Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand Review

8 out of 10

Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand Review

It’s always a joy to learn about a new Hot Octopuss sex toy joining their well-established, multi-award-winning range. The friendly team asked if I’d like to review their brand-new wand vibrator, which fascinated me from the outset. I’m a huge fan of wand vibes and external stimulation, so I couldn’t wait to discover what looked to be a brilliant upgrade to the now discontinued Queen Bee. Welcome to my Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand review!

Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand Review

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Packaging / Unboxing

My Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand arrived quickly, discreetly, and well packaged within the ordinary-looking outer brown box for the post. The Pulse Queen box is glossy with a modern design, in attractive black and green colours, and clearly part of the Hot Octopuss family of sex toys. The back and sides of the box give you helpful introductory information about the product within.

In The Box

Inside the box I found the Pulse Queen, a USB/jackpin charging lead, a couple of instruction leaflets and a Hot Octopuss branded, black satin drawstring storage bag.

Size / Measurements

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand measures 7 inches in overall length. The widest part, across the head area, measures approximately 2.5 inches. It isn’t too heavy either, weighing in at just 175g.

Instructions / Guide

There are two fold-out leaflets included with the Pulse Queen; instructions (black) and product specifications (white). You can view these in the images below – click then use arrow keys to enlarge and scroll between.

Charging Up

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand is a rechargeable sex toy, as you’d expect from a high-end brand like Hot Octopuss. The charging lead included with the toy makes charging easy, with one end plugged into a USB port of your choice, the other a jackpin inserted into the small hole at the bottom of the product.

For the USB end, I like to use one of the ports on the side of my laptop or a multi-USB to mains plug at the side of my bed. These are extremely useful, and I strongly recommend everyone has at least one. You can buy them cheaply from and

A white LED blinks slowly through the front of the wand while it’s charging up, changing to emit a steady glow once it’s fully charged.

Charging takes 2.5 hours from scratch, providing a maximum of 40 minutes playtime.

Top tip: I’d advise additionally labelling the charging lead in some way immediately upon unpackaging the product. This means you can easily identify your Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen lead when it gets tossed into your drawer or box of charging leads.

Sex Toy Cables Labels Identifiers Charging Leads Organisation

I use my trusty DYMO labeller which is available from or for all my sex toy charging leads – and it has plenty of other uses around the house, too.

Operation / Controls

There are 3 buttons on the ombré ABS plastic control area on the back of the Pulse Queen wand. These are a plus, a minus, and a circular button between them.

To switch the Pulse Queen on, press and hold the central circular button for a few seconds. The product will buzz into life and begins on the lowest, constant vibration setting.

Use the + button to raise the intensity of the vibration, and the – button to lower it.

When the toy is on, quickly press the circular button in the centre to discover all the 7 settings offered by the Pulse Queen. There is a constant speed setting, then a variety of pulses and patterns. As mentioned above, the PulsePlate oscillation speed/intensity can be increased or lowered by using the + and – buttons.


Enjoy my short video demonstration of the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand below, showing what’s in the box, how to charge it up, and some of the vibrating and oscillating settings:

How It Feels

First of all, it’s important to recognise that the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen is a vulva wand, not a clitoral stimulator. I mean, it is certainly able to stimulate me clitorally, but it is designed as a vulval area product, not specifically clitoral. This is important because of the type of stimulation provided by the Pulse Queen.

Stimulation comes from the Hot Octopuss PulsePlate technology. The head of the wand has a central area beneath which is the PulsePlate, which then oscillates with deep and bassy oscillations, at your choice of speed using the controls. Using the wand head against the vulval region, these oscillations penetrate deep into this sensitive area, leading to a suffusing pleasure. This at first felt like a creeping warm glow, eventually leading to a powerful yet blissful orgasm emanating from the vulva and clitoral zone, but pleasurable satisfaction that I could feel from the top of my head to the end of my curling toes.

It’s different to the clitoral wand vibrators I own, such as the Le Wand or Doxy Wands. With those toys, I can press them into my body, the head flush and hard against my clit, and the vibrations stimulate my clitoris to a (usually) localised orgasm. The Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand, with its PulsePlate offering a tapping or thumping stim, needs to be held lightly against my skin in order for me to feel the benefit of its stimulation. If I press it against me too firmly, the plate stops oscillating and therefore the stimulation isn’t received by my clit.

For deeply penetrating vibration in erogenous zones, whether the vulval region or elsewhere on the body, the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand is a great sex toy. You just need to learn how to use it to provide the best stimulation for you personally. This is no ordinary vibrator, it’s a PulsePlate stimulator, so I wouldn’t buy it expecting it to operate or deliver in the same way ordinary vibrators do.

With patience, a lot of pre-play arousal, and enjoying a leisurely session of self-discovery in a locked room with the curtains drawn, I was able to fully relax and enjoy the Pulse Queen. I find it best when I’m either sat or laid back, so I can hold it gently against my body, feeling the oscillating head pleasuring my vulva with its clever vibrating plate and deep, bassy stimulation. If I try to lay on the PulseQueen, with it beneath my body, I find it’s too easy for my weight to stop the stimulating plate area from oscillating as it needs to.


The Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand is a luxurious, ergonomic sex toy, the result of plenty of research and technology which is apparent in the end design. It’s a monumental step up from the original Queen Bee I reviewed back in 2017. If you’re a fan of external stimulation in the vulva area, including but not confined to the clitoris, then this might be the perfect sex toy for you.

It’s lightweight, quiet during use, rechargeable and completely waterproof for fun in the bath and shower, as well as hassle-free cleaning between uses. The toy comes with its own little storage bag, too. The Pulse Queen is made with body safe materials such as silicone and ABS plastic. I appreciate the fact that instead of ‘industry standard’ (read: boring) pink or purple, the Pulse Queen is provided in a refreshing, gender-neutral green colour. For people who want a non-anatomical specific sex toy, and/or who want a stimulating product where the vibrations don’t travel through the device up into the hand, the Pulse Queen is ideal. It’s also light & easy to hold and operate, with simple to understand and locate operation buttons.

I don’t feel this will ever reach my top favourite sex toys to grab and use for either a fast ‘knock one out’ orgasm on my own, or to use in bed with my husband. However, I can certainly appreciate the wonderful features of this sex toy, its alternative style of stimulation, wide, non-gendered and disability-friendly appeal, and for that I applaud Hot Octopuss.

My pleasure sessions using the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Vulva Wand were fun and ultimately satisfying, but took me a lot longer than usual to reach climax and I needed to use additional sex toys to reach the arousal level needed for me to orgasm. It definitely added a unique and memorable layer to the session and eventual orgasm, but as my usual preference is for a toy I can hold firmly against my body and which takes me to the orgasmic edge in a fast and furious manner, I think this toy is best suited for someone else who prefers the teasing, scenic route to their pleasure peak.

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