System JO Premium Silicone Lube Review

9 out of 10
System JO

System JO Premium Silicone Lube Review

by Big Bike Guy

When Cara gave us the opportunity to test this System JO Premium Silicone Lube as part of the Pleasure Panel we were delighted to be trying something new. We’ve been users of lube for years now and have always opted for the water based lubricants.


Our System JO Premium Silicone Lube comes in a 30ml tube which is ideal for slipping in an overnight night bag or even in a handbag. In terms of consistency it is slightly thicker than than a water based lube but still relatively runny.  I squeezed a bit out into my hand to see just how it felt. It feels great, not quite as silky smooth as our usual water based lube – it’s tackier, a bit more greasy – but certainly very slick. There’s no distinctive smell. I did try the taste test and again there’s no real taste it did however leave a slightly unpleasant feeling in my mouth. I wouldn’t recommend oral after applying this, you might want to wipe it or wash it off first.

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When it came to using this we tried the System JO Premium Silicone Lube in a number of situations. I used it with a prostate massager, for example, and the one thing I did notice was how long it remained slippery for. Where I might have been reaching for a second helping from one of our water based lubes, with this, a single application lasted well.

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We also tried this silicone lube during some foreplay. Mrs B was lubing me up for some fun and again a single application really lasted well. It would certainly seen her finish the job off it we hadn’t stopped. In turn I tried it out on Mrs B. Whilst it performed well and remained slick and slippery, Mrs B didn’t like the fact that it remained that way, even after she showered and cleaned up. This was so much the case that we wouldn’t use it for intercourse. That’s not a reflection of performance, just a personal thing.

System JO Premium Silicone Lube Review Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel

Summing up the System JO Premium Silicone Lube: Handy small bottle, just don’t get any down the sides or you’ll never pick it up! The lubricant is very slippery and long lasting. There are no nasty smells or taste (just a funny feeling in your mouth) all in all a great lube.


– Big Bike Guy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Big Bike Guy for this review of the System JO Premium Silicone Lube.


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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

System JO Lube reviews

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