Chastity Release – Her Icy Response

By Cara Sutra for Fetish Friday

I watched him washing the dishes from where I stood in the doorway. With his back to me he looked every inch the perfect, devoted partner. He cut a beautiful figure, too. Broad shoulders under his loose fitting shirt tapered to a narrow waist, a testament to his daily workouts, and I knew his pert little butt would be framed perfectly in tight jocks under those light blue jeans.


Stepping into the kitchen I could feel the cool tiles underneath my feet, the only barrier between floor and sole being the sheer stockings I wore under the office suit that day. Softly I padded up behind him and I could tell he now sensed my presence but didn’t look around yet – he waited to see what I’d do. I couldn’t wait any longer. I reached underneath his shirt which hung loosely outside his jeans, and let my fingertips roam softly over his muscular, chiselled frame. He started at my touch, even though he had known it was coming, but didn’t say anything yet. I could feel the muscle definition either side of his spine up to his shoulders, and moving my hands around to his tummy I inwardly delighted at each hard-earned ab over his tummy.

My proximity to his waistline was distracting him, no doubt about that. It had been a while since I’d given him such tactile attention.

“I want to see it. Show it to me.”

“Yes Mistress.”


He turned around, hands still wet and soapy from the washing up bowl, careful not to get me wet. No getting me wet without my permission. Of course he made me wet without my permission on a regular basis, but he wasn’t aware of it at the time – not until his punishment for it was in full flight. He wiped his hands off on his jeans and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his fly and pulled down those tight jocks enough to reveal what I couldn’t wait to see. Concealed beneath his clothes all day as he kept house for me, his office executive partner, was the shiny metal chastity cage I’d locked him into just a couple of weeks into our now 8-year long relationship.

I smiled up at him in genuine delight but his eyes were turned downward to the floor. I knew he still struggled with the humiliation of being locked into a chastity device for me, despite the fact that it was also the hottest thing he’d ever known. Giving me complete control over his orgasms, his sex life, made him want to wank more furiously than ever – except he couldn’t, obviously. One of the keys to the device was permanently on a long chain around my neck and buried between my breasts all day. I only freed him when I felt like it, and even then he’d have to beg pretty damn hard first. The begging for release made the cage feel tighter than ever as his cock strained to get an ironic chastity-related erection. It all amused me so much – and turned me on enormously.

Tilting his chin up so I could look into his embarrassed face properly, I relished the fight between humiliation, hate and the most intense arousal in his eyes. My other hand reached down and felt the weight of his chastity locked cock in my hands. He jumped as my cool hands came into contact with his hot straining balls under the metal device.

ruffled sheets locked in chastity her icy response-3“Have you been a good boy today? Given up searching for the other key yet?”

Every padlock comes with two keys, and only one was around my neck. Teasing him about the whereabouts of the other was my favourite game at the moment. Not that he’d ever be allowed to unlock without permission, obviously. Even signs he’d been looking for the key instead of getting on with his chores was reason to give him a lengthy punishment at the end of the cane.

“I… Yes, Mistress.”

Despite his predicament with his balls in my manicured grasp, he wanted to say no – I was sure of it. He’d never give up fantasising about unlocking himself, finding the key somewhere while I was at work and being able to take hold of his own surging erect cock and pumping it frenziedly until he ejaculated the thick streams of hot cum which had built in his overfull balls since the last time I’d milked him to empty them safely. It would be the most unsatisfying act he’d ever do, as it would be against his deeply ingrained chastity fetish and it would upset me greatly, but fantasising about being able to freely wank while locked up is all part of the fun.

“Good. Finally. That means it’s time to show you where I’ve hidden it.”

His metal bound cock actually leaped that time, his balls yanked upwards as his cock desperately but futilely attempted to reach something resembling an erection. I couldn’t help it. I laughed.

My laughter successfully quenching his momentary bid for cock freedom with a heavy dose of humiliation, I continued as I enjoyed every increasing increment of fear building in his eyes.

“You’re going to have to work for your temporary freedom though. If you do a good enough job I might even let you cum.”

ruffled sheets locked in chastity her icy response-2The desperation for release won out over the fear, I could tell by the slightly crazed look on his face brought on by an extra-long term locked into the cage. He’d do anything to get out of it now. He’d probably agree to not even cum, just as long as he could feel cool air against his cock instead of being trapped in the unrelenting metal.

I continued sharply as a swift reminder of his position.

“What do you say?!”

“Thank you, Mistress. Sorry… I… thank you.”

Good. He’d learned not to argue, not to challenge, not to question. Obey, agree, be useful. Serve.

“That’s better. Remove your jeans and pants and then look in the freezer.”

A slightly quizzical look at that but he managed to scramble a semblance of submissive agreement and trust back on to his face before I changed my mind about his release as a punishment. We were going to stay here? In the kitchen? And why the freezer?

I must admit to feeling pretty damn smug about my secondary key hiding place. It was perfect… right at the back of the freezer behind the ice container was a small space. Enough for a couple of very special ice cubes. My lover and I had made them on one of his weekend visits.

ruffled sheets locked in chastity her icy response-1Trousers and pants were neatly folded up on the side and I followed as he made his way to the freezer, no doubt bursting with curiosity about what was going to happen next. I motioned to him where to look and let him take out the very special ice cube, in the centre of which the padlock key could only just be made out with a glint here and there.

“You think I made that with water, don’t you, my trusting little slut?”

His face paled a little as I shut the freezer door behind him, the ice cube on the palm of his hand. I took it from him.

“Oh, no. That would be far too easy.”

I took the ice cube from him and continued.

“This is a very special ice cube indeed. In order to get to the key and earn your release, you’re going to suck on a frozen cube of my lover’s cum. And you’re going to enjoy every last drop as you work for it, because it will make me very, very happy…”

The colour completely drained from his face then. I felt my knickers get incredibly damp. There’d be time enough to punish for that later, but for now I ignored my aching cunt and focused on his beautiful distaste. I pushed him down to his knees in front of me, him just wearing his shirt and the -for now- still locked chastity cage. I was really going to enjoy this.


chastity unlocking her icy response fetish friday cara sutra

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Please note that the above story is a fantasy – before re-enacting in reality please ensure all parties have suitable and thorough sexual health checks

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  1. Cara, what a deliciously, deviously cruel and hot idea! Damn. I’m inventive and kinky and contantly imagining new scenarios, but I wish I’d come up with this one. I love it both as a writer of kink and as a switch who happens to be in the mood for clever femdom. In my mind, the scene continues with the debate raging inside your man’s head between eating a man’s cum to earn his own ejaculation, and the suffering frustration of having to store his jizz in his balls for days, weeks or months longer after his hopes were raised. Wow, my cock is leaking.

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