YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented Review

10 out of 10

YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented Review

By Just Jess

I was intrigued to see an intimate wash offered for review as part of the Cara Sutra team, as a cleanser is not something I associate with the adult products I normally see here. However, I had heard of YES lubricants and was impressed by their ethics and commitment to organic products. Thank you to Cara for giving me the opportunity to review YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented.


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Intimate Cleansing

As a girl who suffers recurrent UTI’s and occasional thrush I’m passionate about the products I use on my foof (I know it’s a vulva but it just feels too clinical for me). I have a strict list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to lube but I must admit when it comes to intimate wash I normally grab a bottle of Femfresh in Boots and don’t give it much more thought.

YES take the pH balanced, none scented idea behind intimate cleansers leaps and bounds further than any intimate wash I’ve come across previously.

Product Background

YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented Review

YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented boasts:

  • 84.9% organic plant extracts – calendula and aloe vera
  • Hypoallergenic
  • pH matched
  • Unfragranced, although they do have a rose scented version.

YES use no parabens, glycerine, propylene glycol in any of their products including the Yes Cleanse intimate wash.


The YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented packaging simple and clean as well as recyclable. The white pump action bottle with blue, green and pink text looks perfectly inconspicuous in my shower with my other cleansers and shampoo etc.

YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented Review


The marketing for the YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented isn’t quite to my taste – “Created with loving care to nourish precious humans and cherish our environment”. I understand what Yes are trying to achieve and it’s a lovely sentiment but this statement is just so corny.


The pump action bottle of YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented dispenses a perfect amount to clean your vulva and bum. YES claim a 150ml bottle should last 200+ washes, I’m nowhere near that after a few weeks use but the bottle still seems full so I can’t see myself needing to replace it any time soon. At £7 a bottle it isn’t as cheap as the brands you can pick up in the supermarket but 200 washes could last up to 6 months so it’s really affordable.

YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented Review

In Conclusion

I’ve had no adverse reactions to the YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented and always feel fresh after every use. I love that there’s no perfumes to mask my natural scent or irritate my delicate bits.

YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser won the award for the Best Organic Beauty Product at the Natural and Organic Awards 2016 and it’s easy to see why. I’ll definitely be using it again and can’t wait to try out YES Lubes too.


– Just Jess

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Thanks to our reviewer Just Jess for this review of the YES Cleanse Organic Cleanser Unscented.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team. The review contains affiliate links. 

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