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contact Cara Sutra to book an advertI offer a variety of advertising services to benefit adult industry businesses. If you would like to advertise at the Cara Sutra sex blog, I can offer you a choice of Premium (homepage+sidebar) or Standard (global sidebar only) banner advert. You can find the latest prices and terms for these on my Price List.

Guest Posts & Sponsored Content

Please note that I am no longer accepting guest posts for the purposes of placing your backlink or other sponsored content. Enquiries about placing a guest posts here on the blog will be referred to the advertising services as detailed above.

Writer Spotlights & Erotica PR

I’m no longer running the Sex Blogger and Erotic Writer Spotlight Series, or running any content based around the promotion or reviews of erotic books or other erotica.

Pleasure Panel Sex Toy Tester Program

The Pleasure Panel program closed in the summer of 2019, and I am no longer sending out sex toys or other adult products for review to members of the general public for their feedback. Products are send occasionally to trusted and reliable Cara Sutra Patrons with a proven track record from their time in the Pleasure Panel.

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I love hearing from readers and from other businesses in the adult industry. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to collaborate in some way, or have another type of query. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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