Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb Review

8 out of 10

Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb Review

Lovehoney recently sent me an extremely thoughtful care package, with plenty of sexy goodies and treats to enjoy through the lockdown. I’m sharing my thoughts on these sex toys & other bedroom accessories one by one here on the blog. This was an extremely fun and relaxing product to try out. Welcome to my Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb review!


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The Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb comes in Lovehoney’s usual discreet outer packaging for the post, while the product itself is contained in a small purple organza bag. The bath bomb is plastic wrapped within the sheer little bag, sealed at the top by a plastic tag through which the card product label is attached.

I like the organza bag rather than a card box because I can use it for other things long after the bath bomb has been used. A cardboard box may look glossy and pretty, but it goes in the recycling pretty much instantly.

First Impressions

There was a faint scent from the bath bomb before I broke the plastic shrink wrap around it, but once I opened it up this changed to a bold, attractive aroma that filled the room. Not in an overpowering way (and not quite as ‘knock-out’ as when you open a parcel from Lush!) but you definitely know you’ve opened a scented bath bomb.

It’s always a challenge to describe scent in writing. We all perceive aromas in such unique ways, and scents stir personal memories and trigger emotions. All I can say is that the Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb smelled gorgeous to me. Not fruity, not sweet or overpoweringly ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ – you know, like other bath and beauty products often attempt to harness – it is a unique scent which smells alluring, clean and fragrant.

It reminded me strongly of the Lovehoney Oh! Pheromone Rollerball For Her which I also reviewed recently. Perhaps because this item is also pheromone infused. What may help you envisage the aroma is if I tell you what it contains…

Formulation & Ingredients

According to the info label, the Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb is made with coconut oil and cocoa butter, and is infused with a blend of synthetic human pheromones. There’s no specific target gender.

The ingredients are: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, zea mays (corn) starch, cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit oil, theobroma cocao (cocoa) seed butter, sucrose, parfum, glycerin, aqua (water), urea, styrene/acrylates copolymer, alpha-iso-methylionone, benzyl salicylate, butylphenyl methylpropional, citral, citronellol, coumarin, eugenol, geraniol, hexyl cinnamal, limonene, linalool, CI 77000, CI 19140, CI 15985, CI 14720.

It’s made in the United Kingdom by Naughty Originals Limited.

During Use

Using the Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb went pretty much as you’d expect it to, really. The photos tell the story of placing the unwrapped bath bomb under the running water, and how it turns the water purple, and I took a pic of it semi dissolved.

The bath bomb dissolved consistently in the warm water and I wasn’t left with any lumps I had to manually crumble, as I have in the past with other bath products. I was a little disappointed that the bath bomb itself didn’t provide any bubbles – I like some bubbles in my bath! So, I cheated and added a few drops of Radox so I could enjoy my bubbles as well as the nourishing and seductive facets of the Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb.

Despite the coconut oil and cocoa butter elements of the bath bomb, I didn’t feel greasy or slippery during my bath. When buying my own bath products, I avoid ones which melt into oils as I hate the feeling of stepping into a warm oil slick and the greasy feeling on my skin after a bath. You can tell me a thousand times how good for my skin it is, but I just feel slippery and ick. Happily, I didn’t get that itchy, slippy after-feel with this bath bomb – I just felt like I was in a gorgeous, skin-nourishing bath during use, and I smelled lovely and felt soft and fresh afterwards.


A short video showing the Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb going into the water and a snippet of me showing it semi-dissolved in the bath.


£7.99 might be a little steeper than you’re used to for an individual bath bomb. However, if you fancy treating yourself and/or your partner to a luxurious solo or shared bathing experience, the Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb is a lovely product to do it with. You might just have to add your own bubbles if you prefer a foamy, bubbly bath time.

Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb ReviewAs with the Lovehoney Oh! Pheromone Rollerballs, it’s difficult for me to rate the seductive success of the pheromone element to this bath bomb. We’re currently under lockdown here in the UK thanks to COVID-19, and even if we weren’t, I wouldn’t be trying to seduce anyone but my partner! He doesn’t need me to use any pheromone products in order to be attracted to me (I’m very lucky).

That said, I enjoy using pheromone-infused products just for myself. The conscious knowledge of using a product intended to heighten my allure boosts my confidence in my sexual attractiveness, and my libido too. I think this bath bomb is a great purchase for a self-indulgent bath time session, whether as its own pleasurable reward or in preparation for a special event.

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Thanks so much to Lovehoney for sending this Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb to me free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog.

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