Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg Review

7 out of 10

Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg Review

I got this lovely vibrating gift of happiness as part of Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel which was sent free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. The Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg is the first vibrating egg I’ve tried out and that’s no yolk. Yeah, sorry, I can’t resist a pun.  I like that you don’t have to shell (groan) much out for this eggcellent toy. So, let’s crack on.

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Is it an egg or a penguin?

First impressions mean a lot and I like the smooth, sleek, simple look of the egg box. On the front is an illustration of what is inside and on the back there are more details and diagrams than you can shake a stick at.

It lists all the dimensions, the important ones being that the Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg girth is 10cm and length is 8.25cm and it’s made of ABS (hard) plastic. Which I believe means you can use your fave lube with it without fear.

The diagrams show where the battery compartments in the toy are which I think is very useful. Sometimes it’s not so obvious where the batteries go. Not so useful is the remote diagram. It’s only 2 buttons and one of them says power. It’s not too difficult to work out what they are but hey, credit for extra thoroughness here. My favourite bit is the squiggly lines on the bottom of the box which indicate the pattern of vibration the egg makes at various levels. It’s an interesting way to visually show how it will feel inside you. Clever.

The toy is latex and phthalates free, waterproof and batteries are included. Cracking.

On opening the box I was further impressed. Everything is laid out in the plastic sleeve so you can see at a glance what you’ve got. There’s 4 batteries, 3 are wrapped and these go inside the Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg itself and one unwrapped (orange) battery that pops in the back of the remote.

However, the egg is not shaped like an egg, it’s more of a fat torpedo or a penguin with no features. You’ll see why I make this analogy further along in my review. There’s also a long loop at the bottom of the toy which is made of a stretchy plastic, similar to a stiff elastic band. I’ve given it a good tug and it seems pretty secure. I did worry it might break as it stretches quite thin but the connection seems pretty strong and even with some forceful pulling it stayed intact. The surface of the toy is silky and soft, not slick and shiny. I kinda like that. It has a velvet feel in the hand which is pleasurable. Getting the batteries inside the vibrating treat isn’t a problem, you unscrew the pointy end and load the batteries into the compartments that are revealed.

minx silky touch remote control egg vibrator review

Now loading batteries into the small, light remote wasn’t as easy. There is a handy grip and the word ‘open’ beside it which makes it look like a quick slide and you’ll be in. I tried and I tried and I tried to open the thing but could I? Nope. I had to ask my husband to help. He opened it in the end and showed me the trick. You need to hold the remote firmly in one hand and press down above the join (where the CE number sticker is) and with your other hand, use a nail (my thumbnail worked best) to press along the crack then pull down on the grip marks and with a click and a ‘huzzah’ you should have cracked it.

This was a very fiddly process but once the battery was inserted the remote itself was a doddle to use. The small button is the power (it says so) and when you click it the Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg comes to life on the slow setting. Once the power is on you can use the bigger button to go through the vibrations. There’s only one direction to this. You go up to ten and start back at one again.

love egg vibrator reviews

There’s a bright LED screen which shows 3 things. A number (the level of vibration) a little mini Jodrell Bank satellite (which seems to indicate it’s connected) and at the bottom of the screen you see the visual representation of the pattern of vibration which moves as the vibration moves. I like that as it gives you an idea of what the sensation will be. The first few settings are just a flat line that get higher up the screen the faster the vibration is and the others grow more bumpy and complex as the patterns change from the basic low hum.

One bug-bear is that there’s no lock. If you knock that power button and the Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg has batteries in it then it’s going to set off. So store it with the battery out of the remote and definitely keep your batteries separate when carrying in luggage or you might have some explaining to do.

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minx silky touch remote control egg vibrator review

The other item in the box is a clear plastic, bobbly sleeve which can be stretched around your Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg for extra… bobbliness. It wasn’t too difficult to get the sleeve on the egg but part way through I was struck by the resemblance to Feathers McGraw from the Wallace and Gromit cartoon.  Not sexy but very amusing.

I started out using my egg with its sleeve. I added just a little bit of System Jo H20 lube (not included with the product) and found that for me that was all I needed. Insertion was simple and although I thought the egg struck me as a little wide (I’ve never used one before) it slipped in easily and sat snuggly inside.

love egg vibrator reviews

I wasn’t much aware of the bobbles on the sleeve once it was inside of me and as I set the vibration going I still didn’t feel it. The vibration patterns are fun.  I’m a fan of number 7 which sounds like an emergency vehicle siren and number 8 which is the beginning of Jingle Bells. The vibration is okay but even on is highest I didn’t feel the vibration was earth shattering. I’d not be able to achieve orgasm just with the Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg inside me I don’t think.

The noise level isn’t whisper quiet but it’s not ‘OMG how do I turn this off’ loud. In silence it was noticeable, with the  TV on it was only audible to my husband once I hit level 7 and he was sat about 2 metres away. So not bad all in all but I would proceed with caution before enjoying in public.

I tried again without the sleeve which was easy enough to remove and clean. You need to be sure to get around all the little bobbles but a bit of warm soapy water did the trick.  I inserted the now naked egg with the help of a lil’ more lube and found it slipped in a little easier.

The vibrations seemed to be a little stronger and I could feel them more pointedly at the tip of the Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg where with the sleeve on there was no one point which vibrated more it was constant along its length. I found that, for me, was more pleasurable than with the sleeve on as I could feel the vibration against my inner walls not just inside me, if that makes sense. Again though, not enough oomph for me to achieve orgasm from that alone but it was a pleasurable sensation I’d like to repeat.

love egg vibrator reviews

Now, for the remote control action. I could use it happily at arms-length but we found if my husband got further than a metre away the remote just didn’t work. It wouldn’t switch the vibration on or vary the speed/tempo. And the little satellite dish indicator was always on even when the remote clearly wasn’t working the egg. So that was a little confusing. These are limitations but as the toy isn’t very expensive there’s still a lot of fun that can be had with the metre or so range we discovered.  I imagine being tied down and the Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg vibrating inside at my partner’s behest could be all kinds of fun. And a small table is less than a metre wide which could lead to interesting meal times.

Will I use the Minx Silky Touch Vibrating Egg again? Yes. I think it’s a fun little toy which would be eggcellent to introduce to playtime with a partner. None of the little niggles I’ve found have put me off my new little egg friend. It’s worth shelling out for, yolks.

Thanks to our reviewer for this review of the Minx Silky Touch Remote Control Vibrating Egg.

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This sex toy was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team. This review contains affiliate links.


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