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8 out of 10

Perlesque Clio Love Balls Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Mamz

To me, Ben Wa balls have always been about Kegels and making your PC muscles stronger, but when I used the Perlesque Clio Love Balls, I discovered something more to it. I have never had children and I am pretty young but have been advised to do Kegel exercises by a professional anyways (even though training your pelvic muscles it can benefit anyone).  However, I always forget to do these exercises, so for me, Kegel balls are a great solution as I can simply wear them each time I am doing house chores.

The packaging

The packaging of this product is absolutely great! The Perlesque Clio Love Balls come in a grey square box, with the Perlesque logo plus “ Perlesque always a pleasure” and “Clio” written on it, in pretty shiny pink lettering. Note that the box is sealed with two stickers, which offer great peace of mind, as you can be sure the box hasn’t been opened before.

After opening the box, you discover a great storage bag matching the box. It is way too big for the size of the balls though but I guess the same bag comes with all Perlesque toys. The pouch is made of thick cotton and features a drawstring made from the same fabric. The instructions label inside of it states that the bag should be hand washed, but I have washed it the machine on a delicate cycle with warm water and it came out as new.

Under the storage bag you’ll find the Perlesque Clio Love Balls, and an envelope containing a small and pretty booklet. In the booklet is a brief description of every toy sold by Perlesque.

The Perlesque Clio Love Balls

The toy itself is very well made and good-looking. Its grey silicone and angular shape really adds to the visual aspect. When shaking the toy in your hands, you can hear and feel the free roaming balls inside. The retrieval string is also made of silicone, making this toy is entirely body safe! The material also makes them easy to clean, and another great aspect of it is that unlike strings made from other material, a silicone string won’t stain if you use it during your period.

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One thing I find surprising is that the weight of the ball isn’t listed anywhere. Don’t look for it on Perlesque’s website, on the box or in the booklet, cause you won’t find it. I think this information is very important when choosing Kegel balls so I decided to weigh them myself using a food scale and the result was 55g.

These balls are a perfect size in my opinion. They are small enough to make insertion easy, yet big enough to make them easy to keep inside the vagina, without being so big that they can stay there without any effort.

In use, doing chores

As usual with Kegel balls, I decided I would wear the Perlesque Clio Love Balls while cleaning around the house. So I applied a bit of lubricant on the first ball (make sure to use water-based lube) and inserted it with no difficulty, then the second one went in just as easily. After insertion, I could feel the balls inside providing great sensations and I though “well, that is gonna be fun!” but sadly, the sensations did not last.

Almost immediately after putting the balls in, the sensation stopped. No matter how I moved, I did feel nothing. I didn’t even feel the balls pressing against my PC muscles. The roaming balls did not provide any sensations either. In fact, I don’t think they ever moved, even when I did everything to try to make them move: jumping, bending over, moving my hips etc. This has a positive side though, as no matter how hard I tried to make the little weights bounce inside, they would never make a sound, which is perfect if you want to wear the balls in public. Despite not feeling the toy inside, I could feel the retrieval string from times to times, because being made of silicone it is quite thick. It was not uncomfortable at all, but it kept preventing me from forgetting I was wearing them.

Weighing 55g, I consider the Perlesque Clio Love Balls to be aimed at beginners. My perineum isn’t really strong, but as I am young and child-free, it probably isn’t weak either. Wearing the Clio was absolutely no challenge to me, and that is probably why I simply couldn’t feel them. I even tried to clench my muscles around the balls but it still wasn’t very useful. As a result of them being super comfortable to wear and too light for my needs, I forgot that I was wearing them and kept them in for about an hour.

Due to the string’s elasticity, removal was not as easy as putting the toy in. When pulling on it, the string stretches without the balls getting out. I always pull carefully when removing Jiggle balls because I don’t want to make a mess. With this toy, I had to pull carefully until I found the point where the balls would get out. At that point, the Perlesque Clio Love Balls just went out and I had absolutely no control on it. It is just like pulling on an elastic band with a weight attached to it and not wanting the weight to suddenly fly to the other side of the room.

I wore the Perlesque Clio Love Balls again the next day and things were a bit different. I guess even though I couldn’t feel their weight, wearing these balls for that long the day before have had a tiring effect on my muscles. As a result, I could feel them a bit more and for a longer time.

In use during sex

I had never used Kegel balls during sex in the past. As mentioned earlier, these kinds of balls have always been associated with toning my PC muscles and nothing more. Of course, toning those muscles can have a positive effect on sex (as well as other health effects like preventing urine loss) and wearing jiggle balls sometimes can set the mood for sex, but I had never thought of wearing them during sex could actually be something great.

I was wearing the Perlesque Clio Love Balls when my boyfriend and I decided to get to the bedroom and he ended up giving me oral sex. First of all, the balls were feeling great inside my vagina while I was getting aroused, but nothing more than what you can feel from them during wear, when you do actually feel them.

As he was giving me oral, my boyfriend started playing with the silicone string, simply pulling on it. He gradually started to pull on it more vigorously, and with each strokes I was feeling the balls against my perineum and I had no other choice but to clench around them to keep the balls inside, making the sensation even more enjoyable. The elasticity of the silicone string was just perfect for that. The bouncing movement of the balls inside of me combined with the muscle contraction and the clitoral stimulation ended up in one of the strongest and most amazing orgasms I’ve ever experienced. It was incredible and I would never have thought that Ben Wa balls could be used as a sex toy and be that great!

In conclusion

The Perlesque Clio Love Balls come in a stunning packaging, including a storage pouch, and are of absolutely good quality. The balls look great and are very comfortable to wear, except for the thick silicone string, which can be felt from times to times. Sadly, the weight of 55g is too light for me, but I think these balls would be perfect for someone who is a beginner or has had children. The Perlesque Clio Love Balls also revealed itself to be a great sex toy and gave me an unexpected and amazingly intense orgasm. I would recommend these balls to anyone who has never used with this kind of toy in the past and who is looking for an easy way to tone their pelvic muscles for a low price and without any compromise on the quality. I would also recommend it to anyone, beginner or more experienced users, who are looking for a new kind of internal stimulation during sex.

Rating: 8/10

– Mamz

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Mamz for this review of the Perlesque Clio Love Balls (£20 from

These love balls were sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Thank you! 🙂

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