Lovehoney Oh! Attract Women Pheromone Scent Rollerball Review

7 out of 10

Lovehoney Oh! Attract Women Pheromone Scent Rollerball Review

I bought this Lovehoney Oh! Attract Women Pheromone Scent Rollerball and the Lovehoney Oh! Attract Men Pheromone Scent Rollerball while they were part of a multi-buy offer at Lovehoney recently. It was nice to opt for something ‘not a sex toy’, and I love trying different scents -and attracting both men and women! So these pheromone scent rollerballs seemed ideal. I was looking forward to discovering what they smelled like and if they had any effect on me, my partner or anyone else in the vicinity…

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A little bit of gender stereotyping going on with the box colours for these pheromone-infused scents. If heterosexual people buy them then I guess women would buy the pink box to ‘attract men’ and men buy the blue box to ‘attract women’. We’re not all hetero though – I’m bisexual so I bought both, for example.

Anyway, as the saying goes: it’s what’s inside that counts. The vibrant boxes give you a little more information about the pheromone scent before you open it up – the ingredients of the formulation.

In the box, you’ll find the 5ml screw cap little plastic bottle which is the Lovehoney Oh! Attract Women Pheromone Scent Rollerball. The bottle is labelled with whether it’s the ‘attract men’ or ‘attract women’ type, which is handy once you’ve thrown the box away and you might be wondering what on earth that little bottle contains, after a while. I have both types so I find the labelling particularly handy.


The box describes this Lovehoney Oh! Attract Women Pheromone Scent Rollerball as: “an alluring blend of patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, citrus and spicy notes”.

The ingredients are: Caprylic/capric triglyceride, parfum (fragrance), tocopherol, benzyl salicylate, cinnamyl alcohol, citral, hexyl cinnamal, limonene, linalool, alpha-isomethyl ionine.

I was surprised by how many more ingredients there are in this one than in the ‘attract women’ version.

During Use

Like with the ‘attract men’ version, I was very taken with the cute appeal of the Lovehoney Oh! Attract Women Pheromone Scent Rollerball. The little plastic bottle with rollerball and twist-off cap top is the perfect size to keep in a bag, glovebox, drawer… and the name on the bottle itself means you can recycle the packaging and still know what it is you’re applying.

Excited to see what the scent was really like, I applied it to my pulse points as recommended on the box. I could smell the patchouli and cedar straight away, then the light crisper citrus notes came through. It’s not an overpowering patchouli smell (I didn’t smell like ‘goth shop’!) but there’s an exotic musk which I must say I preferred to the ‘attract men’ version.

Perhaps the pheromones meant I was just scientifically bound to find this one more attractive?

I also find that this ‘attract women’ version lasts longer. The scent remains in my senses for longer, and doesn’t seem to fade as quickly as the ‘attract men’ one on my skin. It has the light glide feel when applied that the ‘attract men’ version did, but as I mentioned in that review it’s not sticky, tacky or overly greasy. It feels beneficial to my skin rather than itchy or annoying.

Soon after purchase, thanks to COVID-19 I was blocked from seeing whether it had any effect on other women than myself… social distancing and quarantine doesn’t lend itself well to testing out the effectiveness of pheromone products! I absolutely love the scent, however, and it makes me feel sexier, more confident and more ‘in the mood’ when I’m wearing it. So I’d say that’s a great indication.


As a spicy addition to your scent collection, and a libido/mood/confidence booster, I’d say the Lovehoney Oh! Attract Women Pheromone Scent Rollerball is definitely worth the price tag. I’d certainly recommend adding this travel-friendly, exotic scent to your basket the next time you visit the Lovehoney sex shop.

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