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3 out of 10

Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Lorah13

I was excited to receive the Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser for review. I can’t comment on the packaging as mine being a sample piece didn’t come with any. However bringing it out of the envelope Cara Sutra had so kindly sent it to me in, I was immediately intrigued to see how this little whip/tickler would live up to my expectations. As it turns out I’ve ended up having a love/hate relationship with this toy but let me start by sharing the love.


The Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser is a small toy at only 46cm long (including tickler and whip strands), handle measures at 24cm, and it’s also extremely lightweight. The thin plastic handle is tipped by a soft feather tickler at one end and a small rubber flogger at the other. The flogger end is made up of 6 thin strands of rubber.

First Impressions

I’m no stranger to impact play and whilst my masochism isn’t quite to the level it is in my fantasies I still like a ‘bite’ from impact toys. This little whip did not disappoint in that area. I’ve never used a rubber impact toy before but after trying the Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser I’d certainly be game for trying more.

For such a small lightweight whip it has a fierce bite to it. I couldn’t wait until my husband was there to use it on me so I decided to give my arm a halfhearted whack (I may be slightly masochistic but causing myself pain does not come naturally hence the ‘half-hearted’ whack). I was delighted at the whoosh as it whipped through the air, the sting on impact, the increasing warmth after impact for a few seconds and the really pretty and very straight stripes left on my arm.

Then I immediately felt a bit timorous. If my half-hearted attempt could produce this, what would a proper whipping from my husband be like? It would be another couple of weeks before I would get the chance to find out.

During Use

When the time came for us to use the Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser I eagerly presented it to my husband. I then laid face down on the bed in eager anticipation of what was to come. He started off lightly to get a feel for it but even with these lighter strokes I could feel the heat build up with sting after sting. It was great. The noise as it whipped through the air was such a turn-on, and for me really gets the adrenaline going in anticipation. A few times, I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but he managed to hit me with just the very tips of the whip strands. This hurt a lot more than being struck with the whole length of the strands but still felt really good. Not knowing which type of strike was going to land next was exciting.

Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser Review

Feather Tickler

Another exciting aspect to this is the feather tickler. Every so often between strikes I would be treated to the soft tickler being brushed against my increasingly sore bottom. It was always a welcome break and provided a really nice, different sensation to make the whole play experience a real treat for the nerve endings. Also not knowing when he was going to use the tickler end of the Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser was a real thrill. Once we had finished our play I asked my husband ‘for testing purposes’ to hit me really hard with the whip; he obliged. This provided an intense sting that lasted for a good few minutes.

However, the real purpose of this test -for me- was to see some pretty marks. I was left with some really lovely red, raised stripes. I personally love marks after impact play. For me they’re like a badge of honour and I wear them with pride. Looking at them afterwards brings back all the good memories of how they got there. If marks aren’t your thing then the Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser may not be for you.

The Not So Good

So, I’ve shared the love now I should probably get into why I hate the Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser. Basically, it fell apart. Yep, after just one play session and one hard hit it fell apart. One of the strands came off and flew across the room and feathers came loose on the tickler.

I was so disappointed. Plus, honestly, most people into impact play would probably be hitting as hard as my husband did that one time. If he was more sadistic and Dominant a few more strikes like that would probably be incorporated into our play too. As it stands, my husband doesn’t get off on hurting me and only engages in impact play for my pleasure and I don’t want to push his limits too much.


The Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser had so much potential, having a tickler and whip in one was so handy. I really loved the rubber material of the whip. Had it been better made it would’ve been perfect but as such this toy was not made for those of us who aren’t strangers to impact play. Beginners may get away with using the Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser lightly – but even then I don’t see this toy lasting very long. It’s a shame really because those red, parallel stripes are goals.

I’d give it 3/10.

– Lorah13

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Lorah13 for this review of the Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser (£8.99 from

The Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Bondara. Thank you! 🙂

Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser Review

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Bondara Black Slap And Tickle Teaser Review

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