TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Review

7 out of 10

TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Review

Review of the TENGA Egg Wavy Cool by Candy Snatch

When I asked my man if he’d be willing to give a TENGA Egg a test for me the first question he asked me was what is it? After I’d explained it was basically a masturbation sleeve in a plastic egg he was totally on board.


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The TENGA Egg is a brilliant idea. It’s basically a disposable stretchy sleeve used for masturbation which comes in all different textures and styles. The egg-shaped sleeve comes encased in a small plastic egg with an insert in the middle containing a sachet of lube. After a quick chat about it we had a look through the different internal patterns and we decided to go with the TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Masturbator. He very much enjoys the sensation of menthol shower gels etc and the TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Edition comes with a menthol gel which cools on contact with the skin. Just the thing to cool down on a hot summer night.

TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Masturbator Review

The Wavy TENGA Egg was dispatched super quick and it arrived very promptly in a nice discreet box. I opened the parcel and the first thing that shocked me was how petite the little egg was. It was super cute and about the size of one of those chocolate eggs with the toy inside it.  On seeing the TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Masturbator my fella rather smugly pronounced it wouldn’t fit and was immediately disappointed when I told him it was stretchy.

It would be fair to say he was excited to give the Wavy Cool Egg a go and wanted to try it together but I wanted him to use it on his own so he could really experience it without me firing questions at him for review purposes.

Once he had tried it he was actually impressed. He said that the initial faffing about setting it up had kind of killed his mood at first (inserting the cooling lube into the egg) and then he had a bit of difficultly getting it over his cock however once it was on he found it comfortable if a little strange to start with. His initial description of trying not to think of Aliens made me laugh and he felt concerned about tearing it at first.

He found that once he relaxed into the sensation it was very enjoyable. He found the TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Masturbator very easy to hold and grip due to the sticky nature of the outside of the TENGA Egg. He didn’t lose grip at all and it was more durable than he imagined.

TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Masturbator Review

He said the sensation, whilst not exactly the same as the real thing, was very close when he closed his eyes and was probably the closest thing he can imagine feeling. He didn’t find it hindered his wanking in any way and became like a silicone extension of his own hand sliding over his cock. One thing he really liked was there was no friction burn which he can find sometimes as it sometimes takes him a while to cum (lucky me).

TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Masturbator Review

The special cooling lubricant felt nice and cool on his cock particular on the head and this added to the sensation. Although he couldn’t feel the pattern inside he knew there was texture against his cock and when he squeezed it around his length it felt amazing.

Once he had cum he found there was absolutely no mess or leakage with the channels in the TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Masturbator absorbing the cum and he was easily able to remove it and simply put everything back in the little egg and throw in the bin. Simple.

He really enjoyed using the TENGA Egg Wavy and is looking forward to trying others in the TENGA Egg range or maybe a reusable one.

He gave this Cool Edition of TENGA Egg a solid 7/10.

TENGA Egg Wavy Cool Masturbator Review

His only real gripes were it could be slightly bigger (lucky me… again) however I have since read that The Wavy is the tightest TENGA Egg in the range. He’d have also liked a more pronounced cooling sensation from the lube. However these were minor issues and it has introduced him to a whole new world of masturbation toys which we can explore together.

– Candy Snatch

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