Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

There are plenty of products designed to enhance penis form and function. Various penis pumps, stretchers and intimate workout tools promise to improve stamina, sexual technique, and lasting penile growth. Bathmate is undoubtedly the name when it comes to trusted and reliable penis pumps. Their pumps and phallic enhancement products are the result of constant research and development tweaks, alongside real user feedback. Bathmate penis pumps are hydrotherapy-based, hence the ‘bath’ part of the brand name. How do they work – and do they actually work? Could this range be your solution for enhanced body positivity, a more satisfying sex life and memorable full-body orgasms? Welcome to my Bathmate penis pumps guide!

In this guide to the Bathmate penis pumps range, I will present the different types of penis pump offered by this esteemed intimate care brand and provide an overview of the rest of their sexual wellness collection. What benefits can they offer you? Are they difficult to use? How effective are they – and what is the science behind why they’re effective? Whether you’re simply curious or you’re actively ready to start transforming this important part of your body and life, I’m sure you’ll find this guide to the Bathmate penis pumps range helpful for your research and self-improvement journey.

Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

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Who Are Bathmate?

Bathmate Direct is a multi-award-winning, globally recognised & trusted company specialising in hydrotherapy style penis pumps. Company priorities are body safety, innovation and delivering reliable, effective products. Founded in 2006, Bathmate Direct has established itself as a pioneer in the field, with a genuine commitment to providing only the very best.

The company’s flagship product is the Bathmate Hydro Pump. This ingenious device uses water-based pressure to increase penis stamina, encourage penile growth and boost the user’s confidence both in and out of the bedroom. Over the years, Bathmate has expanded its collection to include a range of hydrotherapy penis pumps and other sexual wellness products to meet the growing, diverse needs of its customers.

In addition to their research and technology driven products, Bathmate offers exceptional customer service to ensure that everyone who invests in their penis pumps experiences the best results. As a trusted authority in the field of penis-oriented intimate health, Bathmate empower individuals to take control of their own well-being and unlock their full sexual enjoyment and all-round confidence potential.

What Sets Bathmate Penis Pumps Apart From The Rest?

Bathmate penis pumps harness the power of water (aka hydrotherapy). Consistent hydraulic pressure is created and surrounds the penis. An erection is induced, increasing blood circulation, which allows oxygenated, nutrient rich blood to enter the penis. After pumping, the erection wanes, the deoxygenated blood returns to the heart to be reoxygenated then used in general circulation.

Users of Bathmate Hydro Penis Pumps regularly see increases in overall penis size in terms of length and girth by their measurements. For example, in a survey conducted January 2020, respondents had plenty of positive feedback:

  • 80% of HydroXtreme users reported size gains.
  • Over half of Hydromax users reported size gains.
  • 66% of HydroXtreme users reported better and stronger erections after using Bathmate penis pumps.
  • Over 70% of Hydromax users reported better and stronger erections after using Bathmate penis pumps.

The Bathmate Range

What can you discover in the Bathmate penis pumps & sexual wellness collection? Let’s start with the penis pumps. There are 3 different types of Bathmate penis pump, with 5 sizes, equating to 12 different pumps in all.

The Hydro Series provides a gentle start for beginners, Hydromax adds 35% more power for increased results, and HydroXtreme uses a unique handball system to provide legally unbeatable pressure. A closer look follows below:


Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

Recommended for penis length: 5” to 7″

Sizes available: 7 inches

Colours available: Clear, blue or red

Price: £74.99

Bathmate Hydro is an improved version of the original Bathmate Hercules Hydropump. Hydro is a gentle, effective and inexpensive way to start your penis pump journey, quickly leading to real gains.

Despite only making the Bathmate Hydro in 7 inches, this size will fit the majority of people with a penis. It’s suitable for erections between 5 and 7 inches, with surveys placing the average penis size at just over 5 inches. You may find that the other Bathmate models deliver a more intense and effective pressure, but Bathmate Hydro is best for those looking for a simple way to start pumping and see real results after consistently regular use.

Buy yours here (here if you’re in the UK)


Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

Recommended for penis length: 3” to 9″

Sizes available: 3, 5, 7 & 9 inches

Colours available: Clear, blue or red

Price: from £84.99

An incredible 92% of Bathmate Hydromax users have reported effective results and there have been over 1 million units sold worldwide. This penis pump is extremely popular, and for very good reason.

