Original Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight Review

9 out of 10

Original Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight Review

Original Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight review by Edn

Periodically a product will come along which is so innovative or successful that the producer and product become synonymous; think of Hoover and the vacuum cleaner or, perhaps more appropriately in this context, Kleenex and paper tissues. If anything comes close in the world of male sex toys it’s the Fleshlight. There are a lot of masturbator type toys out there and the Fleshlight commands a bit of a premium, but is it worth it?

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Original Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight Review

The short answer, for me at least, is yes. Over the years I’ve tested quite a few different toys, and while some of them have been pretty good, the Fleshlight really does stand head and shoulders above the rest. So, you’re probably asking, what makes the Fleshlight so good?

The main thing is that they have got the basic design right. There’s a whole raft of toys out there using thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) to give you a flesh-like sensation.

However in many cases the TPE is so soft that it’s only a step or two removed from being a liquid. The effect of using such a toy is to wrap your penis in a thick layer of soft, sensation deadening jelly. Great if you planning on mailing body parts, not so great for sex toys. What Fleshlight have done is to put a TPE sheath inside a rigid container, so while you get softness and give from the sheath, it can only give so far before it hits the rigid container. This gives you a lovely combo of softness and tightness that makes the Fleshlight such a nice place to be. I can’t think of another toy I’ve tried that manages to pull this off.

Once they got the basics right, they have added variety. I tried the Original Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight model. Want more tightness? Then there is the Super Tight. Want ribbing or nubs rather than smooth? You’re more than catered for. Don’t like the vaginal moulding? There is mouth, ass and even butt cheeks. (An aside to Fleshlight here, I’d like a glory hole version with no external anatomy moulding please.) Want to channel your inner voyeur? Then go for the transparent Fleshlight Ice.

You can even express your porn fandom with the Fleshlight girls and Fleshjack boys, with mouths asses and labias all lovingly moulded from your favourite star. This last one, personally speaking, triggers a little ambivalence; part of me thinks it is taking fandom a bit too far, a larger bit of me says can I have all the Stoya sleeves please!?

Fleshlight have even taken a modular approach to their toys. Once you have one, you can just buy extra sheaths to drop into the rigid outer saving you both space and money.

Original Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight Review

In use, of course you don’t have to worry about batteries, cables or anything else. A good splash of lube (always remember, better too much lube than too little) and you’re away. I do want to say no mess but, as in the many times I used it the Fleshlight never failed to provide a rapid, intense and very pleasurable orgasm, I would be lying. Luckily, as well as being lovely to use, the Fleshlight is also easy to clean. The sheath is open at both ends so you can run water through it. It is also easy to remove from the rigid outer and can be turned inside out for a more thorough cleaning.

Original Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight Review

So, is the Original Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight the perfect toy? Of course not; no toy is. It’s a bit bulky, the TPE sheath can get unpleasantly sticky if it gets wet (it really needs storing in a bag with a desiccant like some silica gel packets or a bit of corn flour) and you can only use water based lubes which can dry out in use. Those however are minor niggles when it comes down to it. This is without a doubt the best masturbator toy I’ve tried and which deserves a place in anyone’s toy box. The only possible drawback I can see is that you’ll probably want more; I’m already eyeing up sleeves and drawing up a shopping list.

Material: TPE
Lube: Water based
Porous: Yes
Pthalate free: Yes
Rating: 9.5/10

– Edn

Thanks to our reviewer Edn for this review of the Original Pink Lady Vagina Fleshlight.

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team. 

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