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Taking Vibrators On Vacation? The Countries Where Sex Toys Are Banned

If you're a sex toy fan it's important that you do your research about the countries where sex toys are banned. Find out whether you can take your vibrators on vacation without legal repercussions or embarrassment while going through security.

Her New Role

“We're going to play a few games. You need to trust me. It’s like exercise. It’s all for your own good, although you might struggle at times. You will spread your legs for me, placing your head on the pile of clothes on the desk, and you will put your wrists behind your back. Hold yourself in that position. Do you understand?”

How To Measure Yourself For A Cock Ring

Cock rings: What are they, why do people use them and what are my top recommendations? These small but effective sex accessories can be stretchy or rigid, and sit at the base of the penis shaft or around both penis shaft and testicles together. A cock ring might be worn for the wearer’s pleasure only, or to provide stimulation to both partners during sex. Because a love ring is worn around a sensitive part of the body, it’s imperative that you get the right size. Today I’ll explain how to measure yourself for a cock ring.

Big Guide to App-Controlled Sex Toys and Internet Enabled Vibrators

Every industry is striving to provide customers with the latest technological advancements in their products, and the sex toy industry is no different. That's right, there are smartphone app controlled sex toys! Read on to find out more about these app-controlled vibrators and internet enabled vibrators.

Can You Recycle Old Sex Toys? How To Correctly Dispose Of Vibrators

Ready to declutter and unburden yourself from any belongings which don't spark joy? For 'belongings' read sex toys, and for 'joy' read orgasms. How do you correctly dispose of vibrators? Can you recycle old sex toys?

Can You Masturbate Too Much? Is Excessive Wanking Dangerous?

There are lots of myths and misinformation about masturbating, so I’m here to set the record straight. Can you masturbate too much? Is excessive wanking dangerous? Long story short: although masturbation is definitely a private pleasure, it’s also nothing to feel guilty about and it doesn't cause any harm. You'll discover new & exciting ways to spice up your self-pleasure sessions at the end of this article too!

Coconut Oil Lubes: Are They Safe & Effective For Sex and Masturbation?

Coconut oil is one of those things I've heard plenty about, but I'm still not exactly sure what I can and can't use it for, why I should consider using it and where I should put it. Should I cook with it? Slather it through my hair? Funnel it into the car? Create a tropical-scented slip 'n slide in the garden? Why should I choose it over other oils? What's a good price? What benefits can I expect? And, of course, are coconut oil lubes effective & safe for sex & masturbation?

Meeting Judy Blume

I have always loved Judy Blume. So, when Keris Stainton (who writes Counting Stars and Spotlight on Sunny to name just a couple of books) told me that she had been asked to interview this world-famous writer, I unashamedly invited myself to accompany her to the event at Manchester Central Library.

Big Guide To Rabbit Vibrators & Our Rabbit Vibrator Reviews

What are rabbit vibes? How do you use a rabbit vibrator? You might be intimately familiar with this type of vibrating sex toy, or perhaps you're new to bunny-based self-love. Here in my big guide to rabbit vibrators you'll find out all about these consistently popular sex toys –as well as my absolute favourite buzzing bunnies.

Discreet Sex Toy Storage: What’s The Best Way To Store Adult Toys?

How do you store sex toys? Are there any discreet sex toy storage solutions available? What is the best way to store adult toys? If you're sick of reaching for your favourite toy only to find it covered in dust from where you threw it under the bed last time, you need a new, better way to store your self-pleasure tools.

Bra Fitting Guide: How To Measure Your Breasts & Get The Correct Bra Size

A badly fitting bra can lead to a number of health problems from poor posture, nerve damage, headaches, digestive issues and even permanent breast sagging.  It can be painful, it can be irritating and it’s risking our health. That's why it's important to ensure that you get properly fitted for a bra, or read a bra fitting guide so you can do it yourself. Did you know that at least 80% of UK women are still wearing the wrong size bra?

How To Do Pelvic Floor Exercises – And Why Regular Kegel Workouts Are Important

Your pelvic floor is the muscle responsible for those delicious clenches you feel during orgasm. Regular Kegel exercises help to tone the vagina and enable you to keep a better grip of your partner during PiV (penis in vagina) sex. As you climax, a more toned vagina will clench harder which intensifies sensation for both partners.

Big Guide To BDSM Toys, & Our BDSM Gear Reviews

I've written several 'sexy product' guides here at the Cara Sutra sex blog, advice guides for sex toys, lubes, and specific kinky sex accessories too. Today I'd like to present my big guide to BDSM toys / BDSM gear, where I will help you navigate the enormous and diverse world of kinky toys and tools used to enhance power exchange sessions.
Feeling The Pressure To Restrict My Sexuality at 40 plus

Feeling The Pressure To Restrict My Sexuality At 40+

There has been a growing sense, and a feeling of expectation from both inside myself and outside, that women of a certain age simply do not act in certain ways. I absolutely swear to you that I have not just stepped off a train from the 1800s, I do not subscribe to any Victorian expectations of women nor do I agree with the historical, sexist views of women's roles in society. It's much more insidious than that.

Foot Fetish 101: Understanding The Reasons Behind Foot Fetishism

What do you know about foot fetishism? Maybe you've heard rumours of people who fetishize feet, or perhaps you have a foot fetish yourself. Or the concept of having a fetish for feet might be something new to you entirely! In today's BDSM guide, foot fetish 101, I'd like to explore both what this fetish is all about and gain some understanding into the reasons behind foot fetishism.

How To Write A Romantic Love Letter

A love letter should feel as if your receiving a hug from one of the people whom you love the most. Write from the heart and say the things that you are really feeling, and certainly don’t be afraid to be soppy. Putting these feelings into a letter makes them incredibly personal and very special. Some of the most celebrated writers in the world were hopeless romantics. If you’re struggling to find a sentiment that sums up your feelings, use their words for inspiration.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day Sexy Gift Guide | Most Romantic Valentine’s Gifts

Welcome to my Valentine's Day sexy gift guide! Valentine's is traditionally the time of year when lovers show each other the depth of their loving feelings by way of a card, a gift, spending time together doing something special and being generally loved-up. What do you buy the one you love for Valentine's Day this year? Have a look through this feature which showcases the best and most romantic gift ideas for some sensationally seductive inspiration.

Anal Lubes 101: Your Complete Guide

I promised to write about each of the main sub-categories of sex lube in greater detail, and today we're looking at butt-specific lubricants for all your anal pleasure needs. Welcome to my anal lubes 101: your complete guide!

Special Effects & Flavoured Lubes 101: Your Complete Guide

Today, I'd like to discuss an extremely fun type of lube in more detail – sex lubricants which offer sensational intimate effects, plus lubes with mouth-watering flavours. Welcome to my special effects & flavoured lubes 101: your complete guide!
Happy New Year 2021 hopes and goals new years resolutions

Happy New Year 2021? Let’s Hope So…

With the rapid spread of COVID-19 across the world, including Europe and the UK, a lot of my plans last year – like many other people's - were forced to change. As this fast-spreading coronavirus necessitated a lot of personal restrictions, (as well as dropping a massive clanger on my sex life), most of those plans had to be completely cancelled. That's all the doom and gloom out of the way. What about this new year, 2021?