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9 out of 10

TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple Masturbator Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Wilf3564

So after a short hiatus I have dived back into the muddy pool of sex toy reviewing and contacted the lovely Cara Sutra via her Pleasure Panel group and was lucky enough to receive the TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple Masturbator free of charge from Cara & sextoys.co.uk in exchange for a fair and unbiased review of the product.

TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple Masturbator Review

As usual Cara must have bribed the Post Office and almost as soon as she posted it a sweating and red faced postie dropped the package onto my doorstep. Unfortunately, this was right at the beginning of the Easter holidays so I was unable to do much more than unpack and admire the TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple Masturbator for most of the next 2 weeks. ☹

TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple Masturbator Review

When I finally had time to examine the TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple properly I found a sleek and self-contained and well-conceived toy.


The full length of the shell is only 17cm but it has an impressive girth of 24cm and a good heft to it. It is a Bullet shape and, usefully, a pleasant and comfortable thing to hold. It was covered in a shrink wrap plastic sleeve the not only sealed the TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple but contained the instructions for use and cleaning in their basic form. There is one of those square things made of dots that you can scan in order to connect to the website for more technical using instructions, but let’s face it. It’s a sleeve! How much info do you need?

The shrink wrap came away easily along a perforated seam which preserved the info on it for later perusal should it be needed. Also there is a sticker covering a small ‘blow hole’ on the top which needs to be removed. Once revealed the TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple is a sleek, black, hard plastic bullet with a twist top and a cap on the bottom.  This cap did prove a little difficult to pull off and in the end brute force and ignorance were brought into play (2 things I have plenty of! Lol) The more delicate of you may need to use an implement, at least on the first occasion anyway.

Once the cap was off I found a white, very soft, silicone inner into which was pushed a slim glass vial containing a single dose of TENGA Hole Lotion.

Unfortunately, the silicone inner was reluctant to let go of its occupant and I ended up pulling the entire sleeve out of the plastic shell and peeling it off the vial. This actually gave me a good opportunity to examine the innards and take a few pics as well. The plastic shell has a spiral of plastic running up through the middle which can be tightened or released by turning the entire top of the shell. This has the effect of gripping the sleeve as the spiral closes giving a tighter fit. Ingenious!

Just to be on the safe side I gave the silicone sleeve a quick wash in warm soapy water before starting any play and I’m glad I did. Not for any other reason than the silicone sleeve seems to be permanently cold until warmed up. And I don’t mean ‘not at body temperature’ here, I mean ‘has this been in the fucking fridge?’ temperature as I found on subsequent uses when I had washed it after use and so plunged straight in next time! This thing needs actual physical contact with something warm before it heats up. Having it in a wardrobe at room temp is simply not enough if you don’t want an interesting ‘flinch’ at the start of your session. (Which can be fun once you know what’s coming.)

On to the ‘Hole Lotion’. I found this to be a really good lube that lasted well inside the sleeve and made for a friction-free play session. However, I have never come across a lube anywhere near as thick. Trying to stop it pouring was almost as hard as getting it started in the first place.

The vial it comes in is very narrow and doesn’t allow for thickness of the contents. It was harder than a bottle of ketchup to get started and then it all wanted to stay in one bit. Trying to stop it by scraping off the rim on the silicone hole was like trying to pull a slice of pizza off the adjacent slice when there is too much cheese. I had strings of lube everywhere by the time I’d finished. I looked like I had walked through a giant spiders web!

How about using a plastic squeezy bottle instead Tenga?

Once this was all done I finally got around to the penetration bit.

I have never used a sleeve before and really had no idea what to expect at this point and so I was pleasantly surprised at the sensation I discovered. It was very reminiscent of a blow job! Even down to the sucking feeling on the backstroke. Result! I played about with the ‘twist’ function for a while and found that even though I am far from a big boy, the twist would not actually stay on the last 2 tightest settings without clicking out to a wider fit. This bodes well for those with slimmer cocks who still want a tight fit.

Along the same lines, I found that although the blow job analogy is a good one, anyone wanting a ‘deep throat’ experience had better be smaller than 15cm in length or you are going to bang up against the end of the shell. And whilst you have a little protection from the silicone sleeve, it can get a little uncomfortable if you are persistent. Big boys beware!

After use the TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple was easy to take apart and wash despite the textured inner having very deep contours. I used warm soapy water followed by a quick spray of toy cleaner

Overall the feel of the TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple is very pleasant and I have to admit that I enjoyed using it. The only downside I encountered was using the toy in or around water. I like to play in the shower but the design of the TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple means that if water gets into the shell then the motion of using the toy means that air/water gets squeezed in and out of the small blow-hole in the end. This makes a slurping, farting noise that can be a little off-putting. But if you don’t mind, or are used to getting a blowjob from someone with a severe sinus problem or a hair lip, then crack on.

Thank you to Cara and Tenga, I will be keeping the TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple and playing with it regularly.

I can recommend this toy to anyone who is not in the XXL penis department and will give it a 9/10 when used with a slightly more user friendly lube. Only losing a mark for slight lack of size and comedy noise generation.

– Wilf3564

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Wilf3564 for this review of the TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple Masturbator. You can buy it here from Sex Toys UK for £27.

The TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple Masturbator was sent free of charge by Sextoys.co.uk. It was sent in return for a fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. Thank you! 🙂

TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple Masturbator Review

TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup Ripple Masturbator Review

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