Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg Review

7 out of 10

Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg Review (Pink)

By Zara

The Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg is a cute little toy that comes in a nicely packaged box. It came presented like I’d expect a more expensive toy to be, rather than such an affordable toy as the Anna Remote Vibrating Egg I haven’t used any products by Feelz Toys before so this is my first experience with the brand. Generally speaking internal toys aren’t my go-to, so this review may share my (slightly) biased preference for clitoral stimulation and perhaps uneducated opinions, but – we shall see. I think I can give it a fair summary for you no matter what you usually like.

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The toy is pink with a pink and white with a silicone like string looped into it for removal, it comes with a matching hand held remote control. The first thing I note about the toy is that there’s batteries for the remote but a cord to recharge the egg itself. I wondered why they didn’t make the remote rechargeable too. But, I guess the remote doesn’t use as much power and it keeps costs down only having the egg recharge. As far as not making the egg battery powered,  I think it’s preferable that it can be recharged and it’s likely cleaner to not have an opening on the toy to insert batteries. Speaking of the rechargeable battery, it holds its power really well for quite a long period of time and worked for many uses before going dead which is always nice.

After charging the toy up to use I finally got some time to myself to test it out and wasn’t overly surprised with the results. The vibration wasn’t overly strong but when it is inside it’s strong enough to feel. For me personally I found it more enjoyable to use with a toy for clitoral stimulation. Otherwise I’d need to manually stimulate to get any real desired result. For me, using it as just an internal toy didn’t do a great deal, I could feel the buzzy vibrations through my pelvis. As I said, they are strong enough to feel if you are the type of person who does enjoy internal stimulation.

Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg Review

The Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg could also be good fun to use with a partner in a semi or more public environment with you wearing it and giving them the remote control. I did have a chance to do this although only for a short time. I wondered if anyone else could hear the buzzing. I think on the higher settings they may be able to but only if they were right near you and the environment was extremely quiet. Anywhere there’s background noise would be fine and it’s possible that was just me being a little paranoid about the idea of wearing it in public. I made sure not to get too close to anyone just in case. My partner enjoyed having control of the remote. It was nice to give him a little power over me like that.

One thing I think the Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg is good for is to help with my pelvic floor exercises, it can be kind of a reward for doing them and make the exercises more enjoyable. Plus it does force you to work out the area especially when it’s on a higher setting and you’re moving around. I’ve been wanting to try a device to help strengthen the pelvic floor so I’m happy I can use it for that.

Otherwise the most enjoyment I got out of the Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg was using it externally on my clitoris, even though it wasn’t strong enough to bring me to full climax. When used with penetration, it can be enjoyable when used like a bullet vibe, externally, during sex. The loop of string like cord can help to keep a grip on it and hold it into place which is handy especially for times when there’s lots of lube involved. The round edge on the top of the egg feels quite nice too, the texture is smooth and soft and it’s the right shape to roll around the clitoral area and labia.

One thing I noticed is that there’s a crevice where the string is joined into the toy, when cleaning it it will be important to make sure this area is clean. Preferably clean it straight after use to make that easier and possibly with a soft bristled toothbrush (that you don’t use anymore, obviously.)

The material feels like silicone although it doesn’t say it is, it does say its body safe and odor free as well as being “whisper quiet,” it’s also waterproof and as I said earlier, the egg is rechargeable. The remote takes 2 x AAA batteries and works at up to a 10-meter range. I haven’t used it that far away but had no issues with getting it to work on my own when the egg has been in use, I have heard of some similar products not picking up the signal when inserted.

I would recommend the Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg to anyone looking for an affordable toy. It’s a great way to explore toys. For couples especially it’s a great way to enjoy some cheap, fun time together, especially if you particularly like internal or g-spot stimulation. It would also be a great novelty toy to play with your partner, or alone, when home or out and about as well as helping make your pelvic floor exercises more enjoyable.

All in all, for the price I think the Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg is a pretty good deal and the pretty colours and packaging is a bonus and would make it a nice gift for that special someone.

Rating 7/10

– Zara

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