Bound To Serve As A Sex Slave

Enjoy my BDSM FemDom erotic story: Bound To Serve As A Sex Slave

He was starting to come round after a night of much-needed, restful sleep. She smiled as she looked over at his bruised and welted body on the bed, thinking back to yesterday’s intense session as she finished putting on her outfit. After several months’ training, both mental and physical, her slave was able to handle one of her ferocious whippings simply through tears, gritted teeth and with only a few sweary slip-ups. He’d learnt that lesson fast, she thought, her smile widening even further. An extra 5 minutes lashing for every curse he spat in her direction soon had him holding his tongue.

Mistress shiny leather bootsShe straightened the lace bands of her hold-ups and gave a final tug to the zippers of her thigh-high boots. Smoothing the short leather skirt over her hips she looked herself up and down in the bedroom’s full-length mirror. Yes… very satisfactory. The form of her breasts teased beneath a tight shirt, the first few buttons of which were undone. This meant that not only her cleavage was visible to all, but so was the small shiny key dangling from a chain between them. A slash of red lipstick, smoky dark eyes and her wild mane pulled back into a sleek high ponytail. Time to wake the boy.

As she sat down on the bed, the movement of the mattress helped bring him out of sleep properly. What really jolted him awake was finding that couldn’t move without a an odd, restrictive chafing around his limbs. She took a moment to sit back and enjoy his dawning realisation. Yes, he really was bound to her bed with rope, spread-eagled on top of a firm mattress devoid of anything but a black, fluid-proof sheet. The secondary realisation: not only was he helplessly tied to a bed with rope, he was almost entirely naked. Third: the dull throbbing aches from several welts and bruises, followed quickly by the memory of how they got there.

“Good morning, slave – I trust you slept well?”

Bound To Serve As A Sex Slave FemDom EroticaIf he was confused before, now he was terrified. Terrified, but with a straining from his chastity device area which caused her lips to twitch with amusement. She loved his immediate response to her voice, her presence, the fact that her easy control over him caused him such desperately urgent pain; pain of a sexual nature. Her voice and presence meant desire. It also meant denial of the realisation of that desire. The two seemed inexorably entwined.


“…and I trust you’re in a satisfactory amount of pain. You know how much I love it when you suffer for me. You did well yesterday, I’m proud of you.”

Back to confusion. Praise was rare from his cruel Mistress, and experience had taught him to be on his guard. Surely this could only be the softening prelude to more suffering.

“No… I’m serious, slave. You did really well. I think you’re ready for the next step of your training.”

He stiffened as much as his various bonds would allow.

“Yes, Mistress. …Thank you.”

She leaned over, presenting him with a glimpse of her cleavage and the key to his relief, and smiled in his face.


Her sudden bark, in such close proximity caused him to jump, and tested the rope bondage to its limits. She giggled softly.

“Oh, that’s right – you haven’t met Denna yet have you, slave?

Denna! Come in here, we’re ready for you now.”

The bedroom door opened and in strode a statuesque form sheathed in skin-tight black. She grinned to herself – Denna had outdone herself. The boy’s mouth had fallen open in shock at this new Dominant vision entering the room, and his world. Denna’s PVC catsuit not only clung to her every curve, enhancing her sinuous silhouette, it was gleaming with a darkness that was somehow deeper than black itself. An impression no doubt enhanced by her aggressively confident stride into the room. She looked from Denna back to the boy, who had turned an impressive shade of white as if to contrast Denna’s darkness. She almost felt sorry for him.

“Now, no need to be frightened slave. Denna is a pussycat – right Denna?”

She looked across at her friend, the Amazonian Domme with untameable dark locks, piercing blue eyes and svelte figure. Denna grinned back in response.

“Yeah, you know me Cara. Total kitten.”

They shared a laugh at that, which did nothing to assuage the slave’s terror. Denna’s voice, however, laced with cruelty-tinged, lusty potential, was having the desired effect on him. By now, his locked chastity device was performing quite an impressive dance as the months-denied cock beneath strained for release, and relief.

“Mistress… I…. Yes, Mistress,” he meekly finished, evidently feeling he should show the courtesy of a response, but the shock of the situation limiting him to the basics.

“Oh, come now, slave.” She didn’t dare look at Denna’s face at that, otherwise she just knew they’d dissolve into fits of laughter. “Don’t you remember when you first contacted me, all those months ago? You shared your deepest fantasies? You wanted to be a sex slave for two Mistresses at once.”

padlock and keys for chastityDenna had moved to sit on the other side of the bed, and she wondered if her fingers itched to rip off that locked chastity cage and play with the pent-up shaft beneath, too. It was an impressive cock, no doubt about it – not that she’d ever tell him that. The photos she’d sent via email had certainly helped persuade Denna to get involved with today’s little training exercise.

