Honour H30 Vibrating Wand Review

7 out of 10
Plastic, Silicone

Honour H30 Vibrating Wand Review

When approached by Honour to review a new sex toy release, I was intrigued… then when I found out the new toy was a wand vibrator, I was excited! Regular readers of my blog will know just how much of a magic wand vibrator fan I am. The Honour H30 Vibrating Wand has been created and released in celebration of 30 years of trading for Honour.

Honour H30 Vibrating Wand Review

Did the H30 live up to my wand vibe expectations? Let’s start at the beginning…

Packaging & What’s In The Box

The Honour H30 Vibrating Wand arrived in discreet and secure outer packaging, with the wand contained in a magnetic-closure glossy black box inside. Lifting the lid, I was first presented with similarly glossy card with an image of the massager I’d find beneath –the back of this card contains the information and instructions for the massager.

The massager was contained in its own satin drawstring pouch under the instruction card, along with the USB charging lead.

First Impressions & Measurements

I was impressed with how classy the H30 Massager looked, with its majorly black colour, rose gold highlights and a flash of my favourite colour, red, forming the slightly bendy neck area between handle and head. The operation buttons seemed simple enough to figure out; a power button in the centre with the + and – buttons top and bottom. I was pleased with how lightweight the massager was when I picked it up –I just hoped this wouldn’t mean less power and intensity during use.

The total length of the Honour H30 Vibrating Wand is 13 inches, of which the handle makes up 9.5 inches and the head 3 inches. There’s space between the head and the handle, to allow the head to bend slightly for comfort and ease during use. The maximum circumference of the head is 7.25 inches, and the silicone cover is easily removable for thorough cleaning. You could also use various wand attachments on the head of this wand, just check against my measurements that they’ll fit this massager wand.

The Honour H30 Vibrating Wand is what I would call a standard-size magic wand vibrator; not particularly small or large. Similar in size to Doxy, O-Wand, Le Wand, Hitachi and other standard-size magic wands.

Charging Up

The Honour H30 Vibrating Wand is easy to charge up – just use the included USB charging lead in any USB port, and the other end goes into the jackpin port on the base of the toy. LEDs slowly blink blue behind the operation buttons while it’s charging, changing to emit a steady glow once it’s fully charged. Mine took a couple of hours to reach the full charged stage.

During Use

To switch the Honour H30 Vibrating Wand on, you have to press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. This causes the toy to buzz briefly, to let you know it’s powered up. Then you press again to turn on the vibrations properly, and you can + or – to increase or decrease the intensity. Pressing the power button while the vibrations are going will reveal the pulses and patterned settings available from the H30; there are 5 increments of speed and 10 patterns available in all.

As you’ll know, if you’re a regular Cara Sutra review reader, I am not a fan of patterns and pulses so I opt to stick with the constant vibrations when using vibrators.

Something which became immediately apparent on switching on the massager was that this is not a quiet sex toy. I was a little disappointed, because I know it is possible to create a wand vibrator which is both powerful and surprisingly quiet considering that power output. Perhaps the light weight of the H30 leads to more room for the motor noise to reverberate… I’m not sure. In any case, this isn’t a toy I’d feel comfortable using without any covering background noise and with someone in the next room.

The Honour H30 Vibrating Wand can bring me to orgasm, but it’s not a supremely easy ride by any means. Using water-based lubricant (my personal preference when it comes to lube) helps me with this toy, as I can feel the vibrations to a higher intensity than if I don’t use any lube at all.

In comparison to other wand vibrators I own and enjoy, I really have to focus on achieving that climax with the H30 Wand rather than the toy just getting me there regardless. The vibrations are more the high frequency style, lacking the deeper, rumbly, thorough body-pulsing vibrations which, teamed with those top note vibrations, would definitely clear my path to orgasmic bliss.


Honour H30 Vibrating Wand Review

Considering the price, the Honour H30 Vibrating Wand definitely gets a higher than average score, considering my experience of wand vibrators. It is let down by the noise output and lack of rumbly vibrations, as well as not being waterproof.

On the positive side it’s cordless during use, USB rechargeable, made with body-safe materials and comes with a storage bag. I also love the sumptuous dark tones with rose gold accents, which gives the H30 a gift-like appeal.

Where To Buy Your Honour H30 Vibrating Wand

You can buy your Honour H30 Vibrating Wand directly from Honour for the current price of £59.99. Happy birthday Honour, and thanks for sending this celebratory wand vibrator to me, free of charge, in exchange for this fair and honest review!

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