NS Novelties Oinkz Silicone Pig Tail Butt Plug Review

8 out of 10

NS Novelties Oinkz Silicone Pig Tail Butt Plug Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Tigerlily

Thanks to this month’s Pleasure Panel, I got the chance to squeal like a piggy as I tested out the NS Novelties Oinkz Silicone Pig Tail Butt Plug. Are you ready to go the whole hog with this porcine plug?

The Oinkz Silicone Butt Plug comes in Blue (as reviewed), Pink, or Black. It comes in a long white box, the front of which shows a photograph of the tail to actual size.


The rear features a translucent window so you can view the piggy tail in all its glory.

Inside the box, the packaging is sparse as can be and everything is recyclable. This doesn’t need instructions, and none are provided.

NS Novelties Oinkz Silicone Pig Tail Butt Plug Review

How Big Is It?

The entire tail and plug measures 30 cm from end to end, 19 cm of which is a squiggly tail. This thing is long, curly, and stupidly good fun to wiggle around.

The actual butt plug portion is quite small with an insertable length of 8 cm. The tip of the plug is no larger than a fingertip, with the widest part of the plug measuring in at just 3 cm wide. This tapers to a 2 cm wide neck.

Material Safety

Made of the smoothest silicone I’ve ever had the pleasure to touch, it’s not too soft, not too hard, and not too heavy. It’s so smooth that you’ll need very little lube to get it in, in fact.

Speaking of lube: silicone toys such as the Oinkz tail are compatible with all lubricants, including coconut oil and silicone lubes. Contrary to popular belief, they will not degrade the toy. And since silicone is entirely inert, it can be stored alongside other silicone toys just fine. It’s jelly/PVC toys that tend to react with each other and melt or discolour.

The small size of the insertable and ultra smooth silicone make this perfect for butt-play beginners, but those more experienced may find it a little unfulfilling.

Personally, I found the NS Novelties Oinkz Silicone Pig Tail Butt Plug very easy to put in, but quite hard to keep in. Again, this is good for a beginner, who may be scared of something that widens so much they can’t get it out again.

The only thing that worries me a little on the materials and design side is that the tail and plug are not a single solid structure: the tail portion appears to be glued into the middle of the plug. This isn’t dangerous, as such –even if it did come off, there’s no chance of the plug riding into your ass as it would still have the flared base– but it does bring into question the longevity of the plug. Silicone as a material can typically last a lifetime, but this sort of structural issue may shorten its life significantly.

NS Novelties Oinkz Silicone Pig Tail Butt Plug Review

This Little Piggy Went to Market…

Since the tail is so long and flexible, it’s easy to tuck in and wear concealed in public, if you absolutely must have a tail when you leave the house. This is impossible with some shorter, stockier tails like the Titus Silicone Series Medium Puppy Tail Butt Plug. The plug is also small enough that you’ll feel no discomfort when sitting. Just don’t let anyone tug on your tail, or it may accidentally fall out.

Is This The Pig Tail for You?

NS Novelties Oinkz Silicone Pig Tail Butt Plug Review

The market for pig tail butt plugs is perhaps a small one, but I found four or five widely available plugs out there. Of those, only one other is actually made of silicone, and that doesn’t have a flared base, so it shouldn’t actually go anywhere near your bum unless you want to end up in ER. The rest are made of PVC, and should be avoided at all costs, even if they’re from a well-known brand. If you want a long curly pig tail made of body-safe material, look no further.

It’s perfect for beginners, less filling for advanced butt players, but even they may find fun with the smaller plug and long tail being easily concealed in public.

My only advice: get the pink one. Seriously, who ever heard of a blue pig?

I score the NS Novelties Oinkz Silicone Pig Tail Butt Plug a porky 8/10. Now, who’s up for spit roasting this hog?

– Tigerlily

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Tigerlily for this review of the NS Novelties Oinkz Silicone Pig Tail Butt Plug.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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