“So today, as a reward for coming so far in your training, you’re going to be exactly that. Any concerns or queries? Good,” she finished abruptly, without giving him a chance to reply.

“Hurry up and get him out Cara, I’m ready to play,” Denna growled softly at her friend.

It was time, she agreed silently. Finally, she’d feel the length of that fine cock sliding up inside her tight cunt –which was clenching in arousal at the thought. Sharing the session with Denna just made the experience all the more deliciously sordid. As did the fact that the slave, soon to be sex slave, had absolutely no say in the matter.

“Don’t worry sister bitch, I’m unlocking him now. Before he bounces that cage off all by himself,” she continued, with a mocking laugh.

“I’m not untying the rest of you though, slave – so you can get that hope out of your head right now. Why free all of you when it’s only one part we’re interested in?”

Bound To Serve As A Sex Slave FemDom Erotica

The mixture of horror, hope, delight, confusion and terror sweeping across his face was truly spectacular. One of his main, major fantasies brought to life – but while he’s bound with rope, and still in pain from a thorough punishment only the day before. A sex slave to two Mistresses, but at what cost? He’d surely come in an instant, which would be almost unbearably humiliating. It would be crushing to disappoint a Mistress who wanted to use him in this way if he couldn’t get it up a second time. And at what other cost was his fantasy being realised? What did his Mistress have planned as a payment, a balance for any enjoyment he might feel?

She knew he wouldn’t be able to stop these and other worries coursing through his mind. His fear just turned her on even more. By now, the arousal escaping from her unrestricted pussy was threatening to reach the lace tops of her silky hold-ups. With a wicked smile she reached over, then with a deft move unclipped the key from her necklace and freed his imprisoned cock.

The sudden freedom after months of cruelly tight restriction, months of torment being denied even the enjoyment of a full erection, hit him full force. He gasped at the instant and intense physical pleasure. Just the air moving unhindered over his immediately straining, throbbing cock, over his newly revealed glans and frenulum, made him writhe in his rope bonds. She worried that his sexual need might have become so pressingly urgent that he’d orgasm simply from it waving about in the air.

“You will not dare come until we allow it. Do you understand, slave?”

“…yes, Mistress,” he just about managed, between rapid breaths and mini gasps as the pleasure still rippled through his bound body.

“Hmmm, who first? Well as you’re my slave,” she said, with a pointed look at Denna, “I think it’s only fair that I get first ride.”

Denna gave her a jokey pout but must have expected that this would be the case.

“Fine, but if you wear him out I’m still gonna want satisfying somehow.”

She laughed at her friend’s teasing warning and readied herself for the fuck. Oh god, this was going to be exquisite. First though, she needed to prepare.

Bound To Serve As A Sex Slave FemDom EroticaReaching for the bedside cabinet she pulled some items from the drawer. Tearing the foil on a condom wrapper she then drew on the elbow-length leather gloves, and held the retrieved condom between leather-clad thumb and index. A brief look at her slave, who was watching her every move with fearful, yet hopeful wide eyes, and she placed the condom at the tip of his straining, erect penis.

“Remember, do NOT come until you have permission. You must try, with everything you have, otherwise things will be much, much worse for you. I promise you that.”

She could see him visibly struggling to compose himself against the odds, against his desperate physical need. Fuck knows what thoughts he was dredging up to thwart his orgasm, she mused, as she took his cock in her other leather-gloved hand to steady him as she rolled the latex over his pulsing form.

“Good boy! First test passed. Now,” she paused a moment as she climbed to sit astride him, “for the second, and most important one.”

Her actions did the talking. Shuffling her short skirt up higher round her hips, she pulled his cock down to place his tip at her slick entrance. The envy from Denna beside her was almost tangible, but she knew she’d get hers eventually.

“Mistress…?!” he uttered with a strangled voice, and looking at her with an unreadable plea in his terrorised eyes. “Mistress, please..!”

“Jesus fucking christ slave, you’re not even inside yet. Get a fucking grip. And don’t interrupt me.”

With that she raised herself up, and with him in position sat down so his full length was forced deep into her slick tight cunt, right up to the hilt.

It was bliss. She zoned out for a second or two, and his shrill scream seemed incredibly distant. But, in combination with the sensation of his sizeable cock filling her pussy, it still added a little something to her smile.

Then, the inevitable. Just as she was rising off his cock ready for the second thrust downwards on his length, his post-scream whimpers built into a doomed wail as his balls could hold onto their load no longer. With a body-racking shudder as months of pent-up need was released, his wail tailed off into shuddering sobs as he was left with the realisation of what he’d done.


