Chastity Release – Unlocking & Orgasm

Chastity Release – Unlocking & Orgasm

By Cara Sutra for Fetish Friday

Note: This is the second part of a chastity story for Fetish Friday – find the first part here


He looked up at me from where he knelt on the kitchen floor, a solitary tear running down his defeated face. That just caused my cunt to become wetter in beautifully cruel empathy. Finally, he’d completed the distasteful task. His expert tongue protruded, but not out of rudeness or as a plea for pussy. On the tip was a small, very shiny key.

Reaching down, I wiped the tear from his face with my thumb. I knew the contrast of this gentle touch to my cruel demands would keep him in a state of uncertainty. Plucking the key from where he offered it on his tongue, I smiled in genuine pleasure.

“Good boy. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. My lover tastes good, right?”

His eyes flickered downwards in a mix of humiliation and disgust at what he’d just done, before remembering his place and looking up to reply.

“Yes, Mistress.”

I laughed. I do love to hear my slave being forced to calmly reply the exact opposite of what his mind is screaming.

“Well he tastes even better hot, fresh and straight from the source. Of course there’s time enough for you to learn that for yourself.”

It took all the self-control he could muster to stop a vocal indignant, shocked rejection of that idea. It burned in his eyes but he managed to stop it reaching his mouth. As it was, the sound which escaped him sounded rather like a hastily strangled cat.

I laughed again. Tormenting him was such fun, but now the time had come to stop the teasing and get on with using that hard-earned key. I tucked the key into my bra for temporary safekeeping and continued.

“I promised you’d be unlocked today and I keep my promises. Follow me. And don’t you dare think about getting off your hands and knees.”

Leaving the kitchen and leading the way I knew my lust-crazed submissive boy wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off my stocking-covered legs and the shape of my arse underneath my office skirt. He was absolutely hooked now, his imprisoned cock and full aching balls driving his every action. The addictive sense of power and total control over him flooded my mind -and knickers- as I made him climb the stairs behind me to our bedroom.

Inside the room I reached the bed, turned around and looked down at him at my feet. He radiated sheer desperation. I could almost taste it.

“Good boy. Now stand up for me.”

He stood, somewhat shakily. I knew that the metal cage would be at its tightest and most painful since I locked it on him a very long time ago. Before me now stood a completely humiliated, very broken man. Perfect.

“Usually I’d make you strip for me, but I’m going to be extremely kind today and help you out. Aren’t I a kind Mistress to you?”

“Yes Mistress,” he mumbled. He fought back more tears, I could tell. My clit screamed for attention. I ignored it for now.

Moving closer to him, I reached for his shirt and started unbuttoning. My fingers brushed his rock-hard pecs once or twice, and his tummy, and when they did he’d jump like he’d been scalded. Standing on tip-toes, I kissed his forehead and giggled.

“This is the fun part. Do try to enjoy it.”

I let his shirt drop to the floor and undid his jeans. His hands were clenched into fists at his sides, the only way he could retain control with my close proximity and the urgent need throbbing inside that locked metal cage. I helped him out of his jeans and socks together, leaving him stood in his underwear. They beautifully covered yet framed not only his perfectly pert derriere but also the chastity device with which he had such an intense love-hate relationship.

“That will do for now, slave. Get on the bed.”

He complied and I joined him, remaining fully dressed myself. Pulling his underwear down to his mid-thighs to reveal the chastity cage, I retrieved the key from my bra and unlocked the small padlock. His breathing was now erratic and I could almost hear his heart thumping in his chest.

The challenge to not reach down and rip the chastity cage from his denied cock himself must have been almost overwhelming. At the same time, he didn’t want to risk fucking up and losing a rare chance to cum. Padlock and key in hand, I gently removed the metal device from him, freeing cock and balls in one fluid movement.

His large and straining erection was majestic and immediate. Not even my involuntary laughter could quell that monster. His back arched a little at feeling the room’s cool air on his sensitive and needy penis, as if freedom alone was enough to stimulate him to climax.

“Fucking the air, slave? God… you’re really fucking desperate this time aren’t you!”

“Yes, Mistress. Please… I…”

He didn’t know exactly how to finish that sentence. Instead, he wisely chose to clamp his lips shut so he couldn’t ruin his chance. I knew the fact I’d left his underwear on and simply pulled half-down his legs would add to his sense of exposure and vulnerability.

“Shhh… do try to relax. You know this won’t happen again for a long time. Make the most of it.”

Shuffling in so the front of my body was flush against his side, I hitched my skirt up so I could bring my leg up over his erect, bouncing cock. My lacy stocking top showed, and the seductive visual followed by the sensation of the lace travelling over his sensitive taut shaft and frenulum made his eyes roll up into his head then flicker shut. The noises which escaped his mouth were absolutely glorious.

I continued this for a few moments, until I was sure he couldn’t take another second or else those balls would release their pent-up frustration. I held my head up with one arm studying his face as I continued. Bringing my leg back down, away from him, and relishing his distressed moans, my other hand reached for his cock. He had opened his eyes when the stimulation from my lace stocking tops left him, and so glanced my hand reaching for his penis. The thought of me giving him a hand-job elicited another whimper and back-arch.

Instead, I teased with just the lightest touch of my fingertips. I let my cool fingerpads gently trail up his, by now admittedly magnificent cock, and I admired the contrast of my manicured nails against his desperate, tortured dick. Moving down to his full-to-bursting balls, my smoothly rounded nails dragged over the taut surface, his needy whimpers and yelps reaching their peak. Using only the very lightest, barely-there touches, my nails travelled up his hard shaft and down again to his balls, which were high and ready. It was almost time. He’d done well to restrain himself and he was going to be rewarded.

Kneeling up and then leaning over him I moved my face close to his ready penis. My smooth fingernails moved away from his balls to just underneath, with the gentlest touches against his perineum. Undoubtedly he could scarcely believe his luck as my mouth approached his impatient cock. Was his Mistress really going to…?

Stifling a laugh against his redundant hopes, I simply blew gentle breaths over his exposed cock-head. Being so close I could see his balls readying themselves for the release. Just three more hot breaths from his Mistress’ cruel mouth directly on his strained frenulum was all it took.

He let out a divine and lengthy wail and I moved my head up just in time. My hand quickly left his taint to capture those hot, thick streams of jizz, which coated my hand in months of his pent-up need. He bucked and thrashed, desperately trying to get some direct contact with something, some stimulation instead of the uncontrollable escape of spunk without anything touching his cock. But it was no use. He came without me touching him at all, just from a few hot breaths, into my waiting cupped hand.

“Oh slave. What an absolute mess you’ve made! It’s a good job your tongue’s already had a workout today, because now you’re going to have to lick my hand completely clean as well. Clean and ready to lock you up again.”

The realisation of what had just happened finally hit him, jolting him out of any post-orgasmic haze. He was racked with muted sobs, the tears flowing freely down his face as I put my sticky hand to his mouth demanding clean-up. I’m not entirely heartless though. Afterwards, I planned to let him suck on my saturated panties while I locked him back up.


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This is the second part of a chastity story for Fetish Friday – find the first part here


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