System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes Review

System JO

System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes Review

After reading so many positive Pleasure Panel reviews on the System JO flavoured lubricants range, I really wanted to try some for myself. System JO kindly sent me their entire System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes collection (available at Simply Pleasure) to test & review. Thank you!

System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes Review

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First Impressions

The System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes are presented nicely, in cylindrical bottles each containing 30ml of lube. It’s easy to see which lube is which; the labels tell you the specific flavour as well as ingredient and manufacturer info. There’s also a pretty graphic relating to each flavour.

The lubes are mostly a light clear-ish colour, well more of a golden tint. The Hazelnut Espresso lube is the darkest, being a suitably brownish, coffee colour. Here’s some photos to illustrate.

Why Gelato?

Gelato is Italian ice-cream. The System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes have connotations of ice-cream toppings and/or desserts, with flavours like Salted Caramel and Mint Chocolate. These lubes can even be used literally as a drizzle atop your ice-cream! Yum.

The Flavours

There are 5 different flavours of System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes. They are:

Mint Chocolate. Crème Brulee, Tiramisu, Salted Caramel and Hazelnut Espresso.

System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes Review

There’s something there to please a wide variety of dessert-lovers. I’m a big fan of Crème Brulee, but my partner doesn’t like the burnt taste of that dessert. He loves Salted Caramel whereas I find it slightly too sweet. He would always choose anything other than coffee flavours, whereas I’m immediately drawn to anything coffee-related.


Although the System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes don’t contain parabens or propylen glycol, they all contain glycerine & sucralose. Some people find that they suffer with vaginal discomfort or a higher chance of UTIs when they use lubricants that contain sugars, so this is something to bear in mind.

The System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes ingredients are: water, glycerine, potassium sorbate, hydroxyethylcellulose, flavouring, sucralose, sodium chloride and citric acid. These ingredients are identical for each lube, therefore the only difference is the exact flavouring used in each one.

System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes Review

As these are flavoured lubricants I’m less likely to use them for vaginal lubrication and more likely to just include them in oral sex fun. However – and as I’m sure most of you are aware – sex doesn’t tend to follow a set plan. Some lube may end up in contact with or inside the vagina. I haven’t had any vaginal discomfort personally but it’s something to be aware of if you’re more sensitive to glycerine in your lubricants.

The Taste Test

So, how do the System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes actually taste? Well it was a gruelling experience, as you can imagine (!) -but I managed to taste them all for you… (& use them too, we’ll get to that!) and here’s my verdict.

Mint Chocolate

Doesn’t taste of mint alone, it actually tastes like mint chocolate. Both flavours together. The flavour of both mint and chocolate are blended together, and exactly like I’m eating mint choc chip ice cream – without the cold element.

Crème Brulee

I can taste the vanilla flavoured custard, then the slight tinge of caramelisation. Yep, that’s crème brulee. I’m stunned that System JO have managed to capture the essence of my favourite dessert in a slick, transparent lubricant.


First there’s the sense of sweet creaminess, then mascarpone, then coffee… I found the coffee/mascarpone taste in this lube slightly too chemical rather than natural, but it’s still a nice tasting lube. I’m not sure I could identify it as specifically tiramisu if I hadn’t seen the label.

Salted Caramel 

Wow, sweetness. Then the full force hit of caramel. If you love caramel, this one’s for you. Salted caramel is a more intense caramel taste, and this lube has absolutely nailed that facet.

Hazelnut Espresso

Nuttiness… yes, hazelnut most definitely. Immediately followed up by the sense of coffee, although not as strong for me as the hazelnut flavour. This lube is a little like a syrup you’d use in flavoured coffees, without the treacle consistency or half as much sweetness. The emphasis is definitely on the hazelnut flavour with this one; although it is sweet, it’s not a sickly, cloying or overpowering sweetness.

Yeah, But What About The Sex?

It’s all very well tasting lovely, and like the desserts named on the labels. But although the System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes can definitely be used as ice cream and pudding toppers, their primary purpose is as sex lubricants. How do they function in that regard?

The labels promise ‘no stick or tack’. If you’re anything like me, and have used flavoured lubes in the past, you might well immediately think, “yeah… right. Doubtful!” 

Flavoured lubricants have tasted divine for me in the past, but when it came down to use on the skin they just turned into a sticky gloopy mass of… unslippery, unsexy glue. Seriously nothing like lube; in fact using saliva might have been better.

System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes Review

The System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes really surprised me here. As well as the unusual flavours offered, and tasting exactly like the flavours promised, they really are slippery.  They’re great for lubing up a handjob and adding some flavour to oral sex, but they’re equally slippery and fun for PiV, anal or other sexual activity.

The slipperiness lasts a good long while and I/we didn’t need to ‘revitalise’ with water or spit. The System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes lasted as long as any other good quality water based lubricant, in fact longer than most unflavoured water lubes I’ve tried!

The massive bonus with the System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes being that I can happily lick my (and their) fingers clean… after licking everything else first, of course. Yum.

Toy Compatibility

The System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes are all water-based, so you can use them with absolutely any sex toy material out there. I’d always advise using a non-toxic, non-porous sex toy so that you can ensure complete safety and hygiene levels at all times.


Here’s a short video to illustrate how slick and slippery the System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes are, as well as the slight difficulty I experience trying to dispense from the cylindrical bottles. The toy shown is the So Divine Wicked Game Magic Wand Vibrator. And yep, it’s waterproof don’t worry! Nice and easy to completely submerge and wash afterwards.


It’s not very often a range of sex lubricants pleasantly surprises me as much as the System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes have. If you’re thinking they’re simply another collection of flavoured lubes, I’d politely suggest that you’re wrong.

They’re not the usual flavours you have come to expect with other run-of-the-mill lubricant ranges, like mint, cherry, banana. The Gelato theme and flavours feel upmarket and classy even before you taste your first drop.

Then, when you taste the System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes themselves, I defy anyone not to be amazed at how closely the flavours match the desserts on the labels. And during use the Gelato lubes don’t disappoint either, it’s not a case of all mouth and no trousers. There really is no stick, no tack, no globs of glue that do nothing but disrupt what should be a sexy session.

These lubes are sexy cylinders of super slippery and tantalisingly tasty fun.

System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes Review

A Suggestion

My only issue with the System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes is that the lube is a little difficult to dispense from these 30ml cylindrical bottles, requiring quite a bit of effort to squeeze out the lube from the depress-cap containers. Something which could be looked at by the System JO team?

Perhaps it’s easier with the larger, 120ml bottles. I’ll just have to invest once these 30ml bottles run dry!

Where To Buy

Fancy giving the System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes a try? I’d strongly recommend that you do. You can buy them here in the UK from Simply Pleasure. Find a large range of System JO and DONA by JO products here too.

Find out more about System JO at their website.

Thank you to System JO for sending the System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes for me to test & review, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed (and continue to enjoy!) the experience. They are currently my favourite flavoured lubes! 🙂


System JO Gelato Flavoured Lubes Review

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