“Pathetic, slave. It’s barely been two seconds! See why you need locking up all the time? You’re completely incapable of giving one woman pleasure with your cock, never mind two.

So much for being a sex slave! Fucking useless!”

She actually was rather disappointed. It was to be expected of course, and she’d known he was going to fail right from the outset. But she’d hoped to enjoy riding that handsome, girthy cock for a little longer, at least.

The envy she’d felt from Denna beside her, who had watched the miserably fast adventure, had dissipated. In its place was a rising sense of hope from her cruel, dominant friend. Hope that the action would turn out to be pleasingly punishing.

I’ll sort him out for you Cara. Let me handle this. He’ll never disappoint you – either of us – again, once I’m done with him.”

“Thank you Denna. There’ll be time for that,” she replied, with a meaningful look at her cowering slave who now had tears of mortification running down his cheeks. “But I believe we can both still enjoy fucking him despite his self-inflicted impotence.

First, and obviously, you’ll have to get back into your little cock prison, slave. I think we’re all agreed that you have had your fun and it’s time to get back where you belong. Locked up tight.”

“Yes Mistress,” came the sombre response.

The used condom pulled free from his shrivelled member and disposed of, his limp spent flesh was easily shoved into the rings and rigid sheath then padlocked securely once again. He was too humiliated at his lack of control in front of two beautiful Mistresses to even twitch slightly at her gloved hands performing the locking duties on his genitalia.

“Denna, the required accessories are in the cupboard just there. Would you fetch them?”

Bound To Serve As A Sex Slave FemDom EroticaOf course, the experienced Domme knew just what Cara had in mind. The pegging harness was placed around his legs and waist, with the realistic dildo protruding rudely upwards, a mocking symbol of everything the locked limp penis beneath wasn’t.

“Plus, slave, as you have absolutely nothing useful to say, we’re going to enjoy using your mouth for a more pleasurable purpose.

Don’t even think about getting your hopes up,” Cara continued, seeing a spark return to his eyes. She held up the second piece of equipment Denna had retrieved from the kinky toy stash. “This should ensure we get the pleasure we deserve.”

mouth dildo gagThe gag she held up in her gloved fist was a simple design; ingenious and cruel. The smaller phallus on the dual-sided mouth gag was shoved between his lips, and the gag buckled securely round his head. Attached to the outer side of the mouth gag was a longer dildo which protruded to match the one beneath his navel.

He had been transformed into a sex slave who could not fail to satisfy. With two horny Dommes eager to have their way, it was a good job.

She let Denna have a go on the harness cock first. It was only fair, as she hadn’t had a chance to feel the full length of his raging hard-on earlier – before he’d gone and exploded prematurely. With their clever set up, now that the humiliation of her slave was complete and weighing on his mind, they could both ride him at the same time. As Denna unzipped the crotch of her catsuit to allow the dildo access to her slick labia, she took her position over his face.

The last thing she saw before settling the mouth gag dildo into her wanting, wet cunt were his haunted eyes, filled with humiliation and terror.

The hours passed in what seemed like minutes for the two Dommes, who enjoyed various ‘turns’ riding ‘his cock’ or ‘his face’. She couldn’t help but laugh whenever Denna announced that she wanted a turn riding his face, knowing that her slave would, by then, have recovered his sexual ability – with the thought of Denna on his actual face an effective catalyst. Denna knew exactly what she was doing with every pronouncement, of course – and it’s not as if she were entirely innocent herself…

“Oh goddd, his cock feels so good inside me…”

“Fuck, I think I’m going to come again. Pass that bullet! I want it on my clit as I come around his cock…”

“Ok get off his face now Denna I want a turn riding it…”

He could do nothing to stop them. All he could do was lie there, bound in the rope, locked in the chastity cage, and think on how different it could have been. Except it never would have been, of course. The inevitable is just that. The plan was always for his absolute humiliation as their bound sex slave. And there was always tomorrow to look forward to, another punishment session for him – this time reminding him mercilessly of his abject failure and what a disappointment he was.

She’d let Denna loose on him and then he’d know what punishment was, she thought, as she felt that familiar tightening between her clit and throat, and yet another orgasm erupted deep inside her phallus-filled cunt.

Bound To Serve As A Sex Slave FemDom Erotica



  1. I found my way here from some of your toy reviews. And i must say mistress Cara 😉 you have gained an avid fan even if the name Denna was picked coincidently. I look forward to reading more of your material. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Thank you! And the name was most definitely NOT a coincidence 😉
      I named myself Cara after the mord’sith originally 🙂

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