Lovehoney Oh! Scented Massage Candles Review (Vanilla, Cherry & Strawberry)

7 out of 10

Lovehoney Oh! Scented Massage Candles Review (Vanilla, Cherry & Strawberry)

The Lovehoney Oh! range includes various sexy games and fun foreplay accessories to liven up solo pleasure and shared intimate moments. I love erotic massage candles, whether by myself or to share with my partner, so I thoroughly enjoyed being able to try some of the Lovehoney Oh! Scented Massage Candles (available in Vanilla, Strawberry or Cherry scent). You’ll find my vanilla review at the end, but let’s start with my most recent addition, the Lovehoney Oh! Scented Massage Candle Strawberry.


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Lovehoney Oh Scented Massage Candles Review - Vanilla Cherry Strawberry

Lovehoney Oh! Strawberry Lickable Massage Candle

Like the vanilla and cherry versions, the Lovehoney Oh! Strawberry Scented Massage Candle comes in a little tin with a label telling you what it is on the top, and ingredients details on the bottom. Remove the lid to reveal the little candle inside the tin –and enjoy your first experience of the strawberry aroma.

First Impressions

A theme I’ve noticed, with the items I’ve received from the Lovehoney Oh! Collection so far, is that they’re quite small. For example, the Lovehoney Oh! Kiss Me Lipstick Vibrator, the Lovehoney Oh! Pheromone Scent Rollerballs and Lovehoney Lovers Feather Tickler. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing –I find their diddy size cute and appealing, not to mention convenient when it comes to storage and travel. The items are priced for all budgets as well, which might be reflected in the ‘pocket-sized’ measurements.

It’s the same with the Lovehoney Oh! Massage Candles. Don’t expect them to be gigantic candles which will last you for months of regular use; these are little disc-style candles in tine which fit easily on the palm of my hand.

The smell is more strawberry bootlace sweets (candy) or strawberry flavoured chewing gum than fresh strawberries, and quite strong with it. If you love that scent, this candle will be fantastic for you! I prefer cherry-scented things personally –yeah, even that faux cherry aroma in candles, lube and suchlike. But I didn’t find this strawberry bootlace style smell off-putting. Just a little too sweet for me.

During Use

The Lovehoney Oh! Scented Massage Candle Strawberry is easy to light and use. Rather than drizzling from the tin I prefer to get some on my fingertips and use it that way, to avoid the risk of splashing out a little too much at a time.

As with the vanilla version below, I found the massage oil quite greasy and didn’t really feel nourishing to my skin. Rather it just sits atop the skin and I feel the need to wash it off thoroughly afterwards with hot soapy water to avoid that post-massage ‘itch’.


Little video to show the candle when some of the wax/oil has melted and how it reacts on the skin.


Although this is undoubtedly a cheap, cheerful and fun addition to a sexy play kit (the candles are only £6.99 each), in this case you do get what you pay for. The candle is quite small, and although it’s extremely cute and I love the fact it’s in a lidded tin, it’s harder to dispense during use as there’s no lip or spouted area to pour from. I found that the candle went out a couple of times at first, while the ‘wax’ turned to massage oil, until I poured some out so the wick could stay aflame.

The massage oil isn’t the best quality either, in my experience. It’s slick, slippery, warm and smells lovely, but it doesn’t feel nourishing to my skin. Instead it leaves an oily, greasy residue that I need to thoroughly wash off after a session.

Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Scented Massage Candle

Vanilla isn’t the scent I’d usually go for on massage candles (or anything else!) but I was prepared to give this Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Scented Massage Candle a go anyway, as it had been kindly included in my Sexual Happiness Week 2019 package from Lovehoney.

It’s a 60g candle in a lidded tin, with sticker on the lid and the base telling you what it is, how to use and what’s inside. It doesn’t contain parabens or glycerin, so that’s a plus. The leading ingredient is vegetable oil, although it does also contain soybean, hemp seed, avocado, apricot, jojoba seed and coconut oils, too. With such similar latter ingredients to the orgasm balm, my hopes were raised.

Lighting the candle was a simple affair, and after waiting a short time a little pool of oil had gathered around the wick.


You can see in the video below what the oil is like once the candle has melted a bit:

Unfortunately, my high hopes were rather dashed at this point, and during subsequent uses with my partner. Maybe it’s because the candle has a high amount of vegetable oil, but I just didn’t find the feel of the oil very alluring.

The oil feels nice enough during a massage but it leaves a greasy residue which needs to be thoroughly washed off in a warm soapy shower or bath (immediately if you’re me and can’t stand that itching oily feeling on your skin).


As a cheap addition to my sexy travel kit these massage candles are fab – but I’d need to be travelling to a place where lighting candles isn’t a problem. They could be recommended as a first massage candle experience… but then I wouldn’t want them to put people off buying other massage candles if they also don’t like the greasy residue after use.

It is certainly possible to buy massage candles which feel fab on the skin both during and after a massage, which don’t leave that ‘oil slick’ itch. My favourite type are the Jimmyjane Massage Candles, which are a little more costly but oh, so worth it.
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Thanks so much to Lovehoney for sending these massage candles free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog.

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