Lovehoney Free Spirit Pink Lace Cut-Out Strappy Body Review

10 out of 10

Lovehoney Free Spirit Pink Lace Cut-Out Strappy Body Review

The Lovehoney Free Spirit lingerie collection is pretty and summery in pink and purple shades. There are three items in the range, both in one size and plus size: a bra set, a babydoll set and the item I’m reviewing here today, the Lovehoney Free Spirit Pink Lace Cut-Out Strappy Body.

Lovehoney Free Spirit Pink Lace Cut-Out Strappy Body Review

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The Free Spirit lingerie collection is attractively priced, as well as designed, and one of the ways Lovehoney have managed to keep the prices low for their customers is to do away with unnecessary fancy packaging. The Lovehoney Free Spirit Pink Lace Cut-Out Strappy Body arrives simply in discreet outer postal packaging, with the body itself contained in a sealed transparent plastic wrap.

Upon removing the body from the packet, I could see there was a little tag attached which provided sizing and fabric care details for the item.

First Impressions

Where’s the rest of it? was honestly my first thought. It looked fairly titchy to me, and I immediately questioned whether this ‘one size’ item would really adequately fit between a UK 8 up to a UK 16, as the product page suggests. The proof would be in the wearing, I guessed. I’m a UK size 10 right now, probably a 12 just on my butt as I have splendidly curvaceous hips (aka a big bum 😉)

I’m not a massive pink fan (unless we’re talking about the singer), but teamed with purple the overall effect is really appealing. There’s something bold and feminine about the purple trim with the fuchsia pink lace body sections. I was hoping that the lace front panel would disguise my stretch marks while the side cut-out sections would highlight the curve of my waistline. The halter ties to the neck and adjustable bra band led me to believe this area would fit comfortably too.

Size & Care Details

As mentioned above, the Lovehoney Free Spirit Pink Lace Cut-Out Strappy Body is stated to be one size, and the Lovehoney product page suggests this would fit between a UK size 8-16.

Remembering times when I was over a size 12 (I’ve been a UK size 12, 14 and 16 previously, as well as a size 8), I personally probably wouldn’t have chosen to wear this item then. For one thing, I think my boobs would have been too big for the cups area. I’m 5’7 as well so I think at a larger size the length of the body wouldn’t have fit me as well as it does now with a smaller waist and bustline.

The care label attached inside the garment instructs that it needs to be hand washed in cold, then to hang to dry. The majority of the body is made from 90% polyamide and 10% elastane, while the gusset is made from 100% cotton.


Yes, you read that correctly above – the Free Spirit Body has a gusset! Something I regularly bemoaned about the majority of lingerie in ‘sex shops’ was the lack of gussets in otherwise attractive and sexy outfits. Not everyone likes crotchless knickers or lingerie. It was brilliant to hear about some new styles from Lovehoney which has us gusset-loving girls covered. I’ll stop saying ‘gusset’ now… sorry.

With the straps, cross-over back, lace cups and halter-neck ties you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s difficult to work out how to put this thing on. On the contrary, it was surprisingly easy. Step through the legs, pull up to adjust that area comfortably, then pull the rest up to cover boobs and tie the halter ribbons at the back of my neck. Easy. There’s even a slider on the comfortable and wide back elastic strap so you can adjust to your exact bustline measurement. Combined with the halter ties, this is a clever way of sidestepping the usual issue of exact bra/cup sizes in sexy lingerie which I realise would raise manufacturing costs and probably present stocking issues.

How It Feels/Looks

The Free Spirit Body feels so comfortable to wear. I love it when I discover lingerie or fetishwear like this; extremely sexy to look at, flattering, confidence-boosting –but also, comfortable! That last facet is often dropped in order to fulfil the former requirements. Sometimes, though, you really can have it all.

With the halter-neck ties tied as I wish, the back strap adjusted to my personal size, the lace cups attractively covering and presenting my breasts and feeling satisfied that my vulva was completely covered until I decided otherwise, the Free Spirit Body caused me to actually exclaim aloud, “well, they’ve nailed it this time!”

Thanks, Lovehoney!

The cross over strap detail above my bum is so pretty, and is an echo of the slim straps framing my cleavage at the front, too. I feel extremely confident wearing it, both because of how comfortable I am wearing and moving around in it, as well as how pretty and seductive the outfit is. So much so, that I was inspired to film a saucy little video clip slow-dancing in it –which you can find on my Instagram @carasutra (I know… shameless).

I think the Free Spirit Body looks hot and sexy… what do you think?  😉


If you’ve been looking for sensually evocative lingerie which won’t chafe your intimate zones or your bank balance, you’ve found it. The Lovehoney Free Spirit Pink Lace Cut-Out Strappy Body is a welcome and surprisingly brilliant addition to my lingerie collection (& my partner agrees!).

The lace colour is a cross between purple and pink –stated to be pink on the product page but it’s more of a dusky rose or fuchsia as I mentioned earlier. I find the colour and design extremely tasteful and the overall feel is elegant, yet coquettishly seductive.

There’s also a plus size version if you’re blessed with more curves. The Free Spirit lingerie collection also offers a separate bra set as well as a babydoll if those are more your style.

At £19.99 the Free Spirit Body is remarkably good value.

Where To Buy Your Lovehoney Free Spirit Pink Lace Cut-Out Strappy Body

Lovehoney Free Spirit Pink Lace Cut-Out Strappy Body Review

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Thanks so much Lovehoney for sending me this Lovehoney Free Spirit Pink Lace Cut-Out Strappy Body free of charge, in exchange for my fair & honest review.



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