LELO ORA 2 Review

7 out of 10

LELO ORA 2 Review

By Belle Bisous

I was sent the LELO ORA 2, an oral sex simulating sex toy by LELO, in return for my honest and unbiased review. After being slightly disappointed by the lacklustre LELO ORA (as Cara also was -read her original LELO ORA review), I had high hopes for the new and improved ORA 2. As usual, the ORA 2 arrived in a luxurious gift box and looked every inch the extravagant and expensive gift. Included in the box are a full set of instructions, a sachet of water-based lubricant, a USB charger and a satin storage pouch.

Because the ORA 2 is a luxury product, this is reflected in the price. The LELO ORA 2 retails at £119. The smooth curves and silky exterior showcase a toy which is incredibly sleek, and a lovely gift idea for someone this Valentine’s Day.


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As a result of customer feedback, LELO made some changes to the LELO ORA 2. It still has 10 thrilling modes to choose from and the rotating nub. However, the flat base is an extra 0.5 inch in diameter and the pleasure nub is more prominent so it offers firmer contact with the clitoris.

The ORA 2 also has SensaTouch technology, this is an innovative function which allows you to switch to a mode that increases in intensity when you press it firmly against your body. The harder you press it, the more intense the ORA 2 vibrates.

Like its predecessor, the LELO ORA 2 is completely waterproof and has a travel locking function for discreet transit.

Charging Up

LELO ORA 2 Review

The LELO ORA 2 is completely rechargeable and lasts for 90 minutes per 2 hour charge.  It’s a USB charger so you can plug your ORA 2 into your laptop or slot the USB port into your mobile phone plug adapter which is what I tend to do. These USB to mains adaptors are SO handy and can be picked up easily from online stores (click to browse a selection: UK / USA).

During charging, function buttons become illuminated to illustrate that the unit is charging properly. I left the ORA overnight to give it a really good charge before beginning my review.


I love how LELO listened to their customers and worked hard to make the right kind of changes to the ORA 2. During my previous ORA review I mentioned how the nub was too small and moved around the clitoris instead of making direct contact. I was excited by the LELO ORA 2 because I wanted to see how the new model would fare against the previous model.

To switch on the LELO ORA 2 you simply press the + button. This brings the vibration to life and leads to an increase in intensity with every press.

To switch the MODE of the ORA 2, press the circular shaped middle button. This takes you through a series of pulsing vibrations and swirling flicks from the protruding pleasure nub.

To turn the unit off, press the – button, keeping your finger on it for a few seconds until it turns off.

To activate the SensaTouch feature, keep your finger on the middle button for 5 seconds. The control unit will flash to alert you to the activation. Press firmly against your clit to increase intensity. The harder you press, the more powerful the vibration.

To travel lock, press the + and – together for a few seconds until they flash. The ORA will not switch on until you repeat this action.

Before getting started, I would recommend a small amount of great quality water-based lubricant. Although it feels incredibly soft, silicone does have a tendency to drag against your delicate skin. Also, lubrication heightens sensation so you should feel every stroke.

The donut shape of the LELO ORA 2 enables me to keep my grasp and manoeuvre the unit into the required position.  Even with the prominent pleasure nub, there is still an element of ‘chasing’ so I preferred to have full control of the unit.

I had a lot of trouble when reviewing the ORA because I found the modes very complicated. I was a little disappointed to find that the LELO ORA 2 is equally as confusing. I wanted intense vibration combined with powerful clitoral stimulation and it took forever to find it (mode 10, if you are wondering). The tease and pulse settings felt lacklustre and I found myself frustrated by the constant scrolling to find a setting that would work for me.

However, one of the redeeming features of the ORA 2 is that it does get better with experimentation. For example, I found that keeping your finger solely on the + button cranks up the ORA 2 to an incredible intensity. I discovered this after writing a poor review and desperately having one more go to see if I could change my decision, I’m glad I did.

On full power with full clitoral throttle, the LELO ORA 2 gave me spectacular results. It was exactly the setting I was hoping for, but this little gem was hidden under a mountain of swirly, flicky settings. One word of warning, if you press the middle button during this setting it cuts off all the vibration and leaves you frantically scrolling again. Frustrating!

Using this setting quickly produced the intense orgasm that I’d been dreaming off since the ORA 2 arrived on my desk. Now that I know I have a quick fix when I need it, I am more open to experimentation with the tease functions and enjoying a build-up. Before that, I just felt a little bored by them.

LELO ORA 2 Review

My Thoughts

Although there have been massive improvements to this product I still have issues with the modes and functions. Press the wrong button during use and it takes a whole lot of scrolling and pressing to find it again. A locking feature would be great to secure the settings you have chosen.

I like the SensaTouch feature because it allows you to develop your own mode of teasing without the painfully droll scrolling. The function is very easy to activate and is locked during play so you won’t be cut off by a wrong move. Increase and decrease your touch to tease your body and increase intensity of orgasm. It was another setting which worked well for me.

At the highest and most intense settings I found the result I was hoping for but it was a lot of work to get there. I’d advise buying the LELO ORA 2 if you have the time and patience to explore it properly and make it work for you. Once you get there, you’ve pretty much cracked it.


– Belle Bisous

LELO ORA 2 Review

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