Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Try Male Escorts

By Lauren Miller: There's nothing odd about hiring male escorts – professional women all over the world are doing it. So what could a hunky male escort do for you?

My Single Sex Life: Jealousy

By Cheryl Kaye: “Jealousy can lead you to the very places where you most need healing. It can be your guide into your own dark side and show you the way to total self-realisation.” Deborah Anapol, Love without Limits.

Does Viagra Work? What About Spanish Fly And Cheap Sex Supplements?

Have you ever tried the little blue pill? Viagra (aka Sildenafil Citrate) has been hailed as a 'wonder drug' following the completion of its development in 1998 by Pfizer as a cure for sexual impotence. As it's only available on prescription, many men try out the cheaper, herbal offerings which are readily available from sex shops.

Sex is not a race to orgasm

By Cara Sutra: Sex is not a race to orgasm. I don’t have sex in order to have an orgasm and my partner doesn’t just fuck me so he can ‘shoot his load’ and roll over, done. Although my initial stirrings towards sexual activity can feel similar to the urge to masturbate, there’s a whole other layer of thoughts and feelings happening in my mind as well as the increasing demands from my clit and the aching of my cunt.


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