System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube Review

9 out of 10
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System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Leila_K

I was sent the System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube to test and review for the Pleasure Panel. Thanks so much Cara. I adore flavoured lubes, they make oral sex more pleasurable and so much more yummier! I was really looking forward to testing this one!


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The System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube belongs to a collection of five decadent flavours. The other flavours are Creme Brûlée, Hazelnut Expresso, Sated Caramel and Mint Chocolate. They are packaged in a 30ml bottle priced at £5.95, and a 120ml bottle priced at £14.95.

I was sent the 30ml sized bottle to review. The design of the bottle is sleek, stylish and discreet, giving the product a luxurious feel. The bottle top is hygienically sealed, this is easy to peel off before use. The bottle is travel-friendly and features an easy to use a flip-top cap.


Below I have listed the System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube ingredients.

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Flavor (Aroma), Sucralose, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid

This lube is free from nasties such as parabens and propylene glycol. It is also gluten free and vegan friendly. However, this lube does contains glycerin, this is used as a primary glide ingredient and to provide a slippery texture. The glycerin also contributes to the sweet taste of this lube. System JO claim to use the highest quality plant sourced glycerin. I would recommend being careful with lubes containing this ingredient. If you have sensitive skin, and are prone to getting yeast infections, it would be safer to only use this lube for oral sex, and wash it off after use.

Smell and taste

The System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube has a gorgeous subtle smell. As for the taste, WOW! I was blown away by the flavour. It’s an absolutely delicious sweet flavour with a hint of coffee. System JO have done a fantastic job in recreating the Tiramisu flavour as I think it’s spot on. After tasting it several times I was left with it no unpleasant chemical aftertaste. This lube is so deliciously moreish it was difficult to stop myself from licking it off my hand.


The System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube is a crystal clear lubricant, although the consistency is thin, it spreads well and a little goes a long way. It feels silky smooth to the touch, similar to a silicone lube. I was surprised that this lube looks and feels natural, and it blends well with my own personal lubrication. It glides over the skin with ease, it is non-tacky and doesn’t leave a residue. However,  I after doing a comparison test on my hand with my go-to flavoured water-based lube, I discovered it did dry out slightly quicker. I would recommend saving this delicious lube for oral sex alone, as this were it excels.

Below I have listed the key features from the System JO website:

Key Features

  • New flavored formula
  • pH balanced / pH friendly
  • Zero calorie treat
  • Toy friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting, never sticky or tacky

In use

My OH was the lucky one and got to test this lube out first, performing oral sex on me. He poured some lube easily from the bottle, it felt silky soft and nice and slippery on my intimate area. The lube lasted a long time and blended well with my natural lubrication. My OH reported he loved the flavour and we should definitely buy more.

My turn performing oral on my OH  was a mouthwatering, tasty treat. The thin consistency spreads well and stayed put until I was ready to lick every drop from him. The taste is amazing and the silky consistency made my lips glide easily. This made for one long, very wet, enthusiastic,  blow job and he loved every minute of it. This lube is a perfect consistency for oral sex. The flavour lasts well, and didn’t leave either of us feeling sticky.

We use condoms for sexual  intercourse and I do think lube is essential as it’s makes the sensations more pleasurable. The System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube is safe to use with condoms, it performed fantastically well during intercourse; we only had to stop once to reapply. (That was only because of a bathroom break). It removed any friction, and provided a lovely slippery sensation. It’s a perfect lube for sexual intercourse, it wasn’t sticky at all, and never left a nasty residue. After use, it was easy to clean up using some intimate wipes.


Overall, we both loved the System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube. I can’t recommend the lubricant highly enough! It’s a must-have if you love oral sex and delicious deserts. I will definitely be trying out all the flavours in this range, and purchasing the larger sized bottle of the Tiramisu flavour. I would rate this lube a 9/10 it’s my new favourite lube for oral sex.

– Leila_K

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Leila_K for this review of the System JO Gelato Tiramisu Lube.


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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel.

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