UberKinky Wax Play Candle Pack Review

10 out of 10

UberKinky Wax Play Candle Pack Review

When the opportunity came up to select another product to test and review for Uber Kinky, I almost snatched their arm off when I saw the UberKinky Wax Play Candle Pack in red and black. Kinky, hot and in my own colours, this set of 4 waxplay candles looked absolutely ideal for my next sexy adventure.

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Delivery was fast and discreet, with the candles safely packed and accompanied by a professional invoice.

Packaging & First Impressions

I had thought that perhaps the UberKinky Wax Play Candle Pack would be packaged in a branded packet, perhaps from the likes of Doc Johnson or Fetish Fantasy. Not the case. These 4 candles (fork handles?) were simply encased within transparent plastic, keeping them together, safe and easy to inspect. I’m all for minimal packaging, and as long as the quality of the contents weren’t compromised by such, I didn’t mind one jot.

Snipping the top of the plastic I peeled it away and disposed of it carefully, leaving me with the four candles (two red, two black) to play with. Each candle measures 7 inches in length and has a circumference of 2.75 inches. The wick measures about 1/2 inch.

How Wax play Candles Are Different To Ordinary Candles

Wax play candles burn at a lower temperature than ordinary and household candles. This means they burn faster too, so make sure you put something non-flammable down on the bed or floor before you begin.

Household and ordinary candles will most likely leave you with discomfort, if not actual burns to the skin if you use them as you would wax play candles. Having used these wax play candles with my partner, I can assure you that the most they achieve is a pleasant and sexy stinging sensation when the wax droplets hit the skin and while they cool to small discs on the flesh. There was no damage to the skin underneath, just a rosy flush. Whether this was from the heat of the wax or from consequential arousal, it’s hard to say!

How To Use

Let’s look at how to use the UberKinky Wax Play Candle Pack. You light a candle and hold it over your partner’s skin, from the height you prefer. The wax, as it melts, drops on to their skin resulting in a hot sensation where the wax falls. Those pleasured through wax play love the vulnerable sensation of being under their partner’s control, with them drizzling hot wax on to their (usually) bare body. Combined with bondage it leads to intense mental, emotional as well as physical sensations.

I would advise never dripping wax over a person’s face and take care using wax play candles over a person’s genitals too. Especially if there is the presence of pubic hair!

The drizzle and droplets of wax will feel much more intense when used over thin skin such as nipples, chest, pubic area/groin, so if new to wax play or wary in any way, test on a finger pad first to determine the heat factor. You can then work your way up and build confidence, by trying on your back, thighs and other less sensitive regions.

Top Tips

I don’t recommend inserting the candles from the UberKinky Wax Play Candle Pack, but I know people do love the fantasy of having a candle lit and inserted either into the vagina or anus then lit. My tip is to cover the insertable end of the candle with a condom first, if you’re going to try this. As the candle does not have a flare in the length, make sure you keep hold of it if inserting anally.

I really can’t recommend inserting them at all, for safety reasons – but I know quite a few people out there who will anyway, so it makes sense to make it as safe as possible.


The UberKinky Wax Play Candle Pack is a fab budget buy as they add a new dimension to both sexual and power exchange play. They’re kinky, low in price and versatile. They can be used by those of any sexuality, relationship status or gender.

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