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Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager Review

Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager review by Pleasure Panel reviewer Married2Sexy

The Aneros brand is one of the most widely known manufactures of non-vibrating prostate massagers.  Being a new endeavour for me, I found the non-intimidating size, design, and cost to be inviting.  At just under $50, I used my blow money for the month and ordered one in to try.

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Packaging shown for the Aneros MGX Classic

I am someone who likes function over design, but I will say the packaging for the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager is great.  Usually the box goes into the trash, but I have kept this one.  It’s sleek, and keeps it protected.  The product is well built, but the arms, I fear may snap, if mixed in our toy bag.  The magnetic clasps on the book like box, opens up like doors, inviting you in to a world of prostate play.

Design and Dimension

Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager Review

Though my model when I purchased it was not the SGX nomenclature, it is now named that on the company page.

The insertable tip measures 3.5 inches and maxes out with a 0.9 inch diameter.  If I would have to describe the size to someone, I would say it is the size of your finger in both length and width.

There are two arms that prevent the toy from making you have an uncomfortable talk with an ER doctor.  One of these arms is to stimulate the perineum, while the other seems to be designed to help with removal.  The glossy white non-porous FDA approved material accepts lube nicely for easy insertion and cleaning.

Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager Review


Excited to experience prostate stimulation, I took time to try the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager out prior to using it with my wife. I was not experienced nor do I claim to be experienced now with anal play, but have and continue reading about what to and not to do.

With the house free of disturbances, I lubed the tip up and inserted it.  Being the same size as a finger, there was no issue with insertion.  Getting everything situated, I started contracting as recommended by the company.

After a few minutes I had this feeling come over me.  Not orgasmic, but horniness, wishing my wife was there for me to enjoy.  With her at work I had to take care of myself, and it was good.  Not a Super O, but definitely better than it normally is by myself. Removal was fine, but some pinching.  I think this was more user error than product.

Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager Review

A few days later I wanted to try it again and this time with my wife involved.  I took a shower and inserted it while in there.  Not the wisest idea, because the water made it hard for the lube to remain on the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager.  A few tries later, it was in and I was ready to enjoy.  We still had time before the kids to be asleep, but I enjoyed the feeling from the first experience that I wanted to have that building up inside me prior to orgasming with her.

Unfortunately, I had to remove it before we got to be together for two reasons.  First the hooked handle makes it hard to sit down properly.  Sure I could assume a low rider position, but I really did not want to have the kids wondering why I was sitting that way.

Secondly, and this is still continuing to be my only grip with the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager, is the perineum arm pinches my skin.  I think it is just my anatomy, but the rounded knob irritated the skin it was pressing on.  I went upstairs and removed it.

Later that evening I reinserted the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager just prior to having sex, but I did not get the wave of pleasure I was hoping.

Recently, I discovered the true way to use the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager.  My wife and I have massage days at least once a month, and on my night, she wanted to give me a lingham massage with the toy inserted.  Within 15 minutes I had a prostate orgasm as good as the ejaculatory orgasm I had 5 minutes later.  This is how the product should be used.

Final Thoughts

Prostate play is something I am continuing to explore.  I have purchased some vibrating massagers, but they are just not right. Though the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager is not perfect for intercourse, it’s niche is with self or assisted masturbatory play.  Once inserted squeeze it in every once and a while and let it do its thing.  Relax and be mindful as the rush slowly builds.  The prostate orgasm may not happen all the time or ever, but when it does let it consume you.  They are great and make you nice and warm all over.

– Married2Sexy

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Married2Sexy for this contributed review of the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager.
You can buy yours from or Lovehoney UK, and find more information on the range from

Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager Review

Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager Review

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