UberKinky Four Tail Flogger – Pleasure Panel Review

10 out of 10

UberKinky Four Tail Flogger Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Giles English

UberKinky Four Tail Flogger – Short Review: The overwhelming and deliciously scary sensation of being really beaten.

Long Review:

To be honest, I bought this by accident! I was ordering better punishment implements, filled the cart with contenders then deleted the wrong one before ordering.

I was not, however, disappointed by what arrived. Here it is next to a traditional riding whip for scale:

UberKinky Four Tail Flogger Review

The UberKinky Four Tail Flogger is a solidly built flogger with a good woven grip and four fairly heavy falls – the tails. As far as I can tell, the leather is real leather, though of the shiny-skinned kind that makes it feel a little harsh to the touch.

My god, though, it makes a good visual impression… Xena in black stockings with this whip trailing from her hand… it was like being transported into my fantasy world. And she liked the heft and the grip and she used it with great gusto…



So what does it feel like?

The UberKinky Four Tail Flogger doesn’t sting like a cane. It’s more thuddy…. which is not what you’d expect from those stringy tails. However, together, they are quite heavy and when they land, they don’t rebound so all the punch goes into the victim.

It feels like a Biblical-grade hailstorm all arriving at once.

UberKinky Four Tail Flogger ReviewHow much does it hurt?


Last night, Xena really laid into me, 45 lashes arriving in two batches.

Whenever she struck, it made me whimper and lurch away (futilely, given I was chained up). As she approached to deliver the second batch, I actually felt afraid enough to begin to shake. That’s a delicious loss of control.

Not so much if the wielder is lazy.

The UberKinky Four Tail Flogger needs a good swing to build up momentum. Otherwise the tails land sluggishly and you get a pleasantly sensual sensation that however doesn’t trigger any kind of flinch.

So painwise it’s either/or.

The after effect, by the way, was amazing. My skin glowed and itched, as if I’d had a really good back scratch. 24 hours later, there aren’t any marks, but there’s a tightness on my back to remind me of what happened.

Xena reports that the UberKinky Four Tail Flogger is easy to use: it has a comfortable grip, a nice swing, and moulds to the target so there’s no fiddle with laying it flat.

Overall then, we both “like” the UberKinky Four Tail Flogger. It looks good, hurts like hell without leaving marks, handles easily. Xena can enjoy being sadistic without getting a sore arm. I can be afraid without worrying about being damaged.

RATING 10/10

– Giles English

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Giles English for this contributed review of the UberKinky Four Tail Flogger (£29.99 from UberKinky)

Shop for BDSM Floggers at trusted fetish gear retailer, UberKinky. 🙂

UberKinky Four Tail Flogger Review

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UberKinky Four Tail Flogger Review

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