Big Guide To Jiggle Balls, Love Eggs, Kegel Trainers & Ben Wa Balls

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Whether you call them jiggle balls, love eggs, kegel trainers or Ben Wa balls, it all amounts to pretty much the same thing. Rounded products you insert into the vagina for pleasure, health benefits, or both. Are you a jiggle ball fan? Have you considered buying a love egg but don’t know which one’s right for you? Welcome to my big guide to jiggle balls, love eggs, kegel trainers & Ben Wa balls!

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

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Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

What’s the Difference Between Jiggle Balls & Love Eggs?

Why so many names for balls you put inside the vagina? Well, some of it depends on the design of the particular product, and some on how it’s marketed and for whom. The terms ‘jiggle balls’ and ‘love eggs’ suggests more of a focus on pleasure, while ‘kegel trainer’ has a decidedly health-related feel. Ben Wa balls seem to me to be a mixture of the two; pleasurable insertable balls which offer intimate health benefits as a bonus.

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa BallsJiggle balls and Ben Wa balls are traditionally spherical, come in pairs, and may or may not be connected to one another by some form of cord, which also may or may not have a looped end to remain outside the body to make retrieval easier. Love eggs and kegel trainers may look the same as jiggle balls, or they may be a single sphere or egg-shaped product, which is static or vibrating. Some love eggs and kegel trainers can be controlled remotely, either by a non-wired remote or via a smartphone app.

Jiggle balls, love eggs, kegel trainers and Ben Wa balls can be made from a variety of materials. Cheaper products may be made from plastic (watch out for seams on the extreme budget side of the spectrum), while flexible styles may be made from silicone, which is non-porous, non-toxic and therefore body safe. PVC and jelly materials are porous and may be toxic –find out more in my sex toy materials guide.

You can find rigid material jiggle balls, love eggs and the like too –the most common of these is glass (read my guide to glass sex toys & their safety), but I have also seen ones made from metal and even polished stone and crystal.

What Are The Benefits Of Jiggle Balls Etc?

The two main benefits of using jiggle balls, love eggs and their ilk are sexual pleasure and improving sexual health.

Sexual Pleasure  

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa BallsMany people find the experience of first inserting jiggle balls or love eggs into the vagina extremely pleasurable –often aided by a little lubricant- then the motion of the item inside the vagina can provide prolonged sexual teasing.

Solid Ben Wa balls which are not attached to each other can move slightly with the movements of the body, through the day, and bump into one another from time to time. Other jiggle balls are designed with weights inside, the motion of which can feel a little like non-powered vibration as you (and they) move about inside.

Jiggle balls and Ben Wa balls aren’t designed to bring someone to orgasm, although a few fortunate people might of course be able to experience orgasm simply through using them. They’re more of a tease, an intimate, secret foreplay, building arousal and desire until you wish to take things to the next level –or keep yourself deliciously frustrated, if that’s more your thing.

Health Benefits  

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa BallsYou’ve probably heard about the intimate health benefits of jiggle balls, as well as the teasingly sensual features. The motion of jiggle balls inside the vagina causes it to clench around them, plus the demands on your body to keep them inside will make sure you complete your pelvic floor muscle reps. This is why some of these products, particularly those with a primarily health-conscious focus, are known as kegel trainers.

Kegel trainers are usually weighted in some way, to help provide that vaginal/pelvic floor workout. They can be a single sphere, teardrop or other shape, or a jiggle-ball-style duo. There are also kegel trainer sets which include 2, 3 or more insertables, of increasing weight & possibly size, designed for you to work up through.

As well as the common desire to have a seemingly ‘tighter’ vagina, for oneself or to better your sex life, kegel trainers offer a stronger pelvic floor muscle. This can help with problems such as stress urinary incontinence, whether post-childbirth, due to increasing age or other reasons. Tightening the muscles within the vagina is also said to help provide more powerful and intensely felt orgasms –a great reason to give them a try!

Jiggle Balls, Love Eggs, Kegel Trainers & Ben Wa Balls Reviews & Links

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa BallsWith so many different names for similar items, and so much choice when you finally visit Google, it can be difficult to know which set of jiggle balls, which love egg or which kegel trainer will be best for you. Product reviews are an enormous help in this regard. It’s all very well retailers showcasing their range, but there’s nothing quite like reading real people’s thoughts and experiences after using the products.