Bathmate Hydromax was a marked upgrade from the original series of Bathmate penis pumps. After the penis enhancement research the Bathmate team are famous for, the Bathmate Hydromax was designed to add 35% more pressure power, sleek ergonomics for heightened comfort during use, and a redesigned, ultra-convenient valve.

Alongside the million-selling Hydromax7, the Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps fit just about everyone. If you have an erection size between 1 and 9 inches, the Bathmate Hydromax will work for you. This pump is good for either those completely new to penis pumping, or people looking to take their cock workout to the next level.

Buy yours here (here if you’re in the UK)


Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

Recommended for penis length: 3” to 11″

Sizes available: 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 inches

Colours available: Clear

Price: from £164.99

Touted by Bathmate as the world’s most powerful penis pump, the Bathmate HydroXtreme delivers the absolute limits of safe pressure.

Once the pump’s attached, you can easily add pressure with the attached handball, making it far easier to control and maximise the level of power your Bathmate HydroXtreme is delivering. As a luxury pump, HydroXtreme packs in plenty of bonus features, including a free accessory kit in every pump.

The Bathmate HydroXtreme collection should fit you whatever penis size you have right now. The 6 pump models span a diverse range of penis sizes, from 1 inch to 11 inches, delivering maximum results for every length. Because of the intense pressure delivered by HydroXtreme, it’s recommended for experienced users – please take it slowly and gently if you’re a beginner.

Buy yours here (here if you’re in the UK)

Other Bathmate Accessories

The body-safe, effective and breathtakingly pleasurable Bathmate range doesn’t end with penis pumps. There is a wealth of Bathmate sex toys as well as handy penis pump accessories, cleaning kits and grooming kits to discover:


Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

Bathmate Hydrovibe consists of a silicone stretchy ring which fits around your Bathmate Hydropump (except the 11 inch model), while the two included rechargeable Bathmate VIBE bullet vibrators are held at the sides of this ring, When using the Bathmate Hydropump, you will experience the heightened pleasure vibrations bring, as well as the gains from using your top quality penis pump.

The VIBE bullet vibrators are fully waterproof to IPX7 level, and can be used separately from the silicone penis pump ring to deliver stimulation wherever you like during solo or shared intimate pleasure sessions.

Read the Cara Sutra Hydrovibe vibrating ring review.

VIBE Bullet Vibrator

I was lucky enough to be sent the Bathmate VIBE bullet vibrator to review here on the blog, and I’m still incredibly grateful. This unassuming, petite-yet-chunky rechargeable bullet vibe is surprisingly powerful!

The Bathmate VIBE bullet made it into my current top favourite sex toys round-up.

It’s also fully waterproof, offers 10 functions and it’s quiet during use. A brilliant little bullet for stimulation wherever you want it, whenever you need it.

Read my full VIBE bullet vibrator review.

VIBE Edge Vibrating Cock Ring

Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

Bathmate VIBE Edge is a vibrating cock ring with a difference. Rather than wearing a standard cock ring and hoping to enhance manual masturbation or couple’s sex while wearing it, VIBE Edge is a vibrating pleasure toy designed for edging.

Edging is the act of stimulating yourself until the very first tendrils of orgasm blossom, but then holding back until they die down, then repeat until you decide to tip over that orgasmic edge – or as part of tease and denial play. By edging you could increase your sexual stamina, encourage timely erections and enjoy more powerfully intense orgasms when you do eventually allow that release.

The waterproof, rechargeable, 10-function Bathmate VIBE Edge is made from body-safe silicone to stretch around you, while the toy houses the brilliant Bathmate VIBE bullet to deliver those exquisite vibrations up your shaft – a toy which can be used independently of the VIBE Edge housing if you wish.

Bathmate Trim Deluxe Grooming Kit (& other Accessories Kits)

Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

Bathmate also offer a variety of penis pump accessory sets and grooming kits to keep your Bathmate products and yourself looking and feeling the very best at all times.

After all, it’s not solely about size; you need to feel good and enjoy all the benefits that high body-confidence brings. Keeping on top of your personal grooming isn’t about vanity, it’s a powerful part of your daily routine that will boost your mood and see your body confidence reaching new heights. You are worth it, so invest in a personal grooming kit from Bathmate to go along with your penis pumping journey, and embrace the transformative power of self-care.

Pleasure Lube

Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

Lube is well-known for its pleasure-enhancing properties. The Bathmate Pleasure Lube is water-based and will heighten sensation and remove uncomfortable chafing during whatever type of sexual activity you’re enjoying. Bathmate also sell an anal lube which is thicker and stays put for this increased friction and tightness area of sexual pleasure.

