Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review

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Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review

Discover the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Sex Toy

I’ve been simply buzzing about writing this sex toy review, and not just because a Hot Octopuss Queen Bee review is bound to be a hive of puns. So, what’s the score? Is this sex toy as sweet as honey? Was it a real bedroom beauty in the eyes of the Bee-holder? Will I continue to wax lyrical or will there be a sting in the tail?

I told you. Pure nectar.

Ok, ok. I think I’m about done. Before the puns make you buzz off once and for all, here’s the low-down.

Once upon a time…

I was very lucky to be part of a brainstorming session hosted by Hot Octopuss a couple of years ago. This gathering was held with the aim of designing some kind of vaginal/clitoral/vulval sex toy which would be innovative, alluring and effective.

After the meet, the other intimate pleasure/sex toy experts and I left our ideas and suggestions in the capable hands of the Hot Octopuss team. They’ve won plenty of industry awards and customer acclaim for their penis stimulation toys; how would a vaginal/vulval stimulation toy be received? Would it be effective?

What exactly… is it?

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review | Queen Bee Sex Toy ReviewsCut to 2017. And the final design? Well, the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee kinda resembles a bristle-free hair brush… No, stay with me. There’s a handle which has the operation buttons, and the rounded area for clitoral/vulval/anywhere you want it stimulation.

Via an oscillating plate.

Yep, Hot Octopuss have put their oscillating PulsePlate technology (which I envied him enjoying via the Pulse products) into a vulva/clit stim toy.

Pretty box

The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee arrived packed safely with discreet outer wrap, and the product box is beautifully designed.

So shiny!

What’s in the box?

As much as I wanted to rip the box open, I somehow managed to restrain myself so I could take a few tear-free unboxing pics. What do you get in the box? Well…

  • The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee (duh)
  • Instruction booklet (ooh)
  • A magnetic, USB charging lead (mmm)
  • Storage pouch (yay)

My first thoughts

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review | Queen Bee Sex Toy ReviewsHaving seen only a couple of pics online of the finished product, I’d somehow made my mind up that it was going to be a pretty weighty device. Not so at all. In fact the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee really surprised me with how light it is. Lightweight doesn’t necessarily = low quality, because hey, this is 2017. Take into account the fact that a light weight is extremely relevant during the use of this product, and I see it as a definite plus.

The operation buttons on the back of the handle seemed easy enough to figure, as did the charging area. The different feel to the two sides of the Queen Bee fascinated me; the side with the oscillating plate feels smooth while the other side is textured.

The Hot Octopuss logo subtly adorns the front of the handle; very classy. The material covering the product feels quite draggy; it doesn’t feel like silicone or simple plastic, it’s got epic drag.

And…. chaaaaaaarge!

Charging the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is nice and simple.

Simply connect the included magnetic lead to the dual metallic strip area designed for it on the back of the handle, then the other end into any USB port. You could charge it via a laptop or PC USB port – but I like to charge my sex toys by the bed, so I use a USB to mains adaptor plug.

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review | Queen Bee Sex Toy Reviews

There’s a handy LED on the lead which is red when you first connect the lead, then changes to green once the Queen Bee is fully charged. It charges fully in 4 hours.

Measurements ‘n shiz

Length: 9 inches.
Head diameter: 2.5 inches.
Head circumference: 7 inches.

Material: ABS Plastic and TPR

Waterproof? Yes!

Settings: 6 – constant, pulse, faster pulse, fastest pulse, dot-dot-dot-dash pulse, heartbeat pulse


As usual when I test external sex toys, my first time was lubeless. I want to get a feel of the vibrations – well, oscillation in this case – before potentially dulling it or having a different experience.

My first time was a good time. Wow. Using the pulse plate clitorally felt completely different to how I’d imagined, not that I could clearly imagine how it would feel. I’ve felt the Doxy jackhammer vibrations, I’ve felt the Satisfyer/Womanizer clit suction/air vacuum stim. I’ve never orgasmed from intense tapping before, yet that’s what happened.


Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review | Queen Bee Sex Toy Reviews

Yeah, tapping feels really good. Not that I’d climax from a lover idly drumming their fingers on my clit, don’t get me wrong. But the extremely fast motion created by the internal piston working the pulse plate, so it moves up and down at incredible speeds… yes, that works. For me, anyway.

