London Fuck Doll: Fucked, Denied, Satisfied

Turning me into his London fuck doll on the second day of our filthy weekend break

Camden Market had been heaving. An overwhelming amount of people, combined with the noise, the smog, the sheer amount of shiny things to admire meant that we were pretty exhausted by the time we fell into our hotel room late afternoon.

London Fuck Doll: Fucked, Denied, Satisfied

Unusually for me, I was too tired to even undress before collapsing on the huge, sumptuous bed. He joined me and we lay peacefully for a while, relishing the glorious silence after the cacophonous morning.

Eventually we re-balanced and started to talk. Lazing on the bed in such tranquillity, surrounded by luxury, we had the sudden urge for room service. But something else, too. Memories of the night before still echoed in my mind – and more poignantly in parts of my body – and I realised I was rather desperately horny.

London Fuck Doll: Fucked, Denied, SatisfiedWe browsed the menu then ordered light as we had dinner plans. As he telephoned, adopting a teasing tone as he asked what I ‘wanted’, I teased him in return – with the long dress I’d been wearing all day. Ramping up the provocation, I lay on my front so he was directly faced with my expanse of tightly-packed cleavage. His eyes were soon distracted by the movement of my dress being slowly drawn up the back of my legs.

He stammered out the order on the phone, and I smiled at his sudden lack of concentration. My curves were becoming ever more exposed. The timing was impeccable. Just as he finished ordering our choices, my bottom was revealed in full… as well as the fact that I’d chosen not to wear any knickers that morning.

All but slamming the telephone back in the cradle he pounced me. Fingers fiddling impatiently with his belt, buttons… then his shockingly hard cock was released. Still on my front on the bed I was pinned in place as he sat astride the back of my legs, urgently pushing the tip of his cock against my wet entrance as he hissed what a filthy little bitch I was directly into my ear.

I moaned aloud as he took me by the shoulders and drove the full length of his cock deep into my achingly hungry pussy. My slippery, soft labia were spread apart as they massaged his welcome penetration. My head turned to the side, flat on the bed as he pinned it there with his heavy hand in my hair, he rammed his cock into me repeatedly, frenziedly. This wasn’t love-making. This was primitive, carnal rutting. And I was fucking loving it.

At some point when I was lost in the bliss of being used as his fuck-doll the grunts changed to become the more breathy, oh gods and fuck, yesss… and with a painful grip on my shoulders he thrust one final, startlingly deep time into me. Our cries harmonised as he emptied his balls into his girl, cock held at maximum penetration and pulsing violently as he loudly came.

London Fuck Doll: Fucked, Denied, SatisfiedLess than a minute after he’d extricated himself and released me the room service arrived. We’d finished just in time. It wasn’t only incredibly fucking hot that neither of us had undressed for sex, it was also rather lucky.

The table was set, wine poured. We both enjoyed the perverse juxtaposition of the formal dining arrangement right next to and just after such a filthy display of lust. There was little conversation; we didn’t need to say much. Just intermittent noises of approval at various appetites being sated.

The snacks and drinks finished, the tray removed, we returned to the bed revitalised. If I’d thought the pre-meal sex had fully satisfied our needs, I was soon to be proven wrong.

Our cuddling soon evolved into nakedness, as it so often has a tendency to do. Peeling off and discarding my dress and bra was pretty orgasmic in itself, and once he too was naked and comfortable his hands started their naughty exploration. I was still a sticky mess from pre-meal sex, but parts of me were tingling with need despite his earlier vigorous attentions. There had been no orgasm for me… and the deafening protestations from my pussy and clit were becoming impossible to ignore.

So I didn’t.

His hands pawed at my breasts and tweaked my nipples in what I knew was part-payback for my earlier teasing. Unable to resist further, I straddled him as he lay there with his intoxicating look that combines innocence and pure evil.

Sex earlier had been the amuse-bouche, and his cock was hard again already. I let him hold me by the breasts as I shifted to allow his tip entry into my still sodden tightness. It’s one of my favourite feelings in the world, sitting all the way down, slowly, on to his cock. Letting my pussy envelop every magnificent inch of his hardness until I’m completely impaled on him. Shins flat to the bed I sat astride him with his hard cock all the way, deep inside me.

With a look that I hoped conveyed my absolute desperation, I motioned for him to pass me the powerful bullet vibrator I’d conveniently left on the side table.

What happened next was quite simply one of the most powerfully erotic moments I’ve experienced in months. As he continued alternating between light teasing and cruelly pinching my nipples, I masturbated my clit with the bullet vibe as I sat with his cock filling my pussy. Slick from our combined earlier sin, I didn’t need extra lube. I spread my pussy lips to deliver the powerful vibrations directly to my throbbing clitoris and felt the orgasmic waves arrive, and grow in power.

