Guide to Glass Sex Toys: Are Glass Dildos Safe To Use?

Are Glass Dildos Safe To Use?

A Guide to Glass Sex Toys

A question I get asked often is “Are glass dildos safe to use?” Hopefully the below Q&A will lay some myths about glass sex toys to rest and provide some ideas about glass dildos you might like to try.

Dear Cara

I still have doubts using glass dildos. Is that thing really SAFE ? I see that you love them, but I can’t help thinking about the pain and chaos if they broke inside me. It freaks me out and they scare me. Help!

– Anon

Using Glass Sex Toys Without Fear

Guide to Glass Sex Toys: Are Glass Dildos Safe To Use?

Thanks for your question. I am going to set the record straight about glass dildos once and for all, and become a one-woman war on any glass dildos fear.

What glass dildos are

Glass dildos have been manufactured especially for the purpose of being internally used sex toys. They are made to be inserted into the human body (and out, and in, and out, 😉 ) for sexual pleasure. They are tough, resilient, shatterproof and solid. Glass dildos are beautiful objects and can even be used as ornamental features in the bedroom.

Guide to Glass Sex Toys: Are Glass Dildos Safe To Use?

I have a variety of glass dildos and glass butt plugs of my own and they are still amongst my favourite of all sex toys.

If you dropped a glass dildo from a great height on to a stone or tiled floor, then yes – it may chip or break or get a crack (discard it carefully immediately if this ever occurs). However, the act of sliding a glass dildo into your vagina will not cause it to shatter. I don’t care how strong you think your pelvic floor muscles are.

What glass dildos are not

Glass dildos are not fragile by any means. They are not easily broken, hollow, dangerous (unless you drop one on your toe) or only enjoyable for masochists.

If you are curious about what a glass dildo really feels like, or what it really looks like or weighs in real life, visit your local sex toy shop and ask if they have a glass dildo to show you. There are a variety of high street sex shops you can visit.

Guide to Glass Sex Toys: Are Glass Dildos Safe To Use?

If parts of you become interested at the thought of sliding a cool, rigid, sculpted object deep inside during some intimate playtime, then glass dildos just might be what’s missing in your toy box.

What are glass dildos made from?

Glass dildos are made from borosilicate glass, which is the same kind of material your Pyrex oven dishes and bakeware is made from. Worrying that a glass dildo will break inside you or cut you in any way is like worrying that once your oven reaches even lukewarm temperature, your casserole bowl will shatter into a million fragments spilling your supper everywhere. This doesn’t happen, of course. Pyrex glass can withstand extremely high temperatures as well as being knocked around during general domestic use.

It’s the same with glass dildos – no, don’t try to cook a casserole with it. What I mean is that it won’t shatter or break from you using one for sexual play.

How to use glass dildos

I would strongly advise using a glass dildo when in a laying down position. You can use them standing up if you wish, but make sure you have a very firm grip of it. The only damage I have ever done to myself when using a glass dildo (or stone, or steel) is when standing up, and the hard dildo has slipped from my grasp and landed on my toes. Ouch!

This is particularly true if you are using sex lubes with your glass dildo, which of course means you’ll have a bit of a slippery grip.

You can use glass dildos for vaginal stimulation. If they have a flared base or specially made handle, you can also use them for anal stimulation which makes them enjoyable for men to use, as well as women. Make sure you thoroughly clean any sex toys before transferring from vaginal to anal play, and ideally between different users too, to avoid transferring any potentially harmful bacteria.

Which lube to use with glass dildos?

As glass dildos are non-porous sex toys and made from a non-corroding material, you can use any sexual lubricant with them whether water-based lube, silicone, oil, hybrid or other. Water based lubricant will over time evaporate with body heat and friction, whereas silicone lubricant does not – and can leave a residue that needs to be washed off afterwards. Silicone lubricant is longer lasting than water based and therefore ideal for anal sexual play.

Water based lubricant doesn’t stain sheets or clothing, whereas silicone and oil based lubricants may leave spots on your sheets and clothes if there is a spill.

If using flavoured lubricants remember that the glucose (or other sugar content) found in some formulations can cause vaginal irritation in some women.

How to clean glass dildos

After using your glass dildo simply submerge it in warm, soapy water and wash thoroughly. You may wish to keep a special nail brush or even an old toothbrush (make sure you keep it away from your regular toothbrushes!) which makes cleaning between any ridges or nodules completely hassle-free.

A spritz of anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner after a soapy wash will ensure that your glass dildo is completely hygienic ready for the next use.

Where can I buy glass dildos?

There are many sex toy shops on the internet where you can buy glass dildos at the lowest prices. Many offer free delivery to the UK. You can find some great offers at my sex toy shopping page here too.



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