Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls Review

7 out of 10

Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls Review

By Jessica’s Rabbit

First of all, thank you very much to Cara Sutra for letting me be part of the Pleasure Panel and to review the Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls (available here) for my first review on her website.

I have used a few different duo balls (also known as ben wa balls, love eggs, jiggle balls) in the past, but not these ones. The Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls packaging is very simple as the picture shows and the product very easy to get out, the only thing I would have liked is a little storage box or pouch to be able keep them in. The design of the balls themselves is also simple, with a metallic coating which gives a mirrored effect, a plain white cord which attaches the two balls and a loop to help to pull them out.

The cord is well attached and the product as a whole is very well made and sturdy, so there is no need to worry about parts detaching or the cords coming off. (This was one of my worries when trying out ben wa balls for the first ever time!)

These Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls are also easy to clean,.I used a few squirts of my toy cleaner from Lovehoney and warm water to clean them up before and after each use, downside is the cord takes a while to air dry. I would have preferred something like a silicone loop instead to help be more hygienic and to reduce the drying time, but that’s a minor thing for me.

Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls Review

Weighing in at just 57g, these Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls are perfect for beginners. They’re not too heavy so they won’t fall out of an untrained pelvic muscle! Once lubed up for the first insertion they slipped in perfectly fine – I always lay down with knees up when I insert my duo balls – with the only downfall being the join throughout the middle of the ball (you can just about see in the picture below) which sometimes felt a bit scratchy when pushing in and taking out. It didn’t bother me too much, but if I carry on wearing jiggle balls daily then I will switch to a pair which are seamless to prevent this from happening.

I have been wearing these Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls for the past two weeks; week one I wore them for approximately 20 minutes per day and in the second week advancing to 20 minutes twice a day. I have noticed a small difference so far to my pelvic floor muscles. I find that my orgasms have become slightly stronger and perhaps if I were to keep using the balls it’ll get even stronger, just like working out any muscle, you need to continue to improve!

The most effective way I found to use the Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls for me, were during foreplay, taking them out (or getting my partner to) just before sex helped my orgasm come along quicker and stronger and made me feel tighter for him. The majority of the time they were worn around the house when doing chores, I was only brave enough to venture out of the house once with them in, which was a 15 minute walk to the post office and a very interesting experience! I have to say I didn’t necessarily feel the balls moving inside of me, but I could feel a build up of sensation along with a weighted feeling in my vagina and getting more and more turned on as I walked – needless to say I rushed home..

Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls Review

I also want to make a note of the noise level of these Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls, when I first popped them in I did the wiggle test. Jumping up and down, moving my hips about and standing up/sitting down to test if they were positioned correctly and I could hear the balls oscillating inside of me. Walking normally was fine and couldn’t hear anything, but I did make an effort to not move suddenly. Perhaps don’t wear these to the gym or if you will be doing vigorous movements unless you want people to question where that rattling noise is coming from.

Overall, these Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls were great first time kegel balls and I would definitely recommend them for a first timers and if you are curious about trying this type of product. Try to get a little pouch to keep them though, especially if you are like me and like to keep them on your person in case you decide to pop them in during your weekly shop at Tesco. As I said previously, I have tried a few balls similar to this design in the past and now for me, I would now move on to perhaps a different style, design and/or weight. It was great fun to try these Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls out, helped tone my muscles and at a bargain price of £5.99 you can’t go wrong!


Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls Review

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Jessica’s Rabbit for this review of the Minx Vibratone Duo Silver Jiggle Balls

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This sex toy was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team. This review contains affiliate links.


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