The ingredients of the Bathmate Pleasure Lube are:  Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Carboxymethylcellulose, Potassium Sorbate.

Perfect to apply to your penis whenever you want to increase the glide – whether during masturbation, sex or before/after using your Bathmate penis pump.

Sex Toy Cleaner 

It’s important to keep your penis pumps, sex toys and other accessories hygienically clean between uses, for full body safety as well as extending the life of your products.

This Bathmate Sex Toy Cleaner (Bathmate Clean) is easily spritzed on to your product after a thorough wash, and you can leave it to dry in the assurance your items have benefitted from its anti-bacterial qualities.

Bathmate Clean contains various ingredients, including < 5% non-ionic surfactants – anionic surfactants: Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone.

Control Stamina Gel

Bathmate Control is a pleasure-enhancer and stamina gel which is fully body-safe and easy to use. Amongst its ingredients this formulation boasts the active qualities of Ginkgo Biloba, Siberian Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris. It’s compatible with silicone and rubber, so you don’t need to worry when using it alongside sex toys, condoms and your Bathmate penis pumps.

This Control gel is free from alcohol and perfume, and also free of lidocaine and benzocaine (desensitising ingredients) – keeping you safe, in control and feeling the sensation every step of the way.

To use just massage a small amount onto the penis tip and let it dry. Within 30-60 minutes, a pleasant tingling sensation signals the gel’s activation.  You will enjoy the benefits for up to 4 hours post-application.

Max Out – Jelqing Enhancement Serum

Heard of jelqing? If you’re not sure how to jelq, there are many tutorials on YouTube. Firstly you should be semi-erect: never jelq with a full erection. Then, make an OK sign/shape with your hand, and stroke from the base of your shaft up to just before the glans and repeat many times (jelqing fans recommend about 100 jelqs per session). This technique is used by many people around the world, often in combination with penis pumping, to experience the best additional length and girth results.

Bathmate Max Out is a jelqing enhancement serum to use while trying this intriguing technique. It’s an all-natural formula, which is skin safe with rejuvenating, invigorating ingredients such as butea collagen, butea superba and ginseng. Rub some in before your jelqing session to condition your skin, heighten sensation and potentially lead to better results.

Cleaning Kit 

Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

Keeping your Bathmate penis pump clean between uses is of the utmost importance. Use the correct equipment to clean effectively and thoroughly, such as with the official Bathmate Cleaning Kit, shown above.

This kit includes several useful tools:

  • A custom-designed sponge set (separately available as the Bathmate Cleaning Brush) made to keep any Bathmate penis pump totally hygienic.
  • Two high-quality, custom-branded towels for drying off your hydropump.
  • A durable, discreetly branded Bathmate carry case, making the Bathmate Cleaning Kit easy to store or travel with.
Power Rings

Bathmate Penis Pumps Guide: Hydro, HydroMax & HydroXtreme

Power Up your pleasure by adding a stretchy cock ring from the Bathmate Power Rings series. There are three different types to choose from – Gladiator, Barbarian or Spartan – or nab all three in the Power Pack.

These are Bathmate’s bestselling cock rings, made from trademarked Elastomex blend for secure, comfortable and flexible fit. Enhance your erections, stroke with intensity and add a new dimension to penis pumping with one of these handy cock rings.

Other Bathmate Accessories

There are so many more accessories to pick up from the Bathmate cyber aisles – far too many to detail individually in this feature. They include:

  • Cleaning Brush
  • Long Insert
  • Replacement Pads
  • Measuring Gauge
  • Capsule Case
  • Shower Strap
  • Cushion Rings
  • Replacement Valve Pack
  • Pump Holder

In Conclusion

If you want to get a bigger penis and start transforming your body, sex life and self-esteem, you’re in the right place with the Bathmate penis pumps range. Will you opt for the simple and gentle start of the Hydro series, the increased power from the Hydromax or the legally unbeatable pressure of the intense HydroXtreme?

Don’t forget to add an intimate grooming set to your basket to keep yourself looking and feeling sharp. Extend the life of your penis growth investments with the Bathmate cleaning kit. And enhance every penis pumping, masturbation or sex session with the aid of some lube or control gel, as well as powerful vibrating toys and stretchy cock rings.

Shop the entire Bathmate collection through the links below – and enjoy the ride to a bigger penis, spectacular sex life and soaring confidence levels!

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