Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager Review

10 out of 10

Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager Review

By Fozzbear

First off I’ll start this review by saying I was chosen to test and review the Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager by Cara Sutra as part of her Pleasure Panel. This review is completely my opinion of the product; it might vary for others.

The Aneros MGX is a medically researched and designed prostate massager. It has been completely designed around hands free pleasure with its self pivoting shape simultaneously massages the P-spot and the perineum creating a combination of pleasure heightening male orgasms.



This Aneros Prostate Massager measures up as follows.

Circumference: 3 inches, Insertable Length: 4 inches, Length: 4.5 inches. Therefore for an insertable anal toy it’s pretty tiny… but boy, does it pack a punch!

First Impressions

The MGX Prostate Massager is made from totally body safe plastic and is extremely ridged. I could tell from the offset this wasn’t a toy you just probed yourself with but a tool to enhance sexual pleasure.

My first reaction to the Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager was just how excellent the packaging is on this toy. As you can see from the photos, it’s classy and grown up, definitely not over-sexualised or in your face. It has an outer cover which holds inside a well designed magnetised box which holds the MGX and a very simple well written and illustrated product manual.

Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager Review

During Use

Right… on to the testing! I needed very little warming up to take this Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager because it’s that petite. However, when I put it in it instantly hit my P-spot and gave me a rush of sensations I have never experienced before. Every little twist and pull on the handle felt incredible, it was the sort of feeling I can only describe as needing to pee – and as bad as that sounds, it means it’s working. I’d recommend going for a pee before play just to increase sensations. I sat up slightly while I played and gyrated on the Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager which I found was an incredible way of wanking.

Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager Review

The perineum tab felt great for a while but I found after prolonged use if you didn’t put any lube on that area It can begin to rub and not in a good way. With a drop of lube it’s right as rain. I’ve been using the Aneros MGX for some time now and have still not achieved the infamous hands free orgasm – but I think that’s down to me and not the massager. All too often I get impatient and end up playing instead of persevering. Don’t get me wrong, the orgasms are incredible – but I still want to experience the hands free orgasm.


I have read other peoples reviews and opinions on the MGX Prostate Massager and have realised there are a million and two ways to use it. So, the next time I used it I just put it in and left it alone to let my body do the work… and boy, does it! I just relaxed laying on my bed and all of a sudden a rush of warmth came all over me, blood pumping… then I felt it. I came, like a lot but didn’t ejaculate which I’ve read is totally normal. So don’t be disheartened if this happens to you.

To wrap this up I definitely recommend the Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager with all my being. Every guy needs one of these in their arsenal. The build quality is exceptional, the design impeccable and satisfaction incredible.

Build quality 9

O Rating 10

Packaging 9

Overall 10/10

– Fozzbear

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Fozzbear for this review of the Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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