Je Joue Ami+ Advanced Kegel Trainer Review

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Je Joue Ami+ Advanced Kegel Trainer Review

By K

Je Joue Ami+ Advanced Kegel Trainer review: After releasing their standard three-piece set of PC trainers, Je Joue evidently felt the need to ensure that everyone with the ability to use kegel weights would have the opportunity to really kick up their interior body-building routine. The classic Ami was a progressive pelvic-floor training kit consisting of three kegel balls of increasing weight and decreasing size – because the smaller the weights, the harder your muscles must work to hold on to them. It’s a great set for beginners just getting into kegel exercisers because it offers more variety and challenge in your training regime. What could possibly be improved upon?


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Enter the Je Joue Ami+. Available in pretty standard colour palette of purple or fuchsia, made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, the Ami+ is a whopping 136 grams.

Yes. 136 grams. For those who have never used kegel weights, this may not seem impressive until you realise that the heaviest of the original Ami set is only 106 grams. So does the Ami+ live up to expectations?


Because Je Joue is a high-end manufacturer with an emphasis on luxury, their products all come beautifully-packaged. The Je Joue Ami+ comes in flattish teal box with a feather-pattern on it and the Je Joue logo on one side. The other side has the name of the product, as well as the text “Advanced Kegel Trainer.” On the side of the box is a sticker with a tiny rendition of the weights in the chosen colour. Pretty stylish, but for those that value absolute discretion it may be a bit too obvious.

Fortunately there is a second, smaller black box containing the product itself which just has the company name embossed in silver on the lid. The Je Joue Ami+ is nestled inside on a little moulded plastic tray. Classy, I thought. Below the tray is the instruction booklet. No storage pouch, unfortunately, but that elegant little box is far more sturdy and attractive.

The trainer itself is oblong-shaped with a bit of a squish in the middle. The body is matte silicone that feels pleasantly grippy, while the removal loop is smooth navy silicone connected to an ABS plastic base imprinted with the Je Joue logo. Like many kegel balls, the Je Joue Ami+ contains smaller beads which are meant to rattle inside the trainer in response to the movements of the wearer. The jiggling sensation is meant to feel quite pleasurable and apparently contributes to the workout as well.

Although the Je Joue Ami+ is a dual-ball trainer rather than single-ball, each one is sort of encased in the silicone in such a way that there’s no flexible stem separating the two, differing in design from other similar PC trainers. The lack of stem gives it a more compact appearance, making it easier to insert without the two balls ending up all squashed-up side by side by accident. It is a bit more rigid though, so there’s slightly more risk of uncomfortably prodding your cervix if you’re too enthusiastic during insertion.

Using Ami+

Like all kegel balls, the Je Joue Ami+ requires a little help to be inserted comfortably. Since the materials are primarily silicone, only water-based lubricants should be used. Lie on your back with your knees bent and insert the trainer as you would a tampon, so that about a third of the removal loop protrudes from your body. Now try stand up.

If you’re like me, you realised you were far too cocky about your fitness level and won’t be able to keep hold of the Je Joue Ami+ for longer than fifteen minutes. This PC trainer is heavy. My previous kegel set were the original Lelo Luna Beads, which at a maximum weight of 84g were far lighter and far larger. I wasn’t fully prepared for the sudden transition. The Je Joue Ami+ seemed in danger of slipping out at any moment.

The instruction booklet suggests trying to train for a maximum of an hour for about three days a week. At first, the extent of my abilities was twenty minutes. Now I can do about six hours or so, but sometimes the Ami+ betrays me. This is especially prevalent during ovulation, in which your body tends to produce more natural fluid. It’s almost impossible to train with Ami+ around my fertile window because it just keeps escaping me. Even my attempts to compensate for this and insert the trainer without additional lube (uncomfortable, but not impossible) didn’t always help matters that much.

Once I got used to the unexpected weight, I found that the trainer was easy to forget about. Even the interior balls that are meant to provide additional sensation have an incredibly subtle effect – so subtle, in fact, that I can’t feel them at all. This may be a problem for those who wish to capitalise on the sensual feeling of rattling, but personally it doesn’t bother me. My main reason for using kegel weights is to tone rather than be in a perpetual state of arousal anyway.

However, I found that the Je Joue Ami+ isn’t a PC exerciser you can just insert and go about your day like nothing is different. I usually try to be doing housework or something that doesn’t necessitate me leaving home in case the weight combined with too much lubrication causes them to fall out in public. Nevertheless, my growing ability to wear the trainer for longer periods is an encouraging sign of my progress.

I did like that the removal loop has a slight natural bend from the way in which it is stored in the box. While this is most likely unintentional on behalf of the manufacturers, it’s incredibly handy to angle to insertion of the Je Joue Ami+ so that the bend corresponds to the shape of your body, facilitating removal while also preventing the loop from feeling all bunched up in your undies. Whenever I store the toy after use I make sure to arrange it to maintain that slight curve.

As with most PC trainers, it tends to get a little awkward during bathroom visits. You might find that you need to remove Ami+ in order to have a vaguely comfortable experience. I tend to do it anyway just because getting the last bit of pee out is difficult when my muscles are so tight from trying to retain the weight.

Cleaning up

Clean-up is a breeze with a little bit of mild disinfectant soap and warm water. If you want to sterilise the Ami+, Je Joue advises immersing it in boiling water for no longer than five seconds to preserve product life. Seems a little conservative to me, but hey, it’s what the manufacturer says. Despite this, the internet claims that you can also perform a soak in 10% bleach solution for a couple of minutes. Whatever method you choose, be sure to rinse well, air-dry and store safely. Simple as that!

Final thoughts

Je Joue Ami+ Advanced Kegel Trainer Review

I would recommend the Ami+ to anyone looking to challenge their secret body-building game and step up to an advanced level of pelvic floor training – as long as they are suitably experienced first! Although I have never used the original Ami kit, I would recommend it or any other set with a similar weight range as a precursor to this particular product. Aim to progress your regular PC training to about 100g before moving up to this superior fitness level.

Enjoy getting buff!


– K

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer K from the Oh Glow Blog for this contributed review of the Je Joue Ami+ Advanced Kegel Trainer.


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