UberKinky Stainless Steel Anal Hook Review

10 out of 10

UberKinky Stainless Steel Anal Hook Review

I had been after an anal hook for some time and I was lucky enough to recently receive the UberKinky Stainless Steel Anal Hook free of charge, in exchange for my review here on the blog. BDSM gear shop UberKinky is somewhat different to the usual sex toy websites and fetish equipment shops, they sell a much wider range than normal, different brands and more extreme BDSM equipment. I love it.

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BDSM anal hooks conjure up all sorts of erotic thoughts and fantasies. They are smooth, solid metal hook shapes but instead of a sharp pointed end there is a smooth metal sphere. This is placed and pushed into the anal area and the rest of the hook slides up, curling around the bottom. At the top of the hook is a ring to which bondage and suspension rope can be attached, to use the anal hook in conjunction with a St Andrew’s cross, a bondage suspension frame or just a very strong beam in your home, if you’re lucky enough to have somewhere suitable.

Packaging & First Impressions

UberKinky are a very professional and trustworthy company and the delivery was fast. The UberKinky Stainless Steel Anal Hook was wrapped within very discreet packaging, carefully packed in a box – so no-one would have been able to tell what it was from the outside. It comes merely in a polythene zip-top bag, which is reusable and cuts down on any excess waste. Eco friendly kink!

This metal anal hook is quite large, in length and overall size. This is a plus point, it is very safe and effective to use.


Total length: 21 inches
Length from top of the ring to the curve: 15 inches
Steel width: 0.8cm
Ball max width: 1.1 inches
Ball max circumference: 3.75 inches
Top ring max diameter: 2 inches

During Use

Well unfortunately I don’t have a St Andrew’s Cross (yet, but if you’d like to buy me one, feel free). To be honest I’ve just really wanted to add an anal hook to my Kink-ventory. However, I have been able to combine it with the Bed Bindings Bondage Restraint Kit I reviewed for UberKinky some time back.

I laid on my back on the bed, with the UberKinky Stainless Steel Anal Hook inside. The spherical shape means it is different to insert than a usual tapered tip butt plug or anal dildo, so some lube was required. As it’s made of steel you can choose any sort of sex lubricant you’d like, silicone lube or water based lubricant but water based is my preference. It’s washable and was to hand. Anyway, It slid up deep inside and felt amazing just by itself. The cold steel within makes for thrilling spine tingles and just feels so erotic, so different and kinky.

With Bondage Restraints

Ankles were placed into the restraints at the bottom of the bed, legs spread. Rope was fed through the ring at the top of the UberKinky Stainless Steel Anal Hook underneath me (lots of twisting around) and pulled taut, and around the metal bed frame at the top of the bed. Wrists placed into the wrist cuffs at the top of the bed. I could feel the metal laying along my back which wasn’t all that comfortable, but then it isn’t meant to be very comfortable.

The metal sphere pushing deep against my insides was rubbing me up the right way and having sex in that position was so mind blowing I am going to have to write about it separately.

Future Plans

In the future I would like to have a St Andrew’s Cross or a suspension frame set up somewhere to which we could enjoy having rope sessions combined with the UberKinky Stainless Steel Anal Hook. I think I am going to need another one for a female lover, then my man can dictate the torture/pleasure session while we are both straining barely able to touch the floor on tiptoe, back to back, with the anal hooks in.

Perhaps our new clit hood piercings chained together between our legs, and nipples chained to each other, a chain from one of my nipples to hers, on either side. Or some nipple clamps. Rope harness to incorporate a wireless magic wand vibrator blasting on full for each of us, the one who orgasms the most loses. Anyway I seem to have gone off on a bit of a tangent; I do apologise.

Cleaning, Maintenance & Storage

UberKinky Stainless Steel Anal Hook ReviewAs the UberKinky Stainless Steel Anal Hook is made from polished steel it is very easy to clean. The ball on the end unscrews so that you can wash each part very thoroughly. If you wish you could even sterilise the anal hook or put it through the dishwasher, although I am content to use my anti bacterial sex toy cleaner spray on it after cleaning with hot soapy water.

As the ball unscrews you could in time attach different size balls if they are available.

You can store this metal anal hook with the rest of your toys, it’s quite weighty obviously being metal but it sits nicely in a drawer or under the bed. The integral ring means you could hang it on an implements rack if you had one and wanted to display it proudly!

The UberKinky Stainless Steel Anal Hook is strong, shiny, effective and so very kinky. I love it. I am really pleased that I finally own one and I have so many plans for it for the future.

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