Nexus RevO 2 Prostate Massager Review

Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager Review | Pleasure Panel

Materials: Silicone

By Giles English:
For a chastity fetishist like me, there’s something darkly enticing about a hands-free, penis-free orgasm. It’s an added bonus – as the Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager just taught me – that there’s also something deeply sensual about it.

BDSM: When Communication Stops After Consent

By Giles English:
In the ideal kinky world, everybody talks before and after doing power exchange: “Communicate, communicate, communicate.”
It’s the standard expectation in the BDSM community, where refusing to talk about kink is a red flag.
And yes, communicating about kink feels like a no-brainer. How else will you both make sure that everything is safe and consensual?

Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane – Pleasure Panel Review


By Giles English:
I’ve been doing Femdom for something like three decades. I’ve been hit with all sorts of implements ranging from homemade scourges, through riding and dressage whips, to a gloriously crafted flogger from the legendary Fred Norman.

Custom Chastity Ghost Chastity Cage – Pleasure Panel Review

Materials: Nylon

By Giles English:
I’m sitting here typing this with a surgical nylon Custom Chastity Ghost Chastity Cage locked around my man-parts. It’s been there continuously for 10 days. I’ve worn it more or less every night for months. I haven’t had an orgasm for 4 weeks and have no prospect of one for at least another 2 weeks.
And it feels… great.

What is a Female Led Relationship really like?

By Giles English
I’m typing this wearing a male chastity device and I don’t get an orgasm until Monday. We haven’t had penetrative sex for a couple of years, but I do get regular beatings depending on how many demerits I’ve clocked up. Oh and Xena once made me go for 152 days without an orgasm…
And Xena’s in charge.