International Women's Day

International Women's Day is marked and celebrated annually on March 8th. IWD celebrates the achievements of women globally, while striving to forge a gender equal world and raising vital funds for relevant causes and charities.

International Women's Day IWD March 8th

The 8th March is a day of female focus: celebrating the achievements of and increasing visibility for deserving women on an international scale. Whether they're at the forefront of tech innovation, dominating their chosen sport, proving invaluable in the world of medical care and research, creating beautifully controversial art and inspiring important conversations, great women are rightly recognised for their hard work, talents and ongoing efforts.

That's not to say International Women's Day is all about the most famous names and only celebrating prominent women or celebrities. I find that it's a good day for self-reflection, whether that's acknowledging to myself how hard I work, and the obstacles I face on a day to day basis, and/or recognising my privilege due to various factors.

You can follow IWD each year through the relevant hashtags on Twitter: #InternationalWomensDay, #IWD and #EachForEqual.

You might also be interested in following the hard work & plentiful tweets of comedian Richard Herring this day. Every year he spends March 8th replying to people on Twitter who feel the need to ask, "when's international men's day?" -and by doing so, he raises an incredible amount of money for abuse survivor support charity, Refuge.

I've written a variety of women-themed articles here at the Cara Sutra sex blog which I wanted to group together on this page devoted to the annual celebration of Women's Day. Some have been written specifically for IWD in the past, others are of particular interest to women whether that's life and sex advice, sex toy guides or erotic stories.

Get more information at the official International Women's Day website here.

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