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Tease by Lovehoney Beginners Flogger Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Kerrie Lacey

My lovely Mr L gave me this Tease by Lovehoney Beginners Flogger (available here at Lovehoney.co.uk), along with some other toys, as part of my Christmas present. The present also included a DVD of Daniel Craig’s Bond films, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive them all.

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I’ve always liked a little gentle restraint and ass slapping but had never had any proper toys, making do instead with other spanking shaped items.

The Tease by Lovehoney Beginners Flogger is described as a beginner’s flogger, so it was perfect as part our foray into using spankers.

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The flogger is lightweight and so for me, with my Fibro, it is perfect for not adding to my pain. This means I can tease, tickle and inflict a little pain on Mr L without feeling to many ill effects myself – self-inflicted pain is not sexy for me!

Our version of the Tease by Lovehoney Beginners Flogger has a red satin handle but looking at The Lovehoney site it also comes in a lilac. The site describes it as being a miniature design, which is perfect for my small hands and affords me a lot more swishability than a bigger flogger might.

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The Tease is approximately 16’’ (40.5cm) in length with the handle being approximately 6’’ (15cm) in length) making it perfect to store away discretely or pop into a bag to take away with you for a little kink on your holidays or a naughty weekend.

It has 40 (yes, I did count them) faux leather fronds which are perfect for teasing, tickling and surprisingly, given the size of The Tease, quite hard strokes if you put a little effort into using it.

I’ve enjoyed using it on Mr L but must admit that I’m not sure I will win Domme Of The Year competitions, as I get a bit anxious about hurting him – daft I know but as a former nurse I have trouble inflicting pain.

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On the other hand, I do enjoy receiving pain in the ‘bedroom’ and found that the sensations I got from the Tease by Lovehoney Beginners Flogger being used on me (maybe due to my deranged pain pathways) were very ‘pleasant’ indeed.

This is definitely a good warm up for the other pieces in my Christmas box of goodies (reviews to follow) and is perfect for those thinking of making a foray into spanking or just wanting to add an inexpensive little something different to their toy box,

Given the price (£14.99 at the time of writing this review) I cannot really find any negatives. The Tease by Lovehoney Beginners Flogger is put together well, given the price, is compact and does make a great swishing sound to heighten anticipation.

I’m happy to recommend it and would give the Tease by Lovehoney Beginners Flogger 10/10.

– Kerrie Lacey

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kerrie Lacey for this contributed review of the Tease by Lovehoney Beginners Flogger (£14.99 from Lovehoney.co.uk)

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