And strangely, also for an ex. I had the shocking realisation after using the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee for the first time, that an ex-lover orgasmed from fast, not-too-heavy spanks directly on her clit. Comment if you want to read the full story sometime…

Is it really that good?

For me? Yes. But, only on the highest, constant speed. I’m pretty boring like that; it’s the same with this as for the majority of my trad vibes. I don’t do patterns, and I go for the extreme.

Also, the back of the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee, the textured area, the side without the PulsePlate, is described as being good for a gentler massage. However, I think this is simply a side effect of the internal mechanisms – something which has been mentioned simply as an additional benefit for marketing. That side does nothing for me I’m afraid – even with lube, even just as a ‘warm up’, even if I use it elsewhere (nipples, bottom, navel etc).

Re lube: I didn’t get on with using lube with the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee, it was an unnecessary addition for me. I like the simple, intense oscillation of the plate over my clit without any barrier or slide involved.

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Video

Washing off the honey

An enormous plus for the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is that it’s waterproof. Hear the buzz of the wanking world increase to a joyful, harmonious crescendo.

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review | Queen Bee Sex Toy Reviews

Not only can the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee be used wherever (er, in terms of bed/bath/shower, not bedroom/supermarket/playground), it’s also worry-free to clean after use. I was slightly worried about the space between the PulsePlate and the rest of the product, but here’s where I can see the appeal of the TPR coating.

This stretchy material allows the PulsePlate freedom to move according to the internal piston firing, and at the speeds the user dictates, while not allowing water to enter the inner areas. That’s as far as I can make out, in any case. I didn’t build the thing, I’m just enjoying it.

Same with the choice of magnetic connector charging rather than a jackpin or other toy penetrating type of lead.

Would I recommend the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee?

That’s a tough one. Based on my experience, and my preferences, yes. There’s also a funky storage bag which can easily fit both the Queen Bee and the charging lead.

But there are some elements other people might not get on with. So to make you aware:

It’s noisy. Not so much on the lower power levels, but when I get towards my sweet frequency it’s like the whole world is going to know about it. My god that’s loud.

Although this hasn’t been designed as an internal use product, the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is still made with TPR, albeit over a plastic housing. Some people really dislike any TPR products because it’s a porous material. I must say that I’m worried about digging my nails in too deeply in case I rupture the material in some way.

The non-plate side didn’t do much for me, and unless you’re a fan of extremely gentle stimulation then it might not do much for you, either.

The intense tapping sensation does take a little open-mindedness to get used to – just because I came round to it quickly doesn’t mean everyone will. It’s a similar situation as the Sybian, although they’re entirely different products; some people will immediately love it, others may need a little time to learn to love it.

It’s also not the cheapest sex toy if you just want to check out if you like this type of stim or not – it retails at £119.99.

In Summary

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review | Queen Bee Sex Toy ReviewsThe Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is a truly different sex toy, and we don’t see many of those about. There are plenty of ‘innovative’, ‘unique’, ‘revolutionary’ sex toys out there – another one thought up every week, most probably – but the Queen Bee manages what they generally don’t. The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is fascinating from first glance, alluring with its unusual design, and is actually effective during use.

That said, when a product manufacturer strikes out with something so different to the norm, they risk the ‘Marmite effect’. It’s difficult not to predict the same happening with the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee, as much as I’d be delighted if everyone loves it as much as I do. The style of stimulation isn’t simple vibration, which many will have felt in other products, and enjoyment of it might need to be learned.

One great thing about the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee, and Hot Octopuss in general, is that it’s not about appealing to one type of person. A specific gender, a specific area of anatomy, a person with a certain relationship status or sex-addition need. By putting the PulsePlate technology that was so popular in the penis stim Pulse toys into the end of a lightweight, easy to wield, handled toy, Hot Octopuss haven’t simply created a vulval/clit stim toy. They’ve made a product which is genuinely free from gender, relationship or anatomical bias.

Buy yours

Fancy seeing what the buzz is all about? Reach for your money, honey! You can buy your Hot Octopuss Queen Bee from for £119.99.

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Many thanks to Hot Octopuss for sending the Queen Bee to me for this fair and honest review.


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