Happily, there are so many jiggle ball reviews and love egg reviews right here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. Let’s take a look at some of the main brands the Pleasure Panel team of reviewers and myself have tried out –they’re listed in alphabetical order.

Adrien Lastic & Alive

Adrien Lastic are a Spain-based adult product manufacturer, and ‘Alive’ is one of the brands in their extensive family. Adrien Lastic sex toys are colourful and fun, and are usually mid-priced.

Adrien Lastic Ocean Storm Egg Vibrator review

Alive Magic Egg 2.0 Remote Vibrating Love Egg review

Alive Magic Egg Max Remote Vibrating Love Egg review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls


Aneros are better known for their prostate massagers and anal toys. However, the Aneros Evi offers something a little different, as it’s a kegel exerciser and clitoral stimulator.

Aneros Evi review

Ann Summers

Ann Summers’ Moregasm sex toys have gone from strength to strength –from the launch of the very first Moregasm range in 2015, to benefit from various improvements resulting in the latest Moregasm Plus sex toys collection.

Our reviewer loved the luxurious look, feel and features of the Remote-Control Egg from the range; this love egg is waterproof, rechargeable and powerful with rumbly vibes. Plus, the remote control operation opens up plenty of sexy, exciting potential.

Ann Summers Moregasm Plus Remote Control Egg Vibrator review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls


Bondara are one of the best-known sex toy retailers in the UK, with many years of sex toy sales and manufacture under their belt as well as a swathe of industry awards. In recent years Bondara have created myriad own-brand products, including lubricants, bondage gear, lingerie and, of course, sex toys.

The Bondara Silicone Double Kegel Balls received high marks from the Pleasure Panel reviewers. They’re nicely weighted, made from a body-safe, smooth material, and cost less than £10.

Bondara Double Silicone Kegel Balls review (plus another one here!)

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

Cal Exotics

Cal Exotics are a big name in the world of sex toy manufacturers, so it’s no surprise that the Cal Exotics Curve Love Egg was highly rated by the Pleasure Panel. Once again, it’s made of that sumptuous, smooth, body-safe material –silicone, plus the egg is waterproof and rechargeable, making this a luxurious addition to your toy box.

Cal Exotics Silicone Remote Rechargeable Curve Love Egg review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls


Feelztoys sex toys are presented beautifully, made to a high standard of manufacture and mid-priced while exuding luxury. The team have tried out a few Feelztoys products, including Jena, a jiggle balls set, and Anna, a remote control love egg.

Feelztoys Jena Geisha Balls Set review

Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

FT London & GVibe

Also known as FT London or Fun Toys, GVibe are widely known for their eponymous vibrator with its unusual split tip design and versatile stimulation options. There’s now a mini version of the original GVibe, too.

That’s not all GVibe created, however; I really enjoyed testing out the Fun Toys GBalls 2. At first glance they look similar to any silicone kegel balls, but a closer look at the product’s features reveals a clever kegel training app which acts like your very own, intimate personal trainer.

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

Fun Toys GBalls 2 review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

Je Joue 

Je Joue are an internationally renowned luxury sex toy manufacturer, known for their boldly sculpted sex toy styles in their signature shade of purple.

The heavier weight Je Joue Ami+ Kegel Trainer received a very well-deserved 10/10 in our review –and watch this space, as there’s a Je Joue Ami Kegel Trainer Set review coming very soon from the Pleasure Panel team.

Je Joue Ami+ Advanced Kegel Trainer review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls


Kegel8 is unique amongst the jiggle balls, love eggs and kegel trainers I’ve listed here. Not only is it not spherical or egg-shaped, it uses electro-stimulation rather than weight or vibration in order to train and tighten internally.

Sold primarily as a medical rather than sexual pleasure device, Kegel8 is known about in the mainstream as well as within the sex toy world. It comes with a wealth of information about safety, use and how to get the best from your Kegel8, as well as all the accessories you need.

You can read more in my thorough Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electro Stim Pelvic Toner review.

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls


It should be no surprise at all that hugely successful sex toy retailer Lovehoney have created a multitude of their own branded products through the years. These range from the affordable BASICS collection, through the mid-priced Lovehoney-titled offerings, up to the luxurious and specialist likes of Lovehoney Desire, Fifty Shades Freed and various collaborative offerings (Broad City, Tokidoki x, Motorhead, Bettie Page, Motley Crue to name just a few).