There was no rocking, no thrusting of his cock. I simply sat fully impaled on him as he let me use him as a rock hard but real dildo, filling my pussy with pulsing warmth as the nipple tweaking and vibrations to my clit threatened to overwhelm me. Finally I couldn’t resist the sensations any more… and I came loudly, and powerfully, my pussy contracting around his penis as the concentrated bundle of angry need in my clit was finally appeased.

Something that was no longer at peak satisfaction, in a perverse twist of fate, was his cock. Clearly, he’d found me using him as my real life dildo as sizzlingly erotic as I did – he barely waited until I’d recovered before flipping me over on the bed. We were separated only momentarily then he was pressing at my entrance again, my legs up over his shoulders and his cock slipping inside my ravaged pussy shamefully easily after all the action. Letting his full weight lay on the backs of my thighs, forcing my knees up to my chest into our favourite position, he slid back home growling what a filthy little slut I was.

Pounding violently into my post-orgasmic sensitive body, he showed no care for my mewling and writhing. If anything my sensitivity seemed to turn him on even more, and he thrust into me even faster, his eyes fluttering closed as his pre-orgasmic moans began. He came into me a second time as I begged him to please, just come in your little girl, please daddy, fill me up with your cum, I need it so much, please, I’ll do anything… and after his hot explosion we collapsed together naked, sweaty, and done.

London Fuck Doll: Fucked, Denied, SatisfiedDinner that evening was interesting. Being out together with our friend, being ‘normal’ after an afternoon of deliciously filthy debauchery. The food replenishing energy, the wine diminishing inhibitions. Sharing knowing looks, exchanging teasing touches; whispered reminders and promises.

We returned to the hotel room late evening. I changed into the special piece of nightwear I’d brought along, my vintage silk night-dress. It’s so very short, and it unfortunately/happily has a tendency to fall off at any moment. Being a practical type, he offered the perfect solution.


London Fuck Doll: Fucked, Denied, SatisfiedInstructing me into position in the centre of the bed he fetched the red rope we’d packed. I always love the sensation of being put into bondage, and especially rope. He takes time and care over his rope bondage creations, and his attention to detail is second to none.

The rope was fed through loops and I felt the length snaking across my body. Every so often he took my face in his hands and kissed me; kisses full of love. The movement of the rope created a slight friction over my skin which raised goose bumps of anticipation as the tight harness took shape. As he fed the rope between my legs I knew there was a smudge of wetness left on his hand, betraying my slutty excitement.

All too soon the rope harness was complete. Sitting back for just a moment to admire his handiwork, and his obedient, bound slut, he finally began the tease.

London Fuck Doll: Fucked, Denied, SatisfiedHelping me into position, he put me across his lap. The spanks delivered started gently, but soon grew to a vicious warmth and tempo. I’m not good at taking a spanking when I’m unbound, but struggling within the rope harness, the thick cords tightening between my legs with every spank-then-writhe, I soon became dizzy in submissive elation.

His sexual control is always devastating. He forced his large fingers between the ropes to molest my already ravaged pussy. Wetness escaped, coating his probing fingers. For this I’m punished afresh and sternly, with loud, sharp slaps to my fleshy backside.

There was no resistance left in me as he carefully helped me lie on the bed. I was entirely his and he knew it. My wrists were cuffed behind me and I offered no defence. Reaching for the bullet vibrator which had delivered such a self-satisfied orgasm earlier, he used the very same toy to tease my sensitive nipples. Breasts fully rounded and taut, pulled out of the night-dress, in their separate rope confines.

London Fuck Doll: Fucked, Denied, SatisfiedContinuing his breast torture he unleashed his cock for what would be the last time until morning, and forced himself through the two ropes pressing tightly against my pussy lips. I lay there, able to do nothing but make strangled noises of shameless lust as he fucked me between the tight rope. Physical sensations and the fact that he knew precisely what he was doing to me combined to make it our horniest fuck in some time. Which is saying something, considering the day we’d had.

As he thrust his cock deep into my slutty, used pussy, the rope harness became tighter each time with the exertions. I could feel the rope circling each teased breast contract, and the vibrations delivered to my nipples from his cruel manipulations was delivering icy shards of urgent need directly to my rope-rubbed clit.

All too soon he expelled his hot desire into me for the third time that day. I moaned aloud as he slowly withdrew his cock from me in his divine evil, and the two cords of rope reconnected between my legs like an end of show curtain.

He left me like that, filled with cum, his used little fuck-doll, teased and denied, as he turned out the lights and whispered his good-nights. Apart from one extra torment.

Kissing my lips in the darkness I could tell he was smiling as he wished me sweet dreams… tucking the still vibrating bullet vibrator into the knot of rope above my clit.

It wasn’t until the early hours that I finally managed to fall asleep, and when I did I was fucked, denied… but completely satisfied.


London Fuck Doll: Fucked, Denied, Satisfied

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