Minx Vibratone Duo Balls Review

6 out of 10

Minx Vibratone Duo Balls Review

By Toraval

When I received the Minx Vibratone Duo Balls I was firstly disappointed by the packaging. It looked like something you could buy in a pound shop (never judge a book by its cover though). I was further let down by the lack of storage. I have bought a few different balls in the past which have always had either a small bag to go with, or a small box to place them in, This however had nothing.

Minx Vibratone Duo Balls ReviewHowever on to the actual product…

The Minx Vibratone Duo Balls themselves are pretty little silver things, very easy to clean and very easy to insert. To me they were a bit small, not really heavy enough and the cord between them was fairly long.

I was using the love balls as primarily a form of foreplay so not really training purposes.

How They Felt

Minx Vibratone Duo Balls ReviewAs I said before I’m not a beginner with jiggle balls and have previously had ones with three balls and heavier weights which were much more effective.

I didn’t notice any noise level differences but I don’t feel like they moved around much at all really.

To be honest I didn’t feel the Minx jiggle balls inside; I jumped, ran, cycled and walked and not a thing but when I sneezed, wow. (So great if you have a cold)

With My Partner

The most exciting part was playing with the kegel balls with my partner, they found the loop was a decent size but the cord was hard to adjust once wet. In fact my main issue with them was the cord – although sturdy, if you pulled too suddenly It could create a slight painful pinch, I think it was the wrong material, something more like rubber or silicone would have been better suited.

All in all I think that the Minx Vibratone Duo Balls would be best suited to a beginner who may feel like they are doing more, but for someone who has used some before they may require more weight.

– Toraval

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Toraval for this review of the Minx Vibratone Duo Balls

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