Lovehoney have of course created several jiggle balls, love eggs and kegel trainers amongst their vast wealth of sex toys –including these two cheap and cheerful options reviewed by the Pleasure Panel team.

Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg review

Lovehoney BASICS Gold Jiggle Balls review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls


Top spec, cutting-edge tech fan? You’ll love Lovense, as they utilise the latest technology within their orgasmic creations.  Their teledildonic sex toys can be used to spice up long-distance relationships, using Bluetooth and your choice of device (smartphone or desktop).

Obviously Lovense sex toys can be used when you’re physically together too, as well as for thrilling solo fun.

Lovense Lush Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

Loving Joy

Loving Joy sex toys have benefitted from plenty of research and development in recent years. They offer orgasm-hunters not only affordable products, but a range of intriguing styles often made from body-safe materials which provide effective stimulation for him, her and them.

Our Pleasure Panel reviewer loved the Loving Joy Remote Control Love Egg, which is rechargeable, powerful and made with body-safe silicone.

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

Loving Joy 10 Function Rechargeable Remote Controlled Egg review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls


Part of the MLK (Minx, Linx and Kinx) range of products, Minx provide fun and extremely affordable sex toys in bright, funky colours. The love eggs and jiggle balls reviewed by the team start from just £3.95!

Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls review (plus another one here)

Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg review

Minx Aqua Silks Vibrating Egg With Wired Remote Control review

Oh Mi Bod

I first heard about Oh Mi Bod many years ago, when they were mainly known for their ‘club vibe’. The sensitivity to music and sound promised a real party in your panties. Since then, Oh Mi Bod have made the most of advancements in technology to create several other sex toys –including, of course, their Lovelife Flex Kegel Weights set.

Despite not featuring the smartphone app tech of other Oh Mi Bod sex toys, this kegel trainer set is well-made, from body-safe silicone, and received full marks from our Pleasure Panel reviewer.

Ohmibod Lovelife Flex Kegel Weights review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls


Perlesque style themselves as a boutique sex toy manufacturer and retailer, and I haven’t seen their products for sale outside of their own website. The Perlesque collection is presented in fashionable grey, with a variety of recognisable and effective shapes and styles.

The Pleasure Panel team enjoyed reviewing the entire Perlesque sex toys range, including their jiggle ball offering, the Perlesque Clio Love Balls.

Perlesque Clio Love Balls review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

Sex & Mischief

Sex & Mischief are one of the sub-ranges from Sportsheets, who are mainly known for manufacturing bondage gear and accessories –particularly straps and harness kits. Sex & Mischief has more of a traditional sex toy focus, as you can see with these Sex & Mischief love balls.

Unlike most of the other jiggle balls and love eggs listed in this guide –and sold by sex toy retailers- these love balls are not made of silicone, but glass. This is smooth, seamless glass, the type used for bakeware (borosilicate, aka Pyrex) so it’s incredibly resilient as well as being comfortable for vaginal use.

Sex and Mischief Feminine Jewels Glass Love Balls review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

So Divine

So Divine are a relatively new sex toy manufacturer -but they’re definitely making waves in the industry, now being sold in such mainstream stores as Boots and ASDA as well as via their own website. The So Divine sex toy collection is mainly in the typical sex toy colours of pink and purple, with some rose gold and silver in the mix too.

So Divine’s Addicted Love Egg is silicone, USB rechargeable and ‘surprisingly powerful’.

So Divine Addicted Vibrating Love Egg review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls


High-end sex toy designer and manufacturer SVAKOM are continually releasing new, upgraded styles of adult product to keep up with the increasing demand for technologically advanced orgasm-providers. SVAKOM sex toys are beautifully presented, in deluxe packaging, and come with all the features you’d expect from a luxury line.

The SVAKOM Nova Silicone Kegel Balls Set received top marks from our Pleasure Panel reviewer, who absolutely loved the choice of three sizes/weights within the one set as well as the comfort of their smooth, silicone material. They also come with a 10-year guarantee once you register your purchase with SVAKOM.

SVAKOM Nova Silicone Kegel Balls Training Set review

Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

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Big Guide To Jiggle Balls Love Eggs Kegel Trainers and Ben Wa Balls

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