Pjur Xtend Stimulating Cream Review

8 out of 10

Pjur Xtend Stimulating Cream Review

By Edge of Pleasure

The Pjur Xtend Stimulating Cream is a skincare product designed to provide both long term skincare and encourage healthy blood circulation to intimate male areas. I was quite keen to try this product as I never used anything like this before. The first impressions given by the product were neither good or bad.


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Pjur Xtend Stimulating Cream ReviewPackaging design of the Pjur Xtend Stimulating Cream is simple. No fancy typefaces or pretty pictures, just the info you need. Inside the cardboard packaging I received a 50 ml/1.7fl oz tube of the Pjur Xtend Cream. On the tube itself there is little about what the does as this is explained in numerous languages on either side of the box.

The instructions for use simply state “massage in gently” giving no indication as to any limit to how often the Pjur Xtend Cream should be applied. I erred on the side of caution during my testing, applying it once a day although further applications would be possible.

The Cream

So the Pjur Xtend Stimulating Cream itself is white and when squeezed into your palm has a thick consistency. Despite this thickness the cream is easily applied and quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving an overly greasy residue. I would have liked a slightly better fragrance from the Pjur Xtend Cream, although it is not horrible or to pungent.

During Use

The question is- Does the Pjur Xtend Cream actually improve circulation?

My answer- Yes, it appears to!

From the first application, erections felt firmer than before using the cream and I could see a visible difference without being in any discomfort. I also noticed an improvement in the way my skin felt due to the moisturising nature of the product.

In Conclusion

Would I purchase the Pjur Xtend Stimulating Cream? Yes I would!

I think this cream is a great addition to any male grooming routine. The cream leaves skin feeling great while providing increased circulation that you and your partner can both see and feel.

I’d give this cream a good 8/10

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– Edge of Pleasure

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Edge of Pleasure for this review of the Pjur Xtend Stimulating Cream.


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