written features for XBIZ Magazine and had a bi-monthly column in ETO Magazine where I discussed my adventures as a sex toy tester.

Although I don’t write commissioned articles any more, I do offer banner advertising options – find out how to advertise at CaraSutra.


I thoroughly enjoy being part of the BDSM scene and I’ve written extensively about my interests, from both a FemDom point of view and ‘bedroom bondage’ based kinks. I identify as Dominant in the scene, plus enjoy an adventurous sex life with my Dominant life partner.

Award Winner

Throughout my years of sex blogging I’ve been honoured to be shortlisted for & receive various awards relating to my adult industry writing and marketing work. These began with Xcite Books’ Best Erotic Writer Award, back in 2012.

Most notably, I’ve been shortlisted for 6 ETO Awards and won 4 of those; Best Erotic Journalist for 2013, 2014 and 2015, then Best Erotic Writer 2017.

I have also been featured for my work as a sex toy tester and sex blogger in the mainstream press publications shown below.

About Cara Sutra | Who Is Cara